TRICK SHOTS!! – Mini Golf Funny Moments (Golf It Gameplay)

(SMii7Y) Guys welcome to the golf. (Mini) Golf and shit. (SMii7Y) I know how to do this. Watch (Wildcat) You don’t know how to do shit. (Mini) How’d that go for ya. (Mini) Ohhh there’s a fucking edge in the…mmmm! (Mini) Oh my days (SMii7Y) I’m already long gone bois (SMii7Y) I’m already going for trickshots (Wildcat) Get in the cup! (Mini) Laughing (Scotty) Good Start
(Wildcat) Aww Shit (Scotty) Are you fuck’n me
(Wildcat) Put me in Scotty, Put me in (Scotty) Going Balllllls Deep in That Ass (Wildcat) This map feels a little…A little Framey (SMii7Y) Huuuuu…FUCK! (Basically) What’s the flashlight button again, so I don’t fuck up (Wildcat) L (SMii7Y) What happened! (Mini) Oh no no no noooo! STOPPPPP! (SMii7Y) I just went in the cup and it pulled me out (SMii7Y) I just went in the cup and it pulled me out
(Mini) Fuck (SMii7Y) I just went in the cup and it pulled me out (SMii7Y) What the Fuck! (Mini) Ohhhhhh! (SMii7Y) I just lost a stroke, that’s some bullshit (Mini) Sixxxx! (Mini) Fucking Cracker Start (SMii7Y) Alright you bank it off this side… Boom your in (SMii7Y) Don’t do what I did (Mini) Ooook
(Wildcat) Do we just go straight? (Wildcat) I don’t know, let me just hit V and figure it out (Wildcat) Ya you can just go straight (SMii7Y) No nocliping (Basically) Wait you can Noclip? (Mini) Wait, how’d that go for you? (Wildcat) Wow I hit a thing! (Wildcat) Ha Ha, Wow you’re retarded
(Scotty) Fucker! (Mini) Ohhhhhh I see (Mini) Look at the size of that flag! (Mini) It’s like a shark popped out of the water (Wildcat) Stay still (Mini) Careeefulll (SMii7Y) Bank of the Century bois (Wildcat) Yayyyyyy…Wait what! (Mini) Wait Tyler why are you back (Wildcat) Why didn’t it put me in? FUCK!!! *Wildcat screaming at himself for messing up* (Everyone) Hahahaha (Mini making fun of Wildcat) Rarareer (Wildcat) WHATTTTT!! (Everyone) Hahahaha (Wildcat) SMii7Y come on be a pal. You fucking cock (SMii7Y) No no (Mini) Ohhh the layup. Oh You’re good (Wildcat) This game is fucking retarded (SMii7Y) Wait, what the hell do we do here? (Mini)Not That Anyway (wildcat)I think you have to land on that little. Yeah its behind and you have to land there where mini is Like This wow and then where do we go (Mini) oohhh up to the right (Wildcat)then We Go up and over then we go this way (Mini) OOHHH MAMACITTA! (WildCat)Oh this gave me a stroke for nothing! *Wildcat being proud of himself for making the shot like a big boy!* (Wildcat) Mini, light up your world like nobody else *Mini being a fangirl and baaing to the 1D song* How’d that Go How’d that Go for you no clip because it’s better how do you no clip?where are you Supposed to go Look Around Where are you Supposed to go you go across You want me to pull shot you in know if you can do It okay that Was not a good idea I appreciate the effort I Don’t fucking Know Straight idiot I did that then When i resets me it flips the camera you Go over the Edge Dude very Very Violent you Got 20 seconds Bitch Hurry Up There you go oh *Scotty makes it in the cup with 1 second on the clock and feels like a champion!* Too hard Lesson all That don’t do that okay you Need a Bit more Speed huh no clip oh? My god i can’t do it. Oh, too much. Oh you have to go all the way Over there? Scott Inside the cup we Go I’m Toby oh you got a cobia Right Now boom boom Nailed That Shit i cooked Myself boom, oh Come on please don’t please don’t oh wait That’s Good That’s Kind of Good no you stupid Whore Ready Marcel Yep Stop Stop Stop look at That Perfect Loaded like a Canteen Motherfucker Oh my God Oh my lord Scottie You Guys are helping out so much I’m literally in the same Position i Am Literally Next Fuck where do you go way Left way Left all i left is over there with oh? Scottie did Ya exuse me coming through you and then You Just all Just Jump Over it STOP SLIDING STOP SLIDING Oh i’m gonna Try It One time oh Try It more Than once many Holes It’s good Though It’S little but it’s Good Actually so much Swish Marcel Right Here you Boys getting The fucking 14 Chance to score dis bitch I’m going off. Who Ended it Oh it’s the one to the right Yeah it’s not that one. To the left That’s nice oh i know but i’m trying How they go for you guys down there Wing You Pieces There we Go There smitty Do It Smitty Doing Smitty Do It come on Man Help me out you Betrayed me trickshot Hello That’s not the way to go fellas Oh my day don’t hit it as hard As i did it’s a mistake don’t hit me fucking Bitch With Your fucking Pipe It Up Why am i Supposed to do from Here there’s nothing i can do My suppose This angle is the fucking angle Way Up Later by Him Holy fuck yep if nothing Tyler Has One stroke Remaining oh My God it’s way Over there to the right you gotta do some Weird I don’t know What i meant to do it all oh it’s over there okay oh my God 3includes Got The Ball Sack god Damn It if Only i would Have hit it’s off to put this Before Somebody Could Fuck me i’m Just going for it fuck well there we Go The Butt Crack oh One Shot Scott he one Opportunity i guess i Shouldn’t Wait Sees Every hole you ever Wanted oh Really do the Math oh? Wow that Was your last Shot That’s the one you Wanted um we go all the Way Up there yeah Yeah That’s it oh, so far away it’s so much more far away Than you think oh I’m still going like That One Really close to our left Eye so you can Go in there though Oh yeah you can totally you can You can’t. Oh? You can’t because once we Land It You have to hole in one some Point like This Tyler? Damn It Fuck Like This What did you really did you really think it Was gonna but Yeah thank you Fuck My Butthole Please Stay no Right Off don’t do It The last one please Stay Bitch i don’t know skank Careful What the fuck are you doing fuck my Fantasy fuck my Fat Pussy He turned owner don’t go off the edge thanks Smitty Dude i’ve done that so many Times it’s nothing to be impressed totally alright This one last Shot last Redemption oh? Oh My God If you make That as a count yeah Because you Got fucking last Place. Shut the fuck up – don’t worry Scottie i’ll try hard Now and i’ll Put you in last place, how bout that? Do it Here, push me. Aw damn it. FUCK WHAT HOW?! COME ON DICK! Come ooooon I dont wanna be here! YOU PEICE OF GARBAGE! you fucking dick Fuck Not Your bitch ass of and i scored Sound is Advertiser flag All The way over there Kidding You Build Over Here hey oh my God One person Beating Isn’t Trying to make The Whole that we’re on Why you think you beat them i don’t think i don’t Jump This i don’t think you can Jump First Try okay so what do we do Here i don’t know but i see a giant fucking ramp to our Left Tell me Help – are you Get It Sucks When you’re me it’s many Got it i think Except I’ll Take apart The Ram come on come on Well You like The first hole with a Giant Flag Uh-huh Fuck well how there’s Not getting first anymore yeah i am you got it on this one Oh yeah my pussy Albatross oh Fuck you’re going for the oh? Fuck Man All right What about What about This one over here oh? That’s easier That’s Duel That’s so much easier and even notice That you Guys See laughs Yeah we know Nooo Darling Don’t think it’S possible scotty Bounces off the Roof Scotty Stop trying to be me okay I’ve calculated Every possible oh? Oh that Was Actually That’S a Really Good idea? I’m proud of Myself What a fight wait go go Oh That’s that Worked That Worked This IS do stop Boys you Hear mommy Just Whack it whack-A-mole Like That Like The animal Now how to get up there FUCK That no there’s no way last shot last chance last time oh? Sucks cock i can’t be mad i picked this fucking Map Please Stay Please Stay Please Thank Cheesesteak There we Go he did it sam Fuck What are you getting a knife If you get a 17 i win bitch Actually i still lose Bob can’t Win no i can’t do That Yeah Well you can’t lose Either so fucking- ONE STROKE Marcel Marcel came Joint with the guy who didn’t Hit a single hole that he’s meant to

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