100 thoughts on “Trump Gets Impromptu Prayer Huddle from Alabama Football Team

  1. This is what America is all about but haters just keep on hating and don't give a damn about there country at all.

  2. Pray the Trump prayer:

  3. God Bless our wonderful President who we have prayed for and with whom we have been blessed. God Bless and MAGA!!

  4. I'm sure this type of support makes his day and gives him encouragement to keep on. They set a good example for the rest of us.

  5. Awesome Fathfilled President. The Crimsom Tide Team stands out and on and not afraid to show their faith filled belief in Gods protection

  6. If you go to MSN all they show is a ballon that was deflated never aired! GOD Bless all of you! GOD be with our President Donald J. Trump and help us tie the evil tongues of the FAKE MEDIA!

  7. Probably why they lost this year. Yeehaw. Go tigers. Clemson tigers, haha funny how some of yall people think this was from yesterday. I love the internet.

  8. What a delight to hear JK speak about a very special, touching moment of prayer, and to see all huddled together with our President brings tears to my eyes.

  9. That's was so awesome to see and hear. Praise God! Thanks to those men who prayed over our President…. God bless every one of them and our President, their family's, President Trump's family, and our Country in and through Christ Jesus. Amen

  10. Oh how refreshing ! Best thing I've read/seen all day. Trump says he's fine and not too concerned… but deep down. PERFECT for this!

  11. God Bless you President Trump! God has all the doors wide open for you, for Ametica, for our Republuc! You will succeed!

  12. We all need to pray for our President. Every single day, take a moment and pray for him. He needs us and we need him!!!!

  13. That was nice that people gave this mental patient some love. Also, they know it was a camera friendly moment and they all hate his maggot ass.

  14. Just a distraction. "How the devil pray for just been evil?" Hahaha

  15. Ugh, this made me sick to my stomach. A whole group of young Americans who simply don't have a clue.
    And that goes for all the pathetic supporting commentary below for Trump. No wonder Alabama has a child molester running for the Senate again! Hypocrites….and you call yourselves Christians!

  16. Prayers ain't going to rid him of the corruption and racism that lives in his wicked soul. God has a special place in Hell for this child-abusing demon.

  17. A true representation of integrity, character, and leadership! We All should pray for our leaders despite our political stance!

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