tWitch Surprises 10-Year-Old Aspiring Baseball Umpire Vincent Stio

Hey, what’s going on, everybody. There is an awesome kid I want
to introduce y’all to from Raleigh, North Carolina. His name is Vincent Steele. He’s 10 years old
and he’s obsessed with all things baseball,
specifically the umpires. Now, a few weeks ago he
gained national attention after cameras caught
him imitating an umpire at a major league game. We all have our aspirations. Some of us want
to be ballplayers. Some dream of being announcers. Some kids, they
want to be umpires. He’s here and I’m
excited to meet him. I’m excited for
y’all to meet him. Vincent, come on over here, man. What’s going on, man? Can I get a high five? Woo! I love the outfit. Thank you. I love this so much. Do you wear this
uniform every day? My mom doesn’t let me
wear my uniform to school. What makes a good umpire? Getting the calls right,
getting good accuracy. How do you know? Is there a manual or something? Yes, there’s a manual. There’s 300 pages in it. There’s 300 pages in it. You’ve read 300
pages of the manual? No, I’m only on page 4. You’re only on page 4. So listen, every umpire has
their own way of making calls, right? Yeah. Do you have your own
way of making calls? Can you show me yours? Yeah. OK. Uh oh, it’s official business. The helmet’s coming off. [GIGGLE] OK. Ha! Turn! Wait, I missed it. I missed this there. Huh! Strike! Did I get it? Yep. OK, good. So the World Series is starting. Where are you going
to be watching from? At my home. At your home. Well I have a surprise for you. The show is sending
you and your family to game three of
The World Series. You’re going to get to go on
the field and meet the umpires. And you going to be able to
call the game for a minute. Isn’t that amazing? Thank you! Absolutely! That’s so exciting! Who are you the
most excited to see? The umpires. The umpires, obviously. And are you going to tell
them if they make bad calls? No. Oh, you’re not? OK. The World Series between the
Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Chargers starts in Boston on
Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23rd and 24th at 8:00
PM eastern on Fox. And then it comes back
to L.A. For game three on Friday, October 26th. And guess what? You’re going to be there. You’re in! [GIGGLE] He laughs at mine. I guess mine is
not that official. It is. It is? OK, good.

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