TSP || Bollywood Cricket Commentary Ep-2 || Sidhu vs Sidhu

Lets welcome Siddu senior In bollywood cricket commentary initiative. Professionaly he laughs on the sad
jokes of comedian kapil… Every weekend for 2 hours..You have earned this
fame through commentary, But you got this audi and bmw
through comedy nights money. Brother Junior, As today is the
valentines day special There is one night stand match Between Harbhajan’s macho 11 and walking from
the opposite side like peacock’s feather Archana churan singh’s kitty party, Reproduction 11.. 12…13…14, Till infinity. Brother Siddhu jr. Team meet and greet Captian Harbhajans over enthusiasm It feels like he will taste
Archana churan singh Like how comedy nights
did with comedy circus. And as the game begins
what a beautiful fine leg, And deep cleavage… Using breast in energetic way… Kim Jong Sharma and Sunil
Shetty playing tit For tit and moving
forward very beautifully And kamehameha We can see intresting firework show… According to latest pitch report. In the pants of macho 11 Humidity is increasing. We can see dew factor in the game. After the catastrophic situation
of the team,Harbhajan jumped in. As soon as he jumped in trying to molest. And got insulted. And reverse molestation. couldn’t duck the situation
and got mounded. Oye. Boy Was trying to make the economy right, but Finally ended up with Sudome. Brother Siddhu, what a glory
catch by Hans raj hans. kim jong balls just got touched. Now its Phudais turn. But he coundn’t judge sunils in swing. But couldn’t catch the
ball and droped it. On the spot fixing. Obivously Siddhu Sir. Reproduction 11 again in lead. Now the pressure is all
on Rimmys small bat. Rimmy showing his bottom
end playing skills. And his tinny, tiny mongoose bat. Back to pavilion. Random lusty heat. Impatient next player Wet, Are her eyes. Even Mogambo is not happy. Mogambo puri trying not to walk fast. Random chic asking for the
permission to go into the field. Coach looking at her fitness. But not satisfied it seems. I think they are scanning
her under UDRS technology. But got the permission from sex
umpire said “go simran go”. “spread you dirt” without wasting
time like a flying sikh women. Moving towards International Sex summit. clap… clap… There was nothing like
to clap on that . Both the team entering
into the 30 people circle. I think they have started
with power four play. Match taking an intresting turn. There’s another change. Chief of bajrang dal sarkar
raj is entered the field. As hulchul coudn’t save
akshay khannas career, In a same way bhajrang dal
is here to stop sex summit. Scared them. Bhajjis lusty appeal By showing him one gesture, Sarkar
showed anupum kher his status. Not everywhere in life, everything can happen. Oh my godness,gracious,greatning,
grossiwar is in wankhade!!. Like a macho man coach kabir
khan is asking for his right. Like a kid he brought the drum. Intresting man. Here Reproduction 11 and
Macho 11 are doing sex And now we can’t see any hand movements. And if they ignore the protection, Then they might get secrete disease. Hey subscribe.. Hey, just subscribe… Comment also…

100 thoughts on “TSP || Bollywood Cricket Commentary Ep-2 || Sidhu vs Sidhu

  1. I wonder why it has so less views. So hilarious it was 🙂 Jeetu you play siddhu better than siddhu himself. Thokko Taali

  2. At one point I paused the video as I was laughing so much that it was not listening the commentary…???
    Best comic act… ???

  3. Main passport bbbane ke lye passport seva Kendra Pune m aaya hu toh mera no ek ghnte bd aayga toh normal aysi TSP ki ye series avi dekha aur itni zor hasi Aya ki saare ke Sarre ke lg mujhe dekh rahe
    yr zabrzast??????

  4. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHHah?????????????????????????????????????????????vry funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. Random tharak k zonke????random.cheek field pe utarne ki request ???..bajarang dal…bhajji ki lust ki appeal ??

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