Tribe Volleyball Defeats Delaware

Yeah we’ve been
playing great volleyball in the practice gym and even in the competitions and we
haven’t gotten the results that we wanted so you know to get a win tonight
in three in a dominant fashion everybody contributing all phases of the game
looking good offense defense transition I’m just really happy for the girls
because they’ve been working their tail off so you want hard work to be rewarded
with some wins and that process that we always talk about you know we finally
saw the outcome tonight so it’s just the credit goes to the girls because not
only have they stayed invested and what they’re doing and they’ve stayed
invested in the process but you know they’re doing well and they’re
implementing the stuff that we’re teaching them in the practice gym and to
see it pay off it’s just a credit to them and our assistant coaches too who
just work with them all the time and get them ready and get him prepped and so
it’s a good team win the night. Yeah we’ve talked about needing
basically, an outside to step up and Lauren Merrill continues to step up and
put away balls and it helps our offense become so balanced Kate Dedrick is just
she’s proving herself to be unstoppable back row front row in system out of
system one blocker two blocker like she’s just finding ways to score she’s a
critical piece of the puzzle but again it goes back to everybody being a
consummate team win I mean when those two are productive on either pin it
opens up us up in the middle and Julia Brown had a great match tonight and our
numbers look awesome I don’t think she aired one time Kaitlyn Ferguson did an
awesome job and so when you get them going it draws the middle blocker on the
other side and just helps Kate and our outsides be that much more
productive so Kate has been so reliable and so dependable I mean I looked at the
box score I think after set two and she had 15 out of our 30 kills I mean it’s
just insane so again it goes goes back to her own investment in the process and
she’s doing a good job they were they were just like the game hungry hungry
hippo like anything that was coming over they were just gobbling it up there’s no
ball that you know it couldn’t be hit hard enough that they could still dig it
as long as they’re in position and they were just flying all over the place they
were commanding the court they’re being fearless and those are the two
attributes that we want them to exhibit on the court and they just crushed it I
mean when you have two players like that who are flying all over the place and
making plays for the team and giving us second opportunities in transition it’s
just feeds confidence back in and says you
know what even if I chip this ball in I got some crazy girls behind me who are
gonna make some plays for us to keep us in it yeah I mean confidence to win when
you have to get the point when it’s twenty four twenty three and you’re
in side out and it’s match point and you execute first ball side
out kill that’s that deck gives so much for you and we already had one of those
at UNCW so it’s compounding now and and we’re getting the point that we know we
have the talent and I think lastly and maybe most importantly it’s a confidence
boost for our leadership you know Julia Brown and Autumn Brenner have made
certain that our team rebounds and is resilient and that we’re prepared for
the next match and last year you know I thought we really struggled again when
we have a series of games that we have to bounce back from and we’ve lost
before and to keep that group in alignment and making sure that we’re
coming out fresh and prepared it’s a it’s a hats off to JB and Tum to make
sure that you know we’re ready to go so I’m amped and you know we got one this
coming weekend that we’ll get prepared for but tonight we’re gonna enjoy it
Jenelle’s birthday we’ll have some fun and then we’ll get back after it

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