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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is
Quotes 219. The quote today is by Babe Ruth. A very famous old-time baseball player. In
his day, he was probably the most famous baseball player that existed in his time.
So let’s look at his quote. Here’s the quote “Never let the fear of striking out
keep you from playing the game. ” All right. so we got a baseball analogy and in life
we hear about a lot of baseball analogies. We often compare things to
baseball. Baseball is still probably maybe the number one sport in America.
Some people might argue that it’s American football too. But we do have a
lot of analogies and we get a lot of other phrases sometimes in our everyday
English from baseball. But let’s continue here. The ballplayer George
Herman Ruth, that was his real name. Nicknamed Babe Ruth even that’s kind of a
funny story. I mean because if you look at old photos his face did look a little
bit like a baby’s face. So that’s why he ended up getting the nickname of Babe
Ruth. Was probably or you could say arguably the greatest ballplayer that
ever lived. Of course arguably, a lot of people have
their favorite ball players and and Babe Ruth was a long time ago, but if you
factor in a number of things you really get impressed with his statistics. Of
course he did strike out a lot like all homerun hitters, like all home run hitters.
So homerun hitters are famous for striking out and this might be one of
the reasons. We say here they often swing for the fences. Yeah. So
it means sometimes like they’re trying to hit a home run. They’re trying ,you
have to put your full energy into the swing to try to you know hit a home run.
So and when you try to hit a home run You’re , you’re you tend to be a little
bit more likely to strike out. Because your defenses are down a little bit more.
Okay. Swing for the fences surprisingly he is not even in
the top 100 who struck out and he is still third in home runs and walks. Okay
so a couple of things to look at here yeah a lot if you ever look at the list
of the people who are most famous for striking out there’s a lot of homerun
hitters right you know right in the near the top of the list. I actually expected
him to be in the top 100 but I don’t know what his number is but he’s beyond
the top 100 I don’t know if he’s still made the top 200 but he’s I was kind of
surprised to find out that he’s not in the top 100. And of course he walked a
lot you know because a lot of pitchers were afraid to pitch to him because he
was such a good hitter. He had a great batting average as well. Not all homerun
hitters have a great batting average as well. Plus he played in the early days of
baseball. A lot of people don’t realize that they say nowadays in our modern
times the ball is more live. So it bounces more. So it has more spring when
you hit it. So it’s actually easier to hit a home run today than it was like
about a hundred years ago. And in his day when he led for especially at the
beginning of his career when he led in homeruns like he’d hit like 40 or 50
home runs in a year and number two was like 18 home runs. You know he was like
half so he was far far ahead of them. I think it wasn’t until there was another
Yankee ball player called Lou Gehrig came along they gave him any competition.
That was I think Lou Gehrig actually beat him out in a few years but still
you know Babe Ruth had a long career. Okay good.
However if you factor in he was a full-time pitcher with a very impressive pitching
record for eight years. This is another thing I don’t know of any other cases of
anybody who had such a long you know, a significant pitching career like eight
years of pitching and then started to become like a real home run hitter. You
know, of course he had a few home runs as a pitcher but with a pitcher you know
because of you don’t want to destroy your arm you only pitch every three four
or five days so you don’t get to play every day. So, so you’re very limited
on how often you get to bat and home runs that you could hit and his his
pitching record was really good he had twice as many wins as he had losses. So he was
actually an excellent pitcher as well. It’s surprising that they even changed
him to a hitter because you know sometimes they think of your pitching is
being more important than hitting. And and remember he also is connected to
what the Boston Red Sox think as you know they they think that they would
jinxed. Because he originally started with the Boston Red Sox
that’s where was a pitcher. Then they, they I think they sold him or traded him
to the Yankees and they felt like ever since that they were jinxed and that’s
where the Yankees made him the hitter And that’s where he turned into the you
know one of the greatest homerun hitters that ever existed. Okay. Let’s go on.
However if you factor that Babe Ruth was …. All right. Both Hank Aaron and Bobby Bonds had
thousands of at bats more than Babe Ruth Yeah. So Babe Ruth is now number three,
but I remember when I was a kid he was still number one.
Finally Hank Aaron broke his record but I think Hank Aaron had really almost
three or four thousand at bats more than Babe Ruth. So that’s a lot more at-bats
and again remember I told you about the live ball and the ball that is more dead. You
know, in Babe Ruth’s time and then not Bobby Bonds. Bobby Bonds was closer so I think
he only had a couple well almost 2000 more at bats then than Babe Ruth . Yeah. his statistics were closer but Bobby Bonds of course you know, he had the
controversy of taking you know the drug enhancers. It was a little odd with Bobby
Bonds career. I remember as he got older he started to get better you know,
usually when people hit the peak of their career that peak for, for a
while and then they tend to go down. He started to go up higher which was a
little odd there. So you do wonder about him. If he really you know, I think they
do say that he was taking those drugs. So that would of course gave him a huge
advantage. That thing did not exist in Babe Ruth’s day.
But anyway getting back to the quote. The quote is very important here. With this
quote by Babe Ruth is letting you know don’t let the fear of failing stop you
from pursuing your dreams or even participating in what you love. That’s
basically what he’s saying. Yeah. Don’t never let the fear of striking out keep
you from playing the game. So you got to realize that as long as you’re in there
and as long as you’re competing , you got to have a lot of failures. You’re not
going to win every time. And you’re going to have bad days. You just have to put up
with that you probably… There is a lot of failure in life. It is
how we learn and often we cannot hit those home runs or reach high points in
life. Yeah a lot of times we even use that you know to say that you did really
well or that you hit a home run. Meaning you did just about as good as you
possibly could do in something. Without having quite a few failures in between.
Anyway I hope you got it. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye-

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