1 thought on “Tucker introduced as MSU’s new football coach

  1. As a Colorado Buffalo faithful fan I understand that Tucker couldn't pass up the opportunity here…both financially for his family and the staff he will be able to put together with increased funds in that arena. But a word of warming to the parents of potential Michigan State recruits…he says all the right things, preaches commitment and family yet he left Colorado without saying a single word to any of the players. Many of them JUST signed in Colorado and his response was to have none. Those young men deserve better than that…he needs to back up what he says with his own actions and he did not do so here.

    At this point, if my son had other options I would seriously be wary of letting him go play for Tucker.

    Shame on you Mel Tucker for skulking out of town and taking the time to post a "Go Green" video on the plane with nary a word to your former players.

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