Trump’s face drops as entire stadium boos him at World Series

[cheering] [boos] [chanting] Lock him up! Lock him up! Here’s a fun game. See if you can pinpoint the exact moment that
Trump realizes that the entire stadium is booing him. Announcer: We are joined by the president
and First Lady of the United States” [boos] Yeah it’s… not a hard game. The introduction came after the third inning
during Game 5 at Nationals Park where Trump finally got to see first-hand how Americans
who aren’t his desperate rally-goers actually feel about him. In fact, Trump showing up at the World Series
was the first time during his presidency that he’s been at any Washington sporting event. He hasn’t even eaten at a Washington restaurant
that didn’t have his name on it. Although that’s probably for good reason,
considering the boos in the stadium reportedly reached as high as 100 decibels. Granted, he was insulated by a group of Republican
Congressmen, but I’m sure that the president could still hear the less-than-warm reaction
from the crowd, even over Matt Gaetz’ groveling. The moment came as Trump decided to show up
despite the Nationals refusing to extend an official invitation. Whereas presidents usually throw out the ceremonial
first pitch when they attend a game, Trump probably bristled at the very predictable
prospect of getting booed, of not being able to bask in the adulation that he craves more
than anything. And considering he took only 4% of the vote
in Washington, DC in 2016, it was probably a safe bet that he wasn’t going to get the
reception he wanted at the stadium. And so while Trump refused to throw out first
pitch, he did make a brief appearance on the big screen in the outfield, at which point
the stadium switched course from cheers to boos in an instant. There was ONE chant he could recognize – with
the entire stadium yelling “lock him up” – although I’m not sure he found too much
comfort in its familiarity. And by the way, it wasn’t just the boos
and the chants. Fans also unfurled a massive banner reading
“Impeach Trump” in left field and another banner reading “Veterans for Impeachment”
behind home plate. Just in case the boos didn’t quite get the
message across. The first pitch was instead thrown out by
world-renowned chef and humanitarian Jose Andres, an especially telling choice given
that he’s one of Trump’s most vocal critics. Andres was thrust into the political spotlight
for backing out of his plans to open a restaurant in the Trump International Hotel in Washington,
DC after Trump started criticizing Mexican immigrants at the outset of his campaign. Trump sued him, and the lawsuit was settled
in 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the celebrity chef from relentlessly criticizing him. Especially after Trump’s disastrous response
to Puerto Rico, because while Andres donated a staggering 3.6 million meals to Puerto Ricans,
Trump was busy blaming those on the island for their crime of …getting hit by a category
5 hurricane. Which MIGHT explain why, while Trump was getting
booed loud enough to shatter glass at the World Series, Jose Andres managed to get a
standing ovation. It’s almost like not being depraved pays
off. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect to see Trump
at another public event where he isn’t either assured absolute adulation by the crowd or
stands to make a windfall of profits from it. Although I do have to give him a little credit. Because the truth is that we live in a divided
country, and with a World Series that could reach 7 games, you could even argue that no
two groups are MORE divided right now than Astros and Nationals fans. And yet against all odds, it seems that Trump
did, if just for a moment, bring everyone together.

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