TSP’s Bonnet Pe Charcha ft. Harsh Beniwal | E01 – Football vs Cricket

Where the hell are you, man?
Come soon! The match is about to start! We never get entry into the club
because of you, man! Come soon! Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.
Why are you shouting? Listen, have your curd and come. I don’t want to take any risk
this time around. Bro, we’ve got to make our team
win this time. Come soon! Chill, man. They’re anyway going to be playing the
National Anthem, which you won’t get. Why won’t I get it? I’ve been listening
to it since my childhood. Since your childhood? And what’s with this blue you’re wearing? I’ve told you a million times before
that Manchester City is Blue and Machester United is red. This red, man.
They’re 2 different teams, bro! I’m sorry… Hold on a second! Where did this Manchester come in between
India and Pakistan, man? You’re funny, man… Bro, it’s ManU vs Liverpool today. Hey! I’m not kidding! It’s the India vs Pakistan
Champions Trophy final today! At 7:30 P.M. Sandy, even I’m not kidding! It’s the FA Cup Final today.
At 7:30 P. M. Listen…Just listen to me. -Look, Manchester is…
-Which Manchester, man?! We both decided to take our shirts off
and dance every time Dhoni scored a six! Who are you to steal from me? But you can do that even
when Pogba and Lukaku score a goal, right? Who the hell is Pogba and Lukaku? Look at what a tongue twister this is! Listen, you watch your Messi and Ronaldo. I don’t want to waste my time
on this stupid, boring and lame game. Did you just call football lame,
stupid and boring? And useless, disgusting
pointless. I rather go…and have a shower
instead of watching football! Oh, disgusting?! What about the FIFA you play all day on
the playstation? Where’d that come from? I played it? After selling my CAT exam books! I did the right thing then. ‘Cause your future in MBA is as good as
the future of football in India. This FIFA, football and all that jazz
is just good as a video game. Oh yeah! The same video game
even has cricket 2007. The one where no one has ever
completed playing an entire match! Everyone bats for a while, hit sixes
and skips the bowling part. You all are a shame to EA Sports! What’s with your football…? Okay, give me 3 names
of Indian footballers. Here you go! Bhaichung Bhutia, Sunil Chhetry… John Abraham. Dude, players aren’t important! The country’s important! And there is
a future for football in India. Didn’t they qualify
for FIFA under 17? Yeah. They came back
with the same speed they went in. Also, they only qualified
’cause of being the host. This very attitude! It’s because of this
very attitude that the state of football in the country is
like the first slice of bread in a pack. Everyone’s ignoring it! Bro, why would we even eat
the slice if we can’t digest it? Yeah, but it’s very easy
to digest cricket, right? It’s got a 100 rules which y’all keep
updating it every year like it’s android. There’s a 5-day test, then 50-50,
and then 20-20! I wont be surprised if you start tossing
a coin to take the cup home! Look at our football.
It’s been 90 minutes from the start! We got it right in the first time, bro! ‘Match has not begun due to rain.’ Pakistan got lucky! -Pussy game.
-Sorry? Pussy game! The match is stalled
’cause of a little rain? Look at football now, be rain or snow,
the match goes on, right? Bro, it’s not about the rain,
it’s about the player’s fitness. What if they fall sick? A cold or fever or even pneumonia? You’ll fall sick if you
work hard, right? They hardly play a little but still need
a tea, lunch or cigarette break? Take Messi as an example. He runs so much to
celebrate a goal that’s equal to how much Inzamman
would’ve run in his entire career. You please don’t talk about players! You guys compare Messi to Sachin!
To Sachin?! Just ’cause someone is short
doesn’t make him Tendulkar. Get that straight! I don’t think you’ve ever seen
Messi play. Shame! You know what’s more shameful? People like you bringing the football
culture in here! Our cricket’s timing perfectly aligns
with the Indian comman man’s timing. Your Champions League
starts late into the night! At a time which either artists
or owls are awake. See, we are genetically modified to play
and watch cricket. Bro, it’s not the genes.
This is all the work of the Britishers! Indians are in love with 3 things
that the British left behind. English, captain Russel’s challenge
and as a result, cricket. That’s why this is the state of football
in this country. Tell me something,
do you go to the gy,? Now don’t start body-shaming me! My abs are like the winter in GoT,
they’re coming. Clearly! Tell me truth.
Do you go? It’s just been 2 days I joined, man.
And my car’s not been working! That’s exactly why I’m sitting here
with you and missing the match. Look at that, your car is not working. So your car, football and your body
are in the same condition. They’re all not working! Bro, if you’d focused
on fitness like me, and if you’d have put Total Quartz Oil
in your car, then things would’ve been different. Your body needs the same amount of care
and fitness to stay younger for longer, just like my car. And so does football. Wow! You’ve made such an easy comparison! I have no clue about cars! Bro, I’m Naren Choudhary,
not Naren Kartikeyan. And just because I choose to care about
football won’t mean that everybody will. Everyone will have to do it. -But till there’s cricket in this…
-Hold on! It’s the legendary players that have made
cricket legendary not the people here. Even today, when people see a video on
social media of Yuvraj Singh balling 6 sixes, no one skips it,
they watch it completely. No matter who the batsman is, they all adjust like Sachin once
as the walk the crease. Be it International Cricket
or Street Cricket.. Every single person wants to end the match
with a winning 6 like Dhoni. Who are these people? And where do they come from? This is why Cricket in this country was,
is and will always be a legend. Do you guys have water? Uh…Sure!
We always have water! Always… That’s blue. Bleeding blue. Cricket team, India. -Thanks.
-See, blue! Bro, do you watch hockey? Nice game…Nice game. I think we should watch hockey. We should empower hockey. Brilliant game! I mean, it’s got a bat
and ball, also has goal penalty. Amazing, man! Let’s do this, we’ll go home, put on
the television and watch a game. You’re right! The wine’s quite expensive
there and you don’t know your limit! It’s anyway India’s national sport, man. -We have to watch it.
-Oh man! -Hockey is not India’s national sport.
-What is then? Tell me what you’re going to do. I’ll go to the gym. Then? I’ll turn my car around and definitely use
Total Quartz car engine oil. Why? To keep my car’s engine
younger for longer. Listen, I know my part. You tell them what to do. Guys, like and share the video. And tell us in the comments below
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100 thoughts on “TSP’s Bonnet Pe Charcha ft. Harsh Beniwal | E01 – Football vs Cricket

  1. Every sports are love and every sports person are legends…not just cricket or football❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hamasre Desh me kuch gine chune hi football fan hai isme 99% Messi/Ronaldo karte rehte hai….naki Apne Sunil chetri ka Naam unke mu pe aata hai…I don't like football but jo fans hai vo bhi aalag level ke hai.?

  3. Anybody's inability to understand the most popular sport in the world doesn't affect it's grandeur….. There are many countries like England, Netherlands, where cricket is well known… But the popularity of football is much much much more… Also… Cricket was played in Europe and England did it's bit to spread it… It just never cought on….
    Also.. Europe is not the only continent playing football… It's a religion in South America as well as Africa… It's also more popular in North America…. And even though Asian nation is not good at football, county wise more nations more popular sport is football…. Infact… Even in countries like India and Pakistan where cricket is more popular… People still know about football and have a domestic league… Whereas cricket is unheard of in most of the countries and the only people who play it are south Asian immigrants….
    Even I love watching cricket… But that does not mean I should become dillusional like some people….Just to give you a glimpse of reality let me give 1 example…. In Forbes highest paid atheletes … There is only one cricketer that's Virat at 100th spot… And the list contains most number of footballers from Messi and Ronaldo at 1 and 2 till the bottom….

  4. Bhai ek dhang ka football fan isse zyada bol sakta hai football ke defense mein…..India mein aadhe log bas Barca, Real aur ManU ko support karke ya sirf unke match dekh kar apne aap ko football fan samajhte hain. Saalon ne abhi Asia Cup(Football wala) mein Indian Football team ka ek nahi dekha hoga.
    By the way I love both the sports and I want football to be recognized more in India and Cricket to be recognized more all over the world.

  5. In future nobody will play cricket.. Because England doesn't pay attention on cricket because they watch premier league and other football leagues.. Because football is more exciting and thrilling…

  6. 1948 indian football played in summer olympic aur uski 20 saal ke baad cricket india mein sooru hua hai, think it

  7. There's nothing …… Can make a difference….. Cricket is nothing in comparison football around 200 countries play football where only around 30 counties play cricket….

  8. Football is the best cricket is the boring GAME ever please make more videos which include mostly football and it's players

  9. Bhai only football pe banao we should promote football because football have passionable game more than cricket

  10. Screw you guys….I can't watch this….how can you just say wrong about football….. don't come in front of me or eles I will kill you…..fuck you bitches….Sunil Chettri, Jeje Lalpeklua, Udanta Singh, Anirudh Thapas, Anas, Sandesh Jinghan, Rahul Bheke, Ashique…these are from Indain football team….Indian u15 football team has 100% winning accuracy in trailand…..you shits…..fuck you

  11. Indian football Team
    My playing 11:-
    Formation – 4 – 3 – 3
    GK – Gurpreet singh Sandhu
    RB – Subhashish Bose
    CB – Sandesh Jhingan
    CB – Adil Khan
    LB – Rahul Bheke
    RMF – Amerjeet singh Kiyem
    CMF – Sahal Abdul Samad
    LMF – Anirudh Thapa
    RWF – Udanta Singh
    CF – Sunil Chhetri
    LWF – Jeje Lalpekhlua
    Coach – Igor Stimac

  12. Football fan here
    Cricket sucks. nind ka gooli
    Lagta hai India mae,Akela mein hoon , jo always dil se opponent ko support krta hai.

  13. Hey guys, with all due respect, plz don't spread these kinds of negativity about football in India. At the end of the day, they're too playing for the nation and has make us proud in many way. Kindly don't compare both the sports and their players. India has a future in football. They too play for India ?? and deserve some respect from channels like yours. I might be ignored by you but if you guys are reading this, it's my humble request not to make such lame comments like India doesn't have any future in football. We do have a bright future. Just keep the faith.

  14. football me koi bhi indian player nhi hai yaha tak ki football ki indian league me bhi aadhe se jada videshi hote hai

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