Tuscola Baseball highlights Super-Sectional games, will get rematch against Pleasant Plains

more you look into the future the more you stumble on a regular basis and so we’ve got to stay in the moment.” THE NCAA SELECTION SHOW WILL TAKE PLACE TOMORROW MORNING AT 11AM CENTRAL TIME. ((MARLEE)) HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL POST- SEASON IS KICKING INTO HIGH GEAR…MONDAY MARKS THE START OF THE 1 AND 2A SUPER-SECTIONAL GAMES. THIS YEAR, TUSCOLA AND PLEASANT PLAINS GET A REMATCH IN 2A. LAST SEASON, THE WARRIORS AVANCED PAST THE CARDINALS TO EARN A THIRD PLACE TITLE AT STATE. THE WARRIORS ARE FEELING SOME MOMENTUM OFF A 1-NOTHING WIN AGAINST ST. JOE- OGDEN FOR THE SECTIONAL TITLE, AND THEY’RE CONFIDENT ABOUT GETTING BACK TO PEORIA AGAIN THIS YEAR. ADAM CARVER: “Last year’s run combined with the other sports always making runs in the post-season, these guys are just winners, they find a way to get it done, they never give in.” LUCAS KRESIN: “I think we’re ready, obviously we got the momentum coming and so we’re ready to go.” TUSCOLA AND PLEASANT PLAINS WILL PLAY IN SPRINGFIELD TOMORROW AT 6PM. SALT FORK IS ANOTHER TEAM LOOKING TO MAKE IT STATE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2016. LAST YEAR THEY FELL IN THE SECTIONAL FINALS, BUT THEY WERE ABLE TO WIN IT THIS YEAR AGAINST MT. PULASKI. FOR FIRST-YEAR HEAD COACH JEFFERY DESMOND, HE’S LED THE TEAM TO A 24-4 RECORD SO FAR THIS SEASON, AND LOOKS TO CONTINUE THE LEGACY OF SALT FORK BASEBALL MAKING IT DEEP IN THE POSTSEASON. GEOFFREY DESMOND: “They’ve been fantastic and we’ve had an excellent year, and I’m just glad I could help steer the ship in the right way and keep it going, and reach the expectations that we had.” KOTAH BROEKER: “We did it again freshman year and this is just like the best thing that could’ve happened, we just have one more game and then we make it to State, we knew that we could be pretty good, we just had to keep it up, and we just got to keep going and we can’t be satisfied.” SALT FORK WILL GET OTTAWA MARQUETTE TOMORROW MORNING. ((MARLEE)) SOMETIMES THERE IS MORE TO SPORTS THAN JUST WINNING OR LOSING, AND ARIZONA

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