Topspin Against Topspin – Table Tennis

Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we are going to talk about Topspin against Topspin. The technique for Topspin against
Topspin is very similar to all our other forehand techniques. You are starting down finishing
up above your eye level. A couple of differences. Firstly because you tend to be a little bit
further back from the table you can have a longer swing at the ball. The second thing
is that because they have already put the topspin on the ball you don’t need to lift
the ball up. It is more a matter of getting the ball forward and generating some topspin
on the ball as well. You can see here Jeff starting a little bit
higher and coming more forward with his stroke. The angle of his bat is turned over again
to try and counter at the topspin that is already on the ball. So tactically what are you going to try and
do when you are doing Topspin to Topspin. I see lots and lots of people when they are
doing Topspin to Topspin just going fast fast. That is not the way to go. The idea is to
vary the amount of spin that you are putting on the ball and the speed. The other important
thing is trying to get the ball deep on the other end of the table. By getting the ball
deep, you are forcing your opponent away from the table. If you get it short and close to
the net they can come in and really attack at you. The other important tactic when you are playing
Topspin to Topspin is to try and change the direction. I see way too many people just
enjoying that topspin to topspin and going forehand to forehand. Change it into their
backhand corner sometimes try and make them play a backhand which often isn’t as strong
as their forehand. In the Topspin to Topspin rally you are trying
to gain an advantage by getting closer to the table. As soon as you see that ball drop
short near the net try and force your way in to make the more powerful stroke. If your
opponent forces you back away from the table your shots become a little bit less powerful
and you give your opponent just that little bit more time to make their Topspin stroke.
Try and push in and take the advantage away from your opponent.

51 thoughts on “Topspin Against Topspin – Table Tennis

  1. He clearly states: "a little bit above eye level".
    It also looks like the camera is rather low, so seen from the side, it may look like his Jeff's hand is going over his head, which is not really the case.

  2. Another excellent video! Your videos have always had great content, and their technical and artistic sophistication continues improving as well. ;o)

  3. Thanks, yes the bat is finishing just above the eye level. You can go higher if you want to get the ball higher and slower to vary the pace of the ball. This is often a good tactic if the other player is faster and stronger than you.

  4. I love your videos, they are really useful to me, like always. Go ahead!

    Wish someday I can have a game with you guys and learn something directly ^_^

  5. good video except i'm already pretty good at table tennis and i want to join tournaments in minnesota. How do you think i can get started in this.

  6. keep the racquet down and loosen the grip when blocking a topspin…this will ensure that the ball doesn't go higher as the opponent would expect it to…this can also be used to drop the ball short near the net so the opponent can left it for you to move closer to the table and smash it back at the opponent..i do this with agressive players and get them every time 🙂

  7. lol im one of those who just go all out forehand to forehand and loving the "who will stuff up 1st" this vid was great thanks guys!

  8. @machanmax041 I hope we can help out. Try asking this question on our website using the Ask the Coach section. That way we have more room to answer your question plus all your questions are stored for you to look back over whenever you want.

  9. @lolirockso I'm not sure exactly what you mean. But if you mean "lots of spin" when you say crazy spin, then yes it is the same but just more spin.

  10. @Jolasveininn If the ball hits the white line on top of the table it is counted as in and the opponent must return the ball or they lose the point.

  11. i play table tennis in the league, wembley and harrow. These videos helped me to play at the level i am now. So when i enter the olympics i will give you guys a personal mention in my speeck xD

  12. @nybombs That's perfectly normal. Topspin causes the ball to arc down suddenly and then skip forward lower.

  13. Yes, the topspin will cause the ball to jump up off your bat. That's why you can play a more horizontal stroke against it. You can also close the angle of your bat to counter the topspin.

  14. I have a question, sometimes its difficult for me to guess the topspin direction if it goes to my back hand… Is there some kind of technique to anticipate where the top spin would go from our opponent ? I usually have slow reaction when the ball doesn't go to my guess direction.. Could you give me some advice?

  15. As a j-penholder I need helping in reacting to the change in topspin direction since I want to use my forehand as much as possible. Any suggestions?

  16. I've been debating staying close to the table as a looper with a friend of mine. I argue that staying close has the most advantage – why do players back up from the table when looping? I would personally rather make a smaller stroke and stay close to the table.

  17. How can i prepare myself for a topspin against topspin shot i am used of blocking topspins shot which isnt working well for me tell me where can i position my self so that i can have a feeling of topspin against topspin shot

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