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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Santosh
has asked us a question and here it is. If I or my bat touches the table while playing
a shot is it a foul? And can I cross the table while playing a shot? So Santosh firstly, the only thing that isn’t
allowed to touch the table is your free hand. So I’m a left hander, I’m not allowed to put
my right hand on the table. Anything else, any other part of my body is allowed to touch
the table. My bat, my leg, my elbow, even my head. I don’t lose a point for touching
the table with anything apart from my free hand. However if you do move the table, so
if I come running in and I move the table like that then it’s a point against me. And the second part of your question was are
you allowed to move anywhere? Well yes you are. So I am allowed to move right around
here even past the net onto my opponents side of the table as long as I don’t interfere
with my opponent. So if I for example come up here and do that while my opponent’s playing
a shot, the umpires probably going to give the point to my opponent. So you are allowed
to move anywhere on the table as long as you don’t interfere with your opponent and sometimes
that is necessary because if the ball drops here with a lot of backspin sometimes it will
go back over to your opponents side you can come over here and hit it down.

15 thoughts on “Touching the Table | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Interesting. The guys I play with at work were initially the ones that brought up hitting the table with your bat costs you a point. What's the best way to tell them it's legal? 

  2. To be even more precise, is your free forearm allowed to touch the table? the wrist? what about the heel of the palm?

  3. I find out all of your information are very helpful for me and my friend…I would like to say THANK YOU FOR THOSE INFORMATION !!!

  4. Great videos! I often see pro players touch/wipe the table with their bare hand (near the net) after a point has been earned or lost. What's that all about? Superstition?

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