TWO SANDY BALLS – Dan and Phil Play: Golf With Friends #2

Phil: Hello, DanandPhilGAMES caddy-lads! Phil: I liked it so much
Dan: Oh, that’s sticking Phil: That is sticking! Dan:Thank you very much. Phil: and welcome back to Golf With Friends! Dan I can just- You loved it!
Phil: *golf club noise* Dan You were like, “Yes, the golf-lifestyle!”
Phil: Yeah Dan: I’m wearing expensive polo-shirts, I’m sipping on an overpriced drink, Dan: I’m nattering with the business-fellows and hitting that ball. Phil: So we’re here in the Dan and Phil golf club and there’s a certain dresscode, Dan. Dan: What d’you mean? Phil: I’ve got my flamingo shirt on, I made the effort!
Dan: Oh! Oh my god, you’re taking this seriously. Phil: You’re just wearing anime-merchandise!
Dan: Oh, looking at- Dan: Oh, Attack On Titan sweater. I’m not even trying. Dan: I’m gonna get-
Phil: No! Go get changed or we’re gonna get kicked out! Dan: But the only short-sleeved shirt that I have is very creased, Phil. Phil: Well I don’t care Phil: Just go get it on-
Dan: Okay
Phil: -or you’re not allowed in!
Dan: Be right back, I guess Phil: Well that’s better!
Dan: Thank you
Phil: You’re allowed in now! Dan: Didn’t get turned away at the door. Phil: And the final piece of dress code… Dan: Oh god, no I hate-
Phil: *sound effect noises* Dan: We had green shit in our hair for like three hours after we put these on. Phil: Dan thought I threw these away, but no, I’ve been secretly hiding them waiting for another golf video. Dan: Look, it’s already molting all over the freaking desk. Phil: Get it on your head!
Dan: Oh, these are so nasty. Phil: Look how erect my flag is today. Phil: It’s like completely, directly up. Dan: List of things you should never say again.
Phil: Look at it though! Look at it! Phil: So we’ve already done a Dan vs Phil
Dan: Been there done that, got the sticker.
Phil: You know the rules Phil: We can only do one Dan vs Phil per game! Phil: So we are playing for this set of burger socks! Dan: Wow! Phil: I ordered this for a friend but they sent two? So- Dan: Do I want to eat them or wear them?
Phil: We’ve got a spare one. Dan: Story of my life
Phil: Are you excited by that?
Dan: Uh Phil: Do you want that on your feet? Dan: I so want the cheese on my foot. Phil: This is our prize! Phil: So GOLF Phil: is a game Phil: that is quite slow but very fun!
Dan: Yeah Phil: So get a cup of tea, hang out with us! Dan: This isn’t a “screaming-lol-oh-my-god-short-attention-span” short video. Phil: This is something to watch like a sport and enjoy like a sport.
Dan: *laughs* Phil: Get some chips- Dan: Lingering banter. Just enjoy the time between jokes. Both: *smol laughs* Dan: You all liked the last one!
Phil: Alright
Dan: So strap yourselves in! Phil: Let’s do it!
Dan: For some *demon voice* GOLFFF Phil: Wooooo! Phil: So before we play, we need to customize our balls! Dan: The most serious part.
Phil: The best part of the game! Dan: How are you going to change yours up, Phil?
Phil: I liked the shade that I’ve gone for. Dan: It was a good one.
Phil: I’m gonna make it more blue today and less green. Dan: There. That makes it, like-
Phil: There we go. There we go Dan: Ooh. OOH
Phil: Just like an ocean Dan: Aaaah that’s like deep and mysterious.
Phil: Yeah Dan: Like some kind of sea-punk-tumblr-blog’s background. Phil: Yeah, I would call that ‘moonlight-dolphin’. Dan: Well let’s see. Phil: Come on, shock us Dan! Dan: They say that we have two modes, so I’m just going to go for…plain white Phil: Oh my gosh!
Dan: There we go! Phil: It’s like the goodness has returned! Dan: Let’s see how this goes. Phil: Okay, I’m calling our room ‘Dogs9000’ today. Dan: Very appropriate, okay.
Phil: Okay Dan: [dramatically] Create room! Phil: Your backwards butterflies are here.
Dan: Oh for fuck’s sake! Phil: *laughs*
Dan: Look at that thing! Dan: Look! I’m looking at all the butter- Dan: That one, in the background in the middle in between those trees Dan: Look at it, look at it!
Phil: They just do what they want. Dan:Look at it! -Phil: Stop telling them what to do. Dan: I guess that’s valid. I’m sorry butterflies. Dan: You do you. Phil: So we did ‘Forest’ last time.
Dan: Classique Phil: That was classic Phil: Next, shall we do the Oasis? Dan: Okay, flick through them again. Oasis-
Phil: Twillight Phil: Haunted-
Dan: No Phil: Candyland!
Dan: Oh God Both: I think we should just do Oasis Dan: I’m like so Oasis right now
Phil: Yeah Phil: Ancient Egypt is my favourite historical period so I would like to delve into there [laughs] We can talk!
– We can have a chat-room! Here we go… We should just like not speak to each other in this
– “‘Sup brah?” My pole is so tall you can’t even see the flag And other sentences Phil will never say again [dramatically] Let’s do this! Begin-nu Golf it up! Oh wait we need to do this to start it off Hwa-taaa! [demon voice] Here we go!
-Here we golf! – Hrmm.. good one – [both] Oooh! Look at this!
– Look at this strong sandy aesthetic Er, you’re inside my ball again We are already freaking out inside each other [laughs] Alright Hit it Phil! Just blindly over that lump- GO! Smack! Oh my God! I thought that was, like, the hole then for a minute, I got like- Whhaaat? I thought I got it in the hole! Okay, well that was-
– It was actually a trap I’m going to go for more power than you then. Whoof! [laughs] – Err… bit too much power for Danny there – Right. Watch this, watch this Yours was like the best thing you could’ve done then – Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! No, no, no, no
-YES! That was – that was the best start ever! Come on! They’re gonna talk about that in years to come in golf history lessons Oh for God- Shut up -right! [laughs] It’s- This has already gone off to a terrible start for me Oh come on Dan! Okay. If I can- If I can get it in now, it’ll be okay Oh what?! That was really good! *claps* That could’ve gotten a lot worse
– Yep Ooh a competitive start! If you’re wondering why Dan’s looking over there, it’s because we’ve got to do this on two separate screens We had a few questions last time Like what’s Dan doing? Playing two computers.
– Yep. Computers. Alright, you can see the flag there so this should be easy It might be. I’m deceived by the curves – Take it away
– I like the music quite a lot [mumbles] Don’t know why I’m doing that. I need to stop right now Okay Here we goooooo – The circle of pain – NOO, oh no, you don’t want to aim for- Okay
-That is cruel! This looks like the exact opposite of where I want to be I have no idea how I’m going to get round that and into the hole You’re in Africa and that hole is in Antarctica -Oh I did it too hard! -And also you’re doing that thing where you let go in in terror and don’t look at the- -no! no! no!
-ohhh You-! You absolute cheeky little twit! – I’m in, like, Greenland How- How on earth am I supposed to do anything right now? Okay. Come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on Ee ee ee ee No!
– You’re getting there and it’s like you’re going round a clock Right. I SHOULD be able to do this now if God likes me I mean, let’s see… -UGH! [laughs] WHAT?! I had such a tiny amount of power! Welcome to the land of pain and misery Oh my god
– Right. I figure – If I just roll up here, then I’ll just roll back… What?! NOPE-! Yes… On the edge! [laughs] Oh come on! *sings* I’m on the edge -This is it! This is it! *continues singing* of golfing Ready? Shi- Shi- Didn’t swear then OHHH! Oh you’re gonna be stuck for ten hours Phil
– [dramatically] NOOOO! – This is as good as it gets
– It’s already hard How?! I can’t even see myself. Oh, no- I went in. You went in? When did that happen?
– Power of wobbling knocked me in. Oh. What?! Here we go lads… This is it! This is it! Oh Jemima Ohh, I- Phil, still winning by one
– Philly still in the lead! For now
-Whaap! Bold!
– That felt good to me It’s going for the power strike But will it get over the lump. Let’s see, people – OHHH – And no, he lacked the necessary power to conquer the lump – My lovely Philly lumps, check ’em out Right – Things you should never say again vol. 12 oh, OH, man, if that went in – I can do this, I feel like I can do this now – Go on then – Smack – OHH That’s so close – NO Right You okay there? – Just- I’m feeling very emotional about this. Right. – PAR – Par, more like, cheat -That’s par for the course *claps* YAS – Bogey right – Oh, we’re the same now – Oh, we’re even – I was so happy with my lead – Guess we’re gonna have to cut our feet in half – Yep – Right *laughs* – Now, look, look That’s obviously just saying “Go for it” Isn’t it?! – Yeah – But how much power? – Smack it – OHOHOHOHO – That was so close – WHAT? That was so close – Right I’m calling this a volcano of Egypt And I’m gonna get it a hole in one. – It’s such a- Phil, you just used less power than I did [Oh what?!] You’re not even using the one advice that you have which is looking at what I do – I was too overwhelmed – Okay.. You can see where the bar is like kind of grey-ed in in the bottom left corner? – Yep – That’s how much power I used last time. – Oh, what? I didn’t know that – So, if I just use a bit less. Say like, that. – Yeah – NO Okay, dammit – This is it *laugh* – We’re gonna take like, eleven go’s in this – Oh my God This is so much harder than the last one Forget being in par now – PLEAASE, RELEase us from this hell. – Come on 5x Oh my God, that was close That was right on the cusp – YEESS – Oh, what?! – Thank God – Noo – Argh. Come on, Phil. – OH, OOOH UGHH – I’ll have to sit here for three and a half hours now while Phil gets this in – Shush – OooOOo – *claps* – And now you’re one over – That’s not too bad, I can cope with that [Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh] Full speed? – Full speed YEESS Oh, my god phIL STOP LETTING GO OF THE MOUSE So unhelpful We’ve no idea what’s happening – That’s a little tactic so you don’t see what’s happening – Okay, I feel like that was too much power I’m gonna for that Okay, no, you nee- you need more – I think you needed to angle it – Okay – This one YES 2x – Okay 2x – That was smooth *bites lips* mmmmmmm Yes – Get out of my zone
– Get out of the way – Knock knock
– Stop touching me Right – I’ll touch you when I please (alright Dan) – *flustered laughs* Don’t say that again Right *laughs more* Okay – I’m so sorry for this whole video – Here we go, here we go – How the frick do you get over there?! – Is that the end? – There’s just a giant hole there Okay, good luck with this one – So, I’m just launching it over the edge? – Yep, go – Watch this and learn – That’s way too powerful – Smack Oh, Oh, my god, I’m bACK agAIN – Wait, where are you?, where are you? Wait, turn up *laughs and claps* – That’s so annoying – OOH, no, Phhil – I’m calling the police – *whispers* yess Well – How am I gonna even angle it? – I’m just gonna appreciate these socks. Burger socks, do not eat
-Oh my God – Fresh cooking
-Wait 3x – No 3x, wait 2x, Just need to, just need to, get it hoho That’s what you get for being cocky
-That was an insult to my life. Okay – Please… Oh my God – Fifteen hours later – I thought we were good at this game – hmmm speak for yourself – Okay, I’m back up 2x – Hot and delicious (the socks) – Watch this 2x – I’m just contemplating how good they’re gonna look on my foot – OH, he’s down, he’s down people – I’m down. I’m out of strokes? Cause that’s how bad I was? – You are now… 8 over my score, Phil Okay, what is happening here? My eyes deceive me Oh, I’m going down the hole, this is exciting Whoop, whoop Where is it heading? – That was a mystery adventure if I ever saw one – And there is it. – Other ramp – See, you didn’t even aim for the cor- Look, you can clearly see where you can head next You’re making this harder for yourself – It’s your go – Ohh, Phil right You’re ready for this?! tadadadada *pop* ooo, par – right This is it OH OH OH
– Oh my God that was so violent HELLOO – I’m close 3x – Welcome to the party – This is it – And… honk – In the hole *claps* *demonic voice* YES I can’t believe I’m so far behind – Oh my gosh Phil, Phil, dear me – Oh, what is THIS? – Everything that video games have taught me says that that makes you accelerate – Okay How fast will we accelerate? Where are we even going? – I don’t know, man I think you’re bouncing off the pillars aren’t you? – I don’t know I’m doing that muuch – Okay, right – That was not what you’re meant to do – For me, I think you’re supposed to hit that pillar – It’s got like a snazzy dent on it – What the hell just happened? – What was that? – How was that one stroke Whatever – Is your, like, having a – – GOO – Oh how did you know? – Oh, oh, yess because, it’s so obvious – Watch out Anubis. Phil is in the pyramid – I’m now like, minus one because of the game But I don’t mind cause you’re so bad – I’m so bad at this – Pow, pow, bing bing bing Argh, king of golf – Shush – Yes – Posh – Okay, ooo – Right, I got it, I think I’m just doing too much power – That was actually pretty nice okay Now let me just get it in – Guys, if you’re feeling like I’m just gonna lose, I’m REALLY gonna try from now on – Phil’s gonna take this so seriously – I’m gonna take this seriously. I’m not gonna bant – No more bant – No
– Just solid golf seriousness
-Solid wacking – Look at this 2x Seriousness – Okay the list of things that are serious Saying solid wacking That’s not up there So, I’m just gonna whack it – Yeah – BOOM, sLIIIIDE crack – Oh my God, that was intense – Okay, that was too much power – I’m gonna whack it like half the amount There we go SMACK – OOOH My God, that was so close – That was so close – Imagine how jammy that would be (jammy is like obnoxiously lucky) – That was really satisfying anyway – Okay, let’s see. Get it in the middle – NO – How do we do this? How would Anakin do this? – You need to, Phil, you need to roll it around that wall It’s asking you to curve the, yes, yes – the wall – You need to find the right entry and go – Come on 2x – Oh, it would’ve been like that but – I’m using the force, did you see? – No, I didn’t. Right – How am I gonna do this? – If you whack me over the edge I’m gonna bury you alive – Shit, fucking wank, fuck (language, Daniel) – Here we go – hOW did you get that wrong? – Can I just whack it in? – Okay – Okay – There we go. You ready for this? – Yeah – *moans* – That was sexual – That was the most erotic math based experience I’ve ever had – I like that – You’re catching up – I’m catching up mildly – This is fun – This looks
– See, I wish I could go to a mini golf course if it actually had something like that Imagine if you actually had to do that – That would be amazing – And you had to just like whack it around the thing That would be so fun – The Skateboarding teenager inside me wants to go back and do this – Could skateboarding teenage Phil ever have skate around that – He would’ve said that he could do it, but he would’ve fallen off and hit his head Right – But it’s the trying that counts – Here we go – And the baggy jeans GO – Come on, please – OOH Philly, Philly, too whack This time it wasn’t enough power – I know I’m just caught in a – IT JUST STOPPED AGAIN – What’s happening? – Did you see that? – I think there’s a ghost on the course *clapping and singing* steam early access Look at that, 0.98.1 Well, maybe the missing wh-what, 1.9 (SHUSH) will be my frickin’.. putts that I move back // tHis is it THIS IS IT If you win by two.. comE ONN PHILLY Then we- YES! YES! LOOK AT THIS! That was beautiful OH and it doesn’t end there I want to have children with this course You don’t- you don’t have to aim for the arrow, -The whole thing’s the arrow. -Is it? -…Aim for the hole (ehehe) I dunno why I’m helping you GO (tiny gasp) ooOOHH -Yes! *clap clap* -That was good! -That WAS good! -That was really good! Okay, I’m gonna need a bit more.. sHITTING FUCK no (okay) I need to be in a straight line Okay, I’m getting it, I’m getting it A tiny bit Is this the moment Phil catches up? (YES) Let’s see OHHH NONONONONONONONO YESYESYESYESYESYESYES NONONO-YESYES-NO NOOO NOOO Look at that breezing flag Are the stripes actually- oh wait, What cosmic force just lifted that flag? It was…Anubis (pffft) It was the mummy -Here we go! -You’re going for the bridge strat -Slow and steady wins the race -Okay.. ARGH I feel like that’s the-okay, well I mean I don’t know about you but I have to do this now. Okay. -Oh my god. -Just get up the ramp, and.. -Why is this there? -Oh I see! Oooooh okAY I would not trust that with a barge pole. -Shh- -Is that a hole? You just combined, like, 5 sayings. ‘I wouldn’t trust that with a barge pole’ I didn’t trust it Miss. MISS Is- This is going to be dangerous EEE- NO! Ohh (AHH) -You back to the start? -Yup, I’m back to the start -Alright watch this, guys
-[mocking] Ooh, thats not right. go back to the start and try again -Lara Croft would love this -Remember that you owe me two strokes -No I don’t
-Yeah you do, the game broke -That’s..that’s your fault
-[Dan giggles] No it’s not! Eeeeep! Oh? OhOHOHOH -Is there a Pharoah in the Sphinx’s back? Turn around.. -Where? Oh yeah, who’s that? He’s the one that’s lifting the golf thing out! -He’s the one that’s trolling me by fricking stopping my ball
-He’s doing this! Okay, I feel like I have to do it by this method, i don’t care what you- -oKAY THE GAME SAID NO -It’s saying no I am NOT doing it by that method -Do it, Phil
-WOOP Riiight Yeah, so that was route 1, and that’s like Definitely the easiest and best one that I should’ve done Ooh, that’s smooth I-I love.. I would watch golf on TV if Phil commentated “OOH he’s WHACKING it, he’s WHACKING it! Ooh that’s sm-” -heY, HEY HEY HEY! (two between us now) -You mean four? -Two! -Three to five! No we’re not doing that! That’s- that’s.. That doesn’t count! It does! You wanna say it doesn’t count, you’ll see the comments, they’ll be- they’ll be- juh- THIRSTY for justice -Phil? -Yeah? -To make up for the two strokes where the game broke, You have to putt yourself a tiny amount in the opposite direction FINE OKAY -I mean, i saw it break.. -Tiniest amount. Do it. And one more.. -Okay, now we’re even -Okay.. -You happy now? -Are we even keeping track of whose go it’s meant to be? -Right, you go -Why is there a giant hole saying: “Left click while in water”? I think you were odd when it started, so go. I’m on the way D: Did you just knock me? Oh no, you didn’t D: Ohhhh, ohhh P: I’m excited to left click while in the water I don’t know what it means D: What does that mean? D: I guess we’ll see
P: Dunno Alright
P: *mumbling* What’s left Oh sorry D: Ba ba ba ba da ba D: Phil, did you just say “what’s left”? Everyone heard that
P: Oh, oh! P: Oh my God
D: It’s a- P: It’s on a little boat! D: Oh my god P: That is amazing But what just happened Were you left clicking? D: I just left clicked and I bobbed… P: Alright I’m n-
D: Maybe I wasn’t supposed to bob… P: I’m-
D: Just follow the lazy river P: I’m gonna just follow the river D: This-
P: Here we go, here we go D: I’ve never been more relaxed in my entire life. P: Ah-hee hee P: This is incredible! D: I wish in mini golf, there was a course where your ball got a little big diggy…
P: I know! D: And you could ride across the lakes P: This is changing my life D: That was the most unnecessary hilarious th-
P: Wow! D: The ball didn’t even roll
P: I didn’t even left click once so just don’t do it *Dan laughs* D: Okay whatever go
P: Oh, yes! D: He’s heading down!
P: I’m heading down D: This is getting scary P: I’m close to it P: Ready?
D: Yeah D: *mumbling* No, it’s definitely not in it P: Smack!
D: Okay, you did it. Shit D: SHit
P: Yes! D: Oh my god what’s the score gonna be after this *Phil moans* D: Oh wait let’s see Both: Oh hoo hoo hoo hoo D: Just one ahead okay D: What the fuck is happening over there D: Look ah dat P: Oh yeah! D: adawf spinning…
P: That is intense
D: …thing of death D: Okay we just need to get up- okay P: Oh!
D: Okay that’s a hole P: OH!
D: That’s a- that’s a… P: Oh hoo hoo~ D: There you go Phil, helped out by me there P: Over the hole, please D: Ra-ta-ta-tat P: NO! P: Oh wait- oh I didn’t get some dingy time then D: Ooo D: AHHH D: I’m terrified D: Stop D: STOP! *Dan blowing*
*Phil giggling* P: Alright P: This is it D: What am I about to encounter D: Okay D: He’s over, he’s over
P: Oh oh oh oh oh P: Yesss P: Oh P: Stop! D: How ya doin’ D: Nice to see ya there D: Okay… I’m just gonna go a bit over heree…
P: Yeah D: That’s a g- I feel safe about that angle D: Okay, oh my god this is terrifying P: This is reminding me of Crash Bandicoot it’s like one of the things you have to run across really fast D: You ready?
P: Yeah D: GOOOOOO P: Oh my god
D: Yes P: Oh MY God
D: YESS D: Believe. P: I can’t believe!
D: In the power. D: I believe~ P: COME ON! *Dan singing* P: That was so satisfying! D: That was- you had a much more satisfying one than me
P: Yeah P: That was great I wanna watch that back P: In slow motion D: See, all I’m wondering in this video…
P: Yeah D: …isss are we living the rela- I love that we both coughed that up so much
P: Yeah D: Living the relaxing lifestyle or would we be really sweaty and sandy right now? P: We’d be very sandy and sweaty P: You’d have your caddy-lad at least
D: You’d need some- D: Yeah, but they’d need to be holding like D: you know your non-gender specific caddy gimp D: would need to be fanning you P:(laughs) caddy gimp D: Yeah
P: I just want them to put me on a camel P: give me a Piña colada- P: play golf- P: for me and then I just play this on my laptop D: Yeah that’s the dream
P: Yeah (laughs) D: I mean why even go to Egypt, just stay in ya house
P: what P: I don’t even want to know.. Right D: Those are some sharp-looking palm trees as well
P: I feel like- P: I have to go under this slicer D: Do it P: I’m gonna be careful again D: Follow the curve of the- Okay that was very careful Phil P: I’m being really careful- because look at that- P: like what am I looking at
D: That was so careful you-Okay I’m gonna do it D: I’m gonna go for it alright you ready? (yes) P: You are so edgy D: AHHHHH
P: (laughs) D: I mean I went through P: Right, here we go P: oh
D:(laughs) P: no P: “SLICE” COME ON COME ON COME ON D: Oh my god he’s actually doing it-Okay I need to I need to-
P: yeah D: Do better, otherwise- P: HeeHee
D: Phil is going to P: Oh what happens now? P: Oh it just-poked you through D: ah Ha haaa (lol that laugh)
P: This is it guys- “Smack” D: Okay..
P: Oh I think I need to use that! Holy crap Dan look at this- P: It’s like a roller coaster D: You have to go up and over into the thing P: Can I do it from here? P: no nono
D: Yes yes D: You can you can you can! (inspirational dan)
P: I can’t P: It’s not gonna work!
D: Yeah you can! Just get the angle right P: No I need to line up- there we go
D: (unimpressed) Right D: I’m also gonna line up P: (sings) LINE UP D: BANG
P: Oi ! D: OKAY! Let’s (laughs) do this P: Leona Lewis would hate you. Right I’m gonna go over here P: woo! D: OOO into the sand
P: In the sand P: But still did it D: Yes I did just cheat by looking at your bar P: What
D: Woop AND there we go P: You can’t look at my bar D: Oh and I just did Oh
P: I’m gonna put sticky tape over it D: (fake cries) P: Right get outta the way You stupid ball P: OH MY GOD
D: HAHAHAA P: Is that serious how much the sand blocks you D: I d- I can’t decide- P: WHAT WAS THAT? D: I just let go of the mouse accidentally but I’m not complaining~ P: So am I still in the sand? D: I don’t know mate P: Holy crap ugh
D: ohoho P: There we go D: And now what’s the score-Ooh three behinddd
P:(exhales) P: Five to go!
D: ooh I’m just thinking about how tasty these w- P: He’s thinking how tasty your-
D: THE DREAM IS ALIVE! P: He’s thinking how tasty your ball is right now look at that! ( okay Phil…
D: YES! Okay.. D: I’m gonna feed him
P: Feed him! D: Yes Sphinx Daddy, Lets go D: oh straight down the gullet D: First time! That is right
P: That is satisfying D: and then Oh my god the h- It keeps going forever
P: What the hell D: I don’t even know where the flag is P: OH!
D: Oh you too P: It didn’t even touch his oesophagus! P: Here we go
D: Straight down the hatch D: Okay
P: I’m loving this course D: I can’t tell what’s happening I’m just gonna- like D: There’s another ramp so I’m just gonna go like- OH NO
P: What the- frick D: TOO MUCH! It doesn’t even end there P: Into the opening of the pyramid’s uterus P: No I didn’t! I just said it’s like it’s- D: Full power Phil- you literally just said it was a giant sand vagina D: yeah.. nonon- that’s what you said
P: be birthed into the pyramid D: We’re climbing inside the va- we’re climbing inside the pyramid’s vagina that’s what you just said
P: I didnt- I didn’t say that! P: No I didn’t D: I’m so intrigued P: I’m quite scared P: OHMYGOD D: You’ve got a mystical glow about you
P: We’re in the pyramid! P: This is like Tomb Raider but better D: Laura Croft is crying (crafting) and you saying that
P: yeah D: okay I”m on the same plane as you Ph- D: There’s flames- P: And anubises
D: ANUBI P: I know my Egyptian histories
D: I’m just gonna wack it right in D: ooh, oooh
P: What just happened P: You’re so bright D: Look at me- I’m a ray of hope
P: You’re kind of ruining the vibe P: Okay here we go
D: I’m a good vibe, thanks P: OOH! D: hohoho P: Why does it hate me so much D: YES! okay P: Look how much you’re illuminating the hole D: Is that gonna make up.. come on P: OH! D: still three, still three
P: three D: still three
P: (claps) we’ve still got four to go (claps) P: we’ve got four to go okay, bring it back
D: Okay

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