Travel Baseball Speed Training Drills|Drills For Baseball Foot Speed

was good folks coach Ronnie coming at you from the arcade strength training YouTube channel and today we’re discussing travel baseball speed training drills now these drills are gonna focus on the acceleration portion of sprinting now for you travel ball is out there that’s a key component to your ability to sprint and steal some bases now folks the acceleration phase of sprinting requires two main things you gotta have good posture and you got to have good leg action so folks when we talk about good posture really you need to have the posture is you have to be able develop what’s called a positive shin angle number one and you have to be able to maintain good posture without collapsing once your foot strikes the ground now let’s talk leg action so when you’re in the proper posture and give you an idea what proper posture is worth positive shin angle so let’s say this is your body relationships to the ground we’re talking 90 degrees correct your body needs to be in this position right here a straight line with proximately 45 degrees and relation to the ground that one a that will enable you to create a positive sin angle I’ll show you a positive shit angle later all right so this is your body’s in that position right so you’ll notice your torso let’s call this your torso in alignment just call this your pelvis is in alignment and your legs are back here right now when you’re when your body’s in that position your legs are moving in a piston like fashion pushing the ground away and propelling you forward alright so that’s the proper leg action that we need now my travel ball is amount of trouble ball parents now here’s the problem many of the travel ball is out there can’t produce this posture that I described earlier they have trouble producing it and when you do produce it you collapse when you contact the ground so I have four drills I’m gonna help you out with that all right so let’s dive into these drills you have your four exercises that help you get into the proper posture and the proper leg Ison tell your body folks all right let’s go rain falling go that’s for me that’s the grandfather of all posture girls now what I like to tell guys to do find something to look at straight ahead maintain that good posture and let your body fall into the right position when you hit that ground you can’t round over you can’t collapse you got to stay strong to main that up maintain that ability with generating force and propel yourself full dancehall look forward lean and fall there’s one now we got the half kneeling start that’s one of my favorites because you’re already down low and if you one thing you can’t do you can’t stand down the way you started you’re on that one knee you’re already in the angle right so you doing stay low drive off that back leg stay low maintain that good posture half kneeling star next you have some mountain climber start another good one for me because you’re already in that proper posture your legs up you’re creating positive shin ankle so all you have to do is drive off that drive leg maintain your posture than a riser so I either you’re to come up so keep that in mind and the last one jumpstart that’s just all about breaking inertia right you have to get some type of movement to get you going at the same time automatically keeps you in the right posture and it automatically it almost forces you into the right leg alright so there you are folks your for exercise all right first question of the day let me know what phase are sprinting you want to go over next we went over acceleration today what you have next is max velocity then you have the other two so pick one take one I don’t care which one we can do this one again I pick one we’ll go over that and the next speed drill so that’s all I have for today coach Ronny here you guys have a great rest of the week and Labor Day weekend I am one more thing folks first of all hope you enjoy that beautiful view behind us right there now if you want more information on speed strength training agility do me a favor click on the link in the description there and join our newsletter we got painted information there for you so again have a great holiday weekend oh is Ronnie Oh

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