Triangular Ping Pong

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we have come up with a new way of table tennis. Triangle table tennis! The rules are the same as in table tennis but with two exceptions You’re not allowed to hit the ball back twice to the same player And first serve to the left, second serve to the right No! It was Otto’s point! That was good one! Sorry Emil! That counts, that counts! You set me up Otto! Pretty easy serve! From this net, to this net, to your side I was serving to you! No way! Nice! Good match! As always, Otto won. But we had a lot of fun. Yes we did. Remember to subscribe And watch our previous videos. Until next time!

28 thoughts on “Triangular Ping Pong

  1. This was surprisingly difficult but it was definitely fun to try out! We managed to get a better hang of it towards the end 😄

  2. This makes me think; if player A serves to player B, who then returns the serve to player C but misses (out), who should ideally get the point? A or C?

  3. Think this would have worked better as a negative points system – all start with 11 and lose one every time you make a mistake. Stops people feeding points

  4. The points should be negative: the player who fails to answer the ball correctly gets -1 point. So, the player who has the less negative points win. If a player is having less negative points, then the other two players should focus on him to make him fail and tie the game.

  5. Who’s this cat in the red? He throws himself out of position on virtually every shot b/c he likes running around too much

  6. Eka video minkä teiltä nään. Huhheijaa miten oon voinu nukkuu tän kanavan ohi. Toi näytti siistiltä! Alko tekee huolella mieli pelata, kiitos.

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