Trump retweets video hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball

this morning we can show you this we
have to be careful because of the Twitter handle of the individual who
sent it in the first place the President of the United States the President of
the United States retweeting a video on Twitter that shows him hitting a golf
ball and then the golf ball striking Hillary Clinton and knocking her down
you see it there the president of the United States retweeted that this
morning why what he said bad news bad news
you know traditionally historically speaking weekends at Bedminster even at
an important time like weekend when he’s going into the United Nations General
Assembly for the first time as the president the United States are risky
times he’s maybe he’s by himself maybe he’s not surrounded by as many aides as
you as he usually is certainly not at this hour of the morning I think you
know Curren right he’s a disrupter you know and he has these impulses he enjoys
engaging on social media you hear him talk about that that that’s so important
to his identity and people want to hear from him but it is unusual coming off of
these this this last couple of weeks we can’t find the words because it’s he’s
the president United States it is insane a very unusual coinage I used the word
again he loves the headlines when he will deal
with Democrats when he’s seen as getting things done when he’s seen as you know
delivering on promises but then he’ll come out on a Saturday morning and sort
of blow himself up with these these crazy tweets that are not presidential
they don’t forward any particular agenda of his I mean this wasn’t about
immigration it wasn’t about any policy thing it’s just something I probably
thought it was funny

100 thoughts on “Trump retweets video hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball

  1. Trump is a genius. He knows when he needs publicity he doesn’t target FOX, he does something that he knows CNN will talk about. You idiots keep giving him free publicity ?

  2. Man.. The glazed, vacant, deceptive expressions on CNN presenters is only rivalled in opposition to the narcissistic, fundamentalist, psychotic expressions of those on Fox News. All news is a joke.

  3. I think the republicans should find another candidate. Donald Trump is more interested in being a comedian than being president.

  4. So Trump jokingly hits HRC on the back with a golf ball, but how many times have the Clinton's reportedly had somebody hit on the back of their head's sometimes more than once and that's not a joke ?

  5. "The president of the United States.. the president of the United States.. the president of the United States retweeted that this morning." Why don't you use that phony shocked expression for when Rashida Tlaib, a U.S. Congresswoman, publicly calls the president a motherf***er!"

  6. " tHe PReSiDenT oF tHe UniTeD StAtEs "
    -CNN, beside themselves over a silly video, as they broadcast far worse than for all to see. Meanwhile, I thought he wasn't your president?
    What a clusterfuck you guys on the left are.

  7. Cnn getting offended by a meme, typical liberals lol, its like a foreign language to them, if it was obama doing something funny itd be a whole different story

  8. Lmao fake bro.. Trumps on a golf course and killary is boarding a plane? The golf course has a mini airport there? Lmao cnn is trash to begin with

  9. It’s even more funny that CNN got butthurt over it. And then CNN showed the video multiple times promoting it even more hahahaha.

  10. Oh grow up… are you seriously wasting air time acting indignant over petty crap like this. No wonder you've lost your credibility!!! Did I mention… grow up?

  11. What's worse….This thing he retweeted or her constantly falling down and seizing.
    The same with Bernie Sanders…Why would I vote for an old man that just had a heart attack and hope he survives maybe 8 years with all that stress.

  12. Old girl can’t even pick up her feet enough to get on an airplane and she wants to be president. That’s a shitin ass shame.

  13. I dont like Trump then the next person. But im not gonna lie, this tweet was funny as hell. But its also a form of bullying. And i fucken hate bullies.

  14. I like how this news anchor actually believes he is important and that anyone will remember him 50 years from now. You are NOTHING. You will eventually be forgotten and go to your own place. Like Judas. I hope you like warm weather.

  15. CNN, all liberals, just don't get it, and they don't know why…they talk about how he is unpresidential, yet they are the very essence of unjournalistic… They are no longer the press that are protected in the constitution, they are about money and ratings, not the truth.

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