Top 5 Home Runs – Little League World Series 2015

Each year in August The little league world
series captivates much of the country and provides thousands of young kids the dream
of one day making it to Williamsport. With over 7,000 teams participating in the
tournament which begins each year in July, this is the world’s largest youth sports tournament
which ends at South Williamsport PA each year with 8 US teams and 8 International teams. Today we are counting down the top five home
runs of the 2015 little league world series from the US side. #5 … The first home run on our list makes
the cut not for the distance or the dramatic impact on the game, but rather for the quality
at bat which led to that home run. In the bottom of the 8th inning with Texas
down by one, Ben Gottfried comes to the plate with Jacob Baptista pitching for California. Baptista was throwing a lot of off speed pitches
and Gottfried was waiting for them. What happens in this at bat is that Gottfried
knows that Baptista has followed up an off speed pitch with another one several times
when pitching to other batters. Ben is now waiting for it and when it comes
he does not disappoint. Our #5 home run makes the cut for the hitters ability
to read the pitch, change his approach and time it up perfectly. #4 … The fourth home run on our list is
during the same game and just two batters later. Texas hitter Zach Mack gets walked and then
Caleb Low comes out to hit. The problem is, Caleb Low normally only gets
one at bat per game and as of this game hasn’t had a single hit yet during the LLWS. Tristan Schwehr should be coming out to hit
and he is one of their better hitters. Here’s how it went down … #4 makes the list for both the game changing
nature of the home run as well as the story behind it. #3…The third home run on our list comes
during the final championship game between Lewisberry, PA and Tokyo Japan. Dylan Rodenhaber comes to the plate. This will be his 9th time to the plate during
the LLWS and besides 3 walks, Dylan has yet to get a hit, but that is about to change. If you’re only going to get one hit while
in Williamsport, why not a Grand Slam during the championship game. #2…It’s been said, if you want to do something
amazing, make sure Jaymee Sire interviews your family. That certainly was the case for our #2 home
run on the list. While his mom and sister are being interviewed
Terrance Gist comes to the plate and hits one of the most memorable home runs in Little
League World Series history. So impressed are the commentators, that they
simply can’t move on. For the remainder of that inning and sporadically
for the rest of this game…and the series….they continue to reference “The hit that went
over the light tower. “ Before we get to our #1 home run, we have
one honorable mention. Alex Edmondson only saw three games during
the LLWS in 2015, but is arguably the most talented player at the games. He threw a no hitter in the Southeast championship
game only to follow that up with another no hitter in his first game at Williamsport. And his hitting? Effortless is the word that comes to mind. And now finally, the #1 home run of the 2015
Little League World Series comes at the hands of Cole Wagner of Lewisberry PA. This is the home run that has been most viewed
by Americans…but not so much because of the grand slam, but because of the reaction of the pitcher. Cole Wagner earns the #1 spot for hitting
a grand slam, hitting one of the furthest home runs, if not the furthest, of the year,
for being the player with the most home runs for the US side…4 in all, AND for impressing
the opposing team’s pitcher into the reaction that was seen around the world.

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Home Runs – Little League World Series 2015

  1. Nice video I like how you have reasons why they are on you're list instead of just saying there name or something

  2. Cole Wagner, it was great to hear you speak to the students at UAM today. You have a wonderful message. Your character shines through. Mr. B said it was your 1st time presenting such a speaking engagement but I could not tell. You were posed and did a great job. I don't even like sports but I am even impressed with your skill but more importantly with your character.

  3. The little league World Series is over rated I play in USSSA baseball and I’m the same age as these 13 year olds and I play on 300 foot+ fences on a 55 foot mound on 80 foot bases compared to there 220 foot fences 60 foot bases and 45 foot mounds and pitching that is WAY harder. We can also lead off.

  4. I think a lot of people complaining don't realize that not every kid in the LLWS is 13, or has hit puberty yet. Most of the kids in the tournament, both US and world, are pretty small. These are all kids that, at their oldest turn 13 that year, but some have late birthdays. Some are late bloomers. Some areas don't have mid leagues between LL and Hot Stove. LL is what it is, and some kids are just big. I do think, though, the bats were stupid and needed to go. And that's where so many easy homeruns were coming from. The new bats, at least in my boys' league, made a tremendous impact on the number of homeruns, and balls playable to an out. I think this year's LLWS could be very interesting, as from what I saw just watching my boys, kids that were hitting bombs last year were losing 25 ft at least coming back this year.

  5. These kids arnt really that good. Some of them r really good but it is really rare to find anyone somewhat decent in the little league World Series

  6. All of these dingers were by American players. What's up with that?

    In 2015 Tokyo-Kitasuna won the title and their players hit a bunch of hime runs. Why did you exclude the chmpion team from this list of memorable homers?

  7. I hate how at the end the commentator said that the pitchers response was the right attitude. I think being pissed and disappointed would be the right attitude in response to failure. Like dude, you're in a big tournament. I'd be annoyed to see that reaction if I was on his team.

  8. Those yellow “Southeast” (South Carolina) jerseys are the ugliest shirts I’ve seen ! I thought that kid had dreadlocks at first !

  9. The little league World Series is for kids that have parents that spend a butt load of money on a bunch of crap so they can look good

  10. One time I hit a dinger like 250 over a 20 foot light tower, from a batter’s point of view (me) it looked like a fly ball that never dropped until it went over the pole.

  11. 8:26 It's amazing that a barely 13 year old kid can hit a home run off a 78 mph fastball at 45 ft. It just goes to show the level of skill of these kids.

  12. Can we talk about how they all wear helmets to congratulate a HR. And why do they treat every HR like it's a walk off. I get that they are kids having a good time. But just seems odd.

  13. Damn right Terence crushed that ball but can we applaud #9 the pitcher for the sportsman ship at 6:37. We need more people playing the sport like this


  14. How old are they, I mean I play in a small league in Canada and I could hit a homerun on each freaking pitch and I’m 14

  15. That’s right, Pennsylvania may be an slightly plain state; but the baseball players here I’ve played with or have not played with are all not just 5 tool players but unique in one aspect whether it’s hitting, or fielding

  16. Much respect for that Rhode Island pitcher at 6:40. It's not easy to shake the hand of a player who just put your pitch into orbit.

  17. hits a game tying home run in the 8th inning
    “The first home run didn’t make the list for its impact on the game”

  18. I wish they still let thirteen year olds play and had the good bats so we could still see bombs and not balls barely going,over when you square it up

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