Tucson native Verdugo’s chances in playoffs w/ Dodgers

good evening to you I’m Paul C column former saguaro High School standout Alex Vetter Lugo is waiting patiently with fingers crossed that the Dodgers take care of business against Washington and advance to the National League Championship Series that is because coming back from injury he still has a sluggers chance at being added to the roster for the rest of the playoffs and perhaps the World Series if they make it that far I do say sluggers chance because now it’s been revealed that as Verdugo has been recovering from the strained oblique it also turns out he’s had a back injury that does not seem to be getting much better we’ll keep you updated last check Dodgers trailed 6-1 in the seventh inning this evening hang in the American League playoffs early game the Astros and Rays duked it out and it was all raised today here gimon Choi adds to Zack Brian Keyes forgettable day on the mound that’ll make it 4-1 Tampa Bay Astros fall finer score 10 3 we’ll be right back the last look at your way with the assistant

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