Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 6, Elie

Excuse me. How do we get to Elie? Oh. Crack on! All right.
Greetings. You know me, Tron Carter. Been keeping a low profile this season
so far but I’m here to talk to you about Elie. We had some trouble figuring out how we wanted to showcase it. I could sit here for 20 minutes and talk about the
architectural merits of the place, the artful routing that kind of dances back
and forth from the coast, I could talk to you about their archaic rules that made
DJ look like a moron all day. That was spectacular. We decided the best way to showcase Elie and the experience of the course is just to just to show it to
you kind of raw, unadulterated format you know, really the wind was up, the banter
was up during the day during our round. So you’ll hear some wind throughout the
episode so we were all a little bit chippy. There was some shit talking going
on. I think DJ felt slighted by the club’s rules with the
socks. You know, DJ and Randy had skipped the morning’s festivities at Crail, and
their low energy stupor was kind of replaced by by some chippy, high energy,
you know, “hey, I’m gonna beat the shit out you guys today.” So that was that was a
nice surprise. We all went in with relatively little to no expectations, we
just kind of showed up and didn’t know what to expect and sometimes that makes
for the best sort of day. How was Crail? It was really good. It was like,
I thought it was harder than the Old Course. Secretary was great, just a great morning…Great. Hello. It’s the boys! How are ya? Cheers! How’s the day? Oh, so good. Lovely. Guys, it’s cool, we actually don’t need the periscope. I have a pretty good look over there. Yeah, Randy can see it. Oh yeah, we can see. Ummmm, dude get the red ones I think yellow’s gonna look best with my green shirt. Outlaw D.J. Thank you. Sorry about that. Up to the knees, eh? Or just below the knees? SICK! This is going to be awesome! Is the company picking up the socks? No, we’re gonna carve that out. We’ll dock that from D.J. It is believed that the Golf House Club, Elie is the only club in the world to have such an interesting and useful aid to the starter. Let’s go play all the rest of the courses and find out. Are we free to play? Oh yeah…yeah, all clear. Deej, what’s going on here? Yeah, I was made aware of one of the local rules
here that no socks below the knee…so they kindly provided some for me. Did you get to pick what color? I did, yeah. Well it was kinda either this or bright red or bright blue. I thought maybe there’d be kind of like a I don’t know just a bit of like a
like a low-key Packers kind of thing going, yeah, you know, quite comfortable. Do you think this is like a public shaming? Well, I don’t know what it is. How’s it
look? MAGNIFICENT! I am happy they were able to have
us so I’ll play by their rules. That’s ok. I will say, uh, I would be lying if I didn’t think this was going to affect my opinion of the golf course. Let’s uh, let’s go launch em. Let’s unveil him. Most ridiculous man in the world. How do you feel? Not right now, guys, thanks. He looks like one of the Fanatics. There is a ton of golf in Fife. Elie is about twenty-five minutes down the road from St. Andrews. I think if you go to Fife and skip Elie I firmly believe you’re doing it wrong. Obviously you’ve got Crail, Kingsbarns, Lundin Links, Leven Links–quite a few courses around St. Andrews but I think
Elie is your quintessential Scottish links experience. It’s got quirk, it’s got
exceptional conditioning. But it’s got it all and then you’re playing in
and out of the town as well which is cool. You’re not going off the wall? I might have to. You won’t. Boooo! Hiss! I mean, that’s a decent shot but that’s not what the kids wanted to see. Keep it rolling then. Not as exciting now, won’t matter.Yeah, that’s what we wanted!How are the socks treating you? Umm, I’m what, four over through three? Gotta be the socks. Not great… I’m having trouble getting blood to my brain. Mix a little alcohol, see how that works? Cheers! He looks like such an idiot. Richard Nixon! I’m not a crook for wearing short socks, guys. So… The atmosphere out at Elie that afternoon important to keep in mind it was the World Cup semifinal, England was playing, I believe, Croatia. and we were pretty much the only people on the course. We had the place to ourselves. It certainly felt like it. Ya gotta think your way around there, you
gotta land the ball short of the greens, especially in that middle
stretch of the course. And then from there you can really use the slopes.
You got to drive the ball well and you just gotta stay focused. I didn’t know it going in but there’s sixteen par-4s, two par-3s and no
par-5s which, any other course, I would be vehemently against that and think it
was boring but one of the themes of the day was variety, the place has–you don’t
feel like you’re playing sixteen par-4s. Its got just that crazy variety of
long par-4s, short par-4s… it was so firm and fast too that, you know,
definitely played shorter then the 6200 yards on the scorecard. Oh God, I crushed it.Oh, God. That’s like 40 yards over the green. I just putted into the heather. Tough, little place for his two-putt here…Good shot. Oh, it’s a stinger! Ah, I think that’s gonna be a beauty! At least your shins are protected from getting dirty. Randy wanted me to chip it. F*** you, Randy! It’s actually not that hard of a shot. Trundle! Good four. F*** you, D.J.! God, is he dialed right now! He’s done it! Ohhhh! This is literally gonna take like three days to fill… Big guy, how’d you hithow’d you hit that one? Looks great from here! I don’t know, looks like 5 feet? Cripes! That’ll be a very comfy birdie.Here’s Randy, for eagle, at the seventh… Was a bit of a tentative stroke. It was a pull. S*** Good bird! That’s such a bad stroke. What do ya think? I may have just validated my mental image. You know, I had missed it already, so… Cheers! SHORT! Down Here! IN THE HOLE! Oh, great shot!Oh my gosh, guys! What’s the play here? Hit and hope.God, that’s classy! Think the kid’s gonna be happy with that one. That was like when Johnny Miller says… “Hey Rog, like, he only gets this inside of ten feet like one out of every twenty attempts.” yeah, yeah—he pulls a number out of his a** Pretty good sound to hear.Guys, Randy might stroke out…That’s like…all you need…it’s disgusting. It’s hardwood out here. Five!Great round! Good round, sleeping on the lead, well played. Good round there, Randall Good round, guys! I just want to say, guys… the integrity of golf is preserved. There’s no need to be worried about that. Otherwise, a great golf course. Hell, of a golf course! We’ll look past the sock thing for now… There were a couple taverns in like these little streets that we went by can we go have a pint there, please? Yeah. This is the Anstruther Fish Bar Fish and chips. A bit of a chipper. A wee chippy. We’re gonna go to the wee chippy later.This looks delightful. This would be *lovely* Stableford update, after Day 4? I lost track of how many days. Three. Three. Four. Four! Tronald, 140 I’m on 120 Randy on 98 D.J. on 96 Moving day. You guys supposed to have that ice cream in the car? I’m not driving! I was more worried about the spillage. It’ll be dangerous Randy likes to live dangerously Only can take a pull from the whiskey when you make a birdie Guy who made birdie, we should kind of cheers and do a toast to the guy. I love your maroon vest today and that was a hell of an opening birdie! SICK! Soly, thanks for making me drink again, I feel like you’re hazing me with your scorecard. To Cruden! Enjoyed it, Tronald. Great outfit today by the way. This is literally gonna take like three days to fill. Whoa!…..Is this potable? Is that potable water down there? Oh god, it won’t turn off either…

63 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 6, Elie

  1. It kinda boggles my mind that you are producing stuff of this quality and have so few subs. Maybe the golfing demographic is just older and hasn't heard yet. NO! LAYING! UP!

  2. By far my favorite episode so far. Still had the history and the visuals of the layout of the course. But the amount of golf shots and the on course talk was very entertaining

  3. Next time you guys come to the UK, come and play the other end of the country, Cornwall. No such sock rules down this way, hell, we wear shorts all year round in the West Country!!

  4. 9:26: that's why I love links golf! What a shot "Champion Golfer of the Year" DJ!
    PS nice commercial at 11:50: I guess somebody has to pay for the trip 😉 I love the wedges; the irons are nice, I'm sure, but they look like shit, sorry.

  5. You boys need to check out the old head if kinsale Co. Cork on the southern tip of Ireland. I challenge you to find a more picturesque course with such good playability

  6. Would have been much better with just the footage. Don't need the cuts to explain what's happening. Not as good as last episodes.

  7. The series is dope you guys are doing a banger job, crack on
    Let’s get a NLU match play series going like a proper match every shot captured with on course banter etc

  8. As a member of Elie for over ten years I’m glad you guys showed the golf course for how great it is! Sorry about the long socks though, but rules are rules…

  9. Love the video guys, again. DJ is a lucky man, if they see him pulling his trolley across tees and greens, he will be arrested, tried, found guilty and hanged by the neck until dead, have his body drawn and quartered and his body scattered to the four corners of the earth. Not before time either you heathen ??????

  10. Played Elie in October of 2017 in the remnants of the first hurricane to hit Ireland in 50 years… Hit 2 iron 20 yards short from 195 on #3, then 6 iron 15 yards over from 260 on #7, variety was insane! Possibly the most enjoyable round of golf I've ever played. Great video highlighting an even better course!

  11. By far the worst video of the series so far, just didn’t have the same vibe as the others. I don’t know if it’s the intro or just the bland characters. The course looks great and visuals are awesome just not great production this time?

  12. So glad that you Guys got to play Elie, the 3 hole stretch along the shore is pure golfing Heaven! And you got to eat Fish & Chips in Anstruther, they must be the Best in Scotland!
    But you really should have had a post-round Pint in the Ship Inn, next to the beach in Elie. Its the only place in the world where in the summer you can drink whilst watching them play a Cricket match on the Beach!!

  13. That´s pure! Love the socks! But for @NLU, how can you use a push cart for a pencil bag? Thats even worse than laying up….. Cheers!


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