[Music] so you like to dribble huh me too but what is actually the best football boot out there for dribbling well that’s what we’re gonna take a closer look at today which is before we get started no none of the boots on the list or any football boot for that matter will turn you into a dribbling King like Messi or in general made you a better footballer it’s all about what you can do but with that said what I’m looking at for today’s list is how elegant is nimble and on your toes the boots make you feel combined with the closeness and the grip you get on the ball and with that in mind let’s kick it off with Mambu number five and that is the Puma future 18.1 net fit which as you may know I’m a big big fan of because it just does everything so flippin well the upper is thin you got a nice low toe box here and really tight fit all around your foot and that means that you get a pretty solid combination of a nice and sharp touch and a good amount of grip because of the extra texture that you get from the net fit technology on the top box here so while it might not look or feel like your traditional ballet shoe it actually feels pretty good when you run with the ball at your feet and forth I brought the Mizuno moralia neo2 made in Japan which not only weighs for a leather boot and impressively low 185 grams it also gives you a really sleek tight and low-profile fit combined with that lovely padded nice and soft touch from kangaroo leather and it’s not just any kangaroo leather it’s the most premium SuperDuper high level kangaroo leather you can get your hands on so not only are you gonna feel well comfortable you’re gonna feel light on your feet but you’re also gonna get that lovely dampen touch combined with the port being very close to your foot so you feel in full control at all times seriously guys this board is so so underrated and in my opinion I must try if you love to feel nimble and connect it to the ball when you dribble number three is another criminally underrated and armored magnetic oh and seriously if you love yourself that razorblade bad for light-touch well this is in truth the one and only rule for you because it doesn’t get much more fair for like than this because the magnetic okay is built with what I think has to be the thinnest upper I’ve ever seen on a mass-produced football board but also it’s actually built to stretch perfectly to match the shape of your food I mean I’ll believe that just looking at this of course being stepped on it’s gonna hurt like but that’s also kind of good because it forces you into truly beating your man and just go well around him so he can’t catch you and kick you down but honestly this dribbling for everything it’s just quality underrated in second place I ended up with adidas nemesis 17.1 that gives you that anything tiptoeing sensation combined with a crisp touch and still loads of texture and grip on the ball and especially if you go for the Messi versions you get not only the agility need 1.0 instead of the agility need to point only on the toe box which for me has a bit more of a rounded grip on the touch side you also get the gambit tracks all played and the whole lot combines into a very responsive food that feels really balanced and more importantly very natural to dribble with solid now when it comes to honorable mentions I kind of almost feel bad not including one of my personal favorites the adidas X 17 plus and I like them for more or less everything but when it comes to pure dribbling I feel that they’re not quite up there with the other five boots on the list despite them being very very good now also special shout-out goes out to the hypervenom phantom threes because of their really low top box and lovely texture sensation on the pole and finally the unroll velociter threes for their super sharp touch but when it comes down to it they’re not as good as a number one first place though is it’s a shared one I cheated a little bit because since the vapor 12 elite is technically the same as the Superfly 6 elite in the air when you touch the ball the most when you dribble I really had a hard time deciding between the two so I brought them both from first place but it’s tight it’s really close to the foot you get a very grippy textured sensation because of the speed whips and most importantly it gives you the feeling of being able to manipulate the ball very sharply and precisely in extremely small spaces and that close sensation and really close feeling on the ball it’s something that for me is completely unrivaled so when it comes to pure dribbling for me this became of course guys this was my personal take on what the five oh there’s six best boots for pure dribbling are and of course your opinion might differ and there are also a lot of other factors that come into play when you need to find your own boots for playing football because playing football is so much more than just dribbling and in the end it comes down to the fee for once again let me reiterate no football boot will make you a better dribbler they can feel really nice to triple in but it’s not gonna make you dribble and it better be good but with that said guys which of these boots do you think is the best on the market when it comes to tripling you should let me know in the comment section right down below and if you want more pro pool tips you can go and subscribe to our Channel and turn on the notifications by clicking the green bubble right up there when you’re done with that you potentially want to watch more videos go check out what I think are the five best boots when it comes to shooting right down here well that’s it guys I’ll see you next time I’m signing off

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