Twilight (9/11) Movie CLIP – Vampire Baseball (2008) HD

Since when do vampires like baseball? Well… It’s the American pastime. And… There is a thunderstorm coming and it’s the only time we can play. You’ll see why. I’m glad you’re here. We need an umpire. She thinks we cheat. I know you cheat! Call on me when you see it, Bella. Ok! It’s time! Ok now I see why you need the thunder. That’s going to be a home run, right? Edward is very fast… You’re out. Come on, it’s just a game!

100 thoughts on “Twilight (9/11) Movie CLIP – Vampire Baseball (2008) HD

  1. About the stupidest thing I have seen, just when I start thinking that I might watch the movie, I find something like this

  2. I love how this is a family of probably 100 (maybe more) year old people and they bond with each other like a family. It’s sweet

  3. After I saw this film for almost a hundred time I still can't understand why they need the thunder ..! Haha

  4. 1:53 to 1:56 I like that scene 😍😍😍😍Edward's smile is just like a wow 😍😍😍I love and like Edward too much

  5. I just rewatched the whole saga and I really hoped that there was like another baseball game and Bella would join them since she became a vampire

  6. This is my favorite part in the whole twilight franchise.I love the music Supermassive Black hole by Muse. The rest of it is pretty much boring

  7. I love how Carlisle goes "Nice Kitty." to Rosalie because she doesn't rip Bella apart, he's such a Dad. Aww.

  8. Unironically, this is one of the best movie scenes ever, regardless of whether you think Twilight is trash or Twilight is cool lol

  9. when I was 14 I actually enjoyed this movie, now I am disappointing with my younger self… I was watching Arnold, Sylvester and Stephen movies at that age, wasn't even a guilty pleasure, I just liked it for some reason… totally not because I had a crush on Christian Stewart.

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