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Welcome to the Reverse Pendulum Topspin Serve
Tutorial. The reverse topspin serve is almost identical
to the reverse backspin serve. So you will need to watch the 9 part reverse
pendulum backspin serve, if you haven’t already done so. The only differences between the two serves
are the contact point and a very minor change in the swing. When performing the backspin serve, your contact
point is here. For the topspin serve your contact point will be much higher on the racket
and this though alone is almost enough to change the spin entirely. In reality, most contact points will end up
being closer to the center of your racket, however trying to hit the ball close to the
top is the best mindset. The swing for the reverse pendulum topspin
serve is also marginally different. The correct feeling is to let the bat come around the
side of the ball slightly whilst remaining totally relaxed. The ball should feel like it just rolls off
your racket and it’s important that you don’t force the spin. As per the backspin swing, the topspin motion
is incredibly small and subtle. The start and finishing positions need to
be identical to the reverse pendulum backspin. Larger variations will give your opponent
vital information about the spin type, so you’ll have to take extra care here. Getting heavy spin on your reverse topspin
serve isn’t the goal. The goal is to have a subtle variation to mix in with the backspin
serve to confuse your opponent into making errors off both serves. The key to great serving is to always have
two serves that look identical but have completely different spin. Once you opponent realizes that you have such
variation, concern alone will force them into errors. When learning the topspin reverse serve, don’t
attempt the recovery until you are totally competent. Watch the upcoming action plan video for more
information about the correct steps for learning the backspin and topspin reverse pendulum
serves. Common Mistakes. 1. Lifting the ball. Lifting the ball to get
topspin will result in the opponent seeing an obvious change from the backspin serve.
Also your serve won’t have the correct flight path. 2. Using the shoulder. Players often make
desperate attempt to get more topspin by bringing the shoulder into play. This will result in
less spin and it will alert your opponent that there is topspin on the ball. 3. Hitting the ball with straight topspin.
Having the wrong elbow position when starting the reverse serve sometimes results in players
just doing a straight topspin serve. 4. Lifting the head. Lifting the head is common
as naturally feels like will assist in putting topspin on the ball. Try to avoid it at all
cost. 5. Tossing the ball in. Tossing the ball back
towards you may actually assist you to get more topspin however it’s a fault and the
umpire should instantly award your opponent a point. 6. Trying too hard. Over tensing to make the
ball rotate forward will result in less spin and it will give your opponent valuable information
about what spin is on the ball. If you would like to come on a journey with
me and learn how to slow down and finally get your basics right, you can go to. You will also be able to view over 150 instructional
videos by world class player, William Henzell as well as my current videos that will teach
you how to serve like a boss!

3 thoughts on “Tutorial – Reverse Pendulum Topspin Serve -Table Tennis – Like a Boss!

  1. holy crap nice deceptive serves. I would be pissed and super confused to have to receive that!

    However, after carefully reading the serve over and over again I don't see how there's top spin on the ball. Given the toss and your quite horizontal racket angle at contact, if the brush is even slightly upwards, the ball would pop up? The amount of forward momentum on the ball cannot be explained!

    Would be nice to have a close up at contact, and have a 2 color ball for easy spin observation. Nice video!

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