Two Powerhouse Clubs Shape the Future of Volleyball with Hudl

My name is Konrad Ott. I am one of the co-directors, along with my
wife Katie, and we wanted to start a club in Marin County for elite level, high level
volleyball training. We have definitely progressed in size, and
the athlete. The first year we had 16 [teams], and now
its been at 26 for the last four or five years. I am the club director for both Encore and
Academy volleyball club. This club merged this year, it was two separate
clubs until last year. I was the club director for Academy, and Encore
was a successful club in the area, so this is the first year we were the Academy/Encore
one team. Fifty teams, and that’s how we started. This is the first year of the “one team”. I think the first challenge is how to improve
the players. We decided to bring Hudl inside our club to
use it as a whole club, in every team from 12 years old to 18 years old because we want
the best for our players, and we think that Hudl provides the best service for the players. As the club director, I experiment with a
lot of stuff, so when we saw the Hudl products, we saw that it was completely what exactly
we needed. “That is the moment you have to go and hit
it. Want to try again? Yes? Let’s do it.” As the director, every year we want to make
the club better, and I think the last two or three years we’ve really struggled with,
“how do we get footage for our kids to be able to send out to college coaches? How do we get footage for our coaches to be
able to look and analyze and get feedback on immediately.” So we made the decision to go with it, and
it’s been great. Just in our first year using it, the fact
that I can watch 14 teams’ worth of matches 24 hours after they’re over is phenomenal. Now it’s more of an involvement beyond the
scope of just the court. Now it’s an involvement when they’re home,
if they’re in school and have some down time, they can just log into their phone and
be like, “alright, let me take a look at the last match we played. Let me take a look at practice, let me take
a look at the last personal lesson I did. Let me take a look at stats.” There’s so much that’s being offered with
Hudl that it just enables an opportunity for them to continue growing. And that’s what you want. You want your athletes to grow nonstop, everyday. The players being able to login and it’s
already tagged for them. They can go and see exactly the concepts that
we’re working on in practice in real time, it’s unbelievable. Not only are we filming the session, but we’re
also running a delay, which allows them to not only see what they’re doing, but then
they replay it right away. And once you put video in front of them, it
gives them an opportunity to see, “oh, now I see what he’s talking about.” Someone can tell you to try and fix this,
but when you actually see it, it’s a lot easier to implement it and to see what you’re
doing right, what works and what doesn’t. For me, the most exciting thing was the accessibility
for our athletes, and the ease that they are able to look at their stats, to break
down things to understand another team. And most importantly to be able to make videos
for college recruiting. Everybody who comes into the gym, most of
them want to go beyond and they want to play college volleyball. It has made the college recruiting process
so much easier. Getting your kids recruited starts with video,
and that is first and foremost. You have to be able to send out video to coaches. Sending out an email about what I’ve done
and who I am as a player, that’s good, but when they can see me play a little bit and
some of the best things I’m good at. It definitely gets your foot in the door with
them. I sent video all the time to all the coaches,
because if they couldn’t come see you play you had to give them a way to. But my coach sent some highlight videos to
colleges that I was interested in. And I did get discovered by my college through
one of my teammates’ highlight videos. We will go to a tournament in Spokane next
weekend, and we’ll have this kid who is being recruited and she’ll play great. But a lot of the schools she is looking at
are in the southeast and they can’t make it out to Spokane. We can send them footage on it, and they can
look at it and see the game and then they can call Katie or Jake or myself and ask how she played. So we’re having a conversation with them
while we’re looking at the footage. The biggest thing is having the chance to
watch things that I’m not able to see in real time. At the moment, you miss some player interaction,
you miss an opportunity to get them better. The possibilities with the tool are endless,
especially as it keeps getting better and better from year to year. We’re not even using all the aspects that
Hudl allows us to use, so I envision for us next year it being even better.

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