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[Music] welcome to the Eagle Club I’m a Lars I’m the founder and co-owner of Eagle Club which is ten marks biggest indoor golf facility we have a two simulator boxes with Trackman radar we have six hitting base which fragment radar and we have 216 square meters of chip and putt with fairway chipping and Fort Greene chipping I came up with the idea last winter because I was missing my golf a lot and I have a huge passion and then I call a few of my friends is that should we do a small simulator or par together one thing led to another and suddenly we had the biggest indoor golf facility in Denmark finally the radar technology has come to the point where you can actually give our clients a outdoor experience but played indoor using the Trackman technology it’s as good as it gets there’s a reason why 80% of all pros Tour Pros day they use track man you have the right swing path you have the right distances I mean anything you would do outside you can do inside out track man keep on reinventing the USA experience also for indoor golf with their graphics systems with their radar technology with their customer service etc navigating between the three menus within the system is also extremely easy even go straight from training to practice to playing courses within 10 seconds local pros in the greater code making area they come and teach their clients at our facility they have two Trackman system and they have their independent Bay where they can stand with their client it’s an add-on for us because we get more clients in-house but it’s also a huge add-on for the average golfer who wants to take lessons from their local pro because they get a state-of-the-art training facility so it’s very very important for me to get the right measurement of phase to get the right carpet type for the simulator base I mean track man they’ve been holding my hand as much as I wanted them to so it’s been a great partnership with them so far they’ve helped me along I mean it’s to the benefit of both of us you

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  1. Two questions- I saw the club face impact feature, is that available already? And also, I saw a play and closest to the pin choice, is that through e6 or TrackMan software? These are things I don’t see available yet or eve at all.

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