TOP 4 Amazing Football Skills To Learn – Tutorial

1. Rolle den Ball vorwärts
2. Stoppe ihn mit dem linken Fuß, während du mit dem rechten Fuß übersteigst 3. Führe den “HocusPocus” mit dem rechten Fuß aus 1. Startposition: seitlich zum Gegner
2. Passe den Ball mit der linken Hacke nach hinten 3. Warte kurz (um deinen Gegner zu verwirren)
4. Schieb den Ball mit der rechten Sohle nach vorne 1. Spiele den Ronaldo Chop (rechter Fuß)
2. Schieb den Ball mit der Außenseite des rechten Fußes gegen die Außenseite des linken Fußes 1. Lass den Ball hinter beide Füße rollen
2. Vollführe den McGeady Dreher: Passe den Ball mit dem rechten Fuß hinter den linken Fuß. Schieb ihn dann mit der Außenseite des rechten Fußes wieder nach vorne.

100 thoughts on “TOP 4 Amazing Football Skills To Learn – Tutorial

  1. These vids are awuful imo. The lack of effort from the "defender" in these tutorials is ridiculous. None of these movs would work in a game with defenders who know wtf they're doing.

  2. Hello everyone, do you wanna see a trick?
    Ok, so look at this:
    59995555555559995 59995
    59995555555559995 59995
    59999999999999995 55555
    59999999999999995 59995
    59995555555559995 59995
    59995555555559995 59995

    Now press CTRL+ F
    And then press 9

  3. hello team fkI'm a big fans of your channel and i watch almost all your videos .I'm from Morocco and i play football with a club (in the 5 division)and i haven't money to buy a football boot plz if you can send afootball boot for me and help me please. I don't speak english goodbut i think you know what i mean pllz konzithanks and you are the best

  4. Hey everyone, I hope your all feeling great! We invite you to our channel if you want to see great Football SKILLS! And other stuff…

  5. The Chip Flip Flap is the one to most likely work in game.Just do it without the Ronaldo shop it's better that way.I always do it

  6. Are u serious??? I have seen a lot of your tutorials and they are bullshit. I play for my local team so I know what in saying. Let me ask you.
    Do you think that we can learn this skills and even if we do… u really think the defener will stay like that and not move??

  7. der erste Trick wird bei einem guten Verteidiger niemals klappen .. bin ich mir ziemlich sicher. Und wenn man Kreisliga oder ähnliches spielt werden dir nach dem ersten Versuch sowieso die Beine kaputt getreten.

  8. How come its allways the white people who the good ones? how come spanish people aint dat good im spanish and i aint dat good but i could run and dribble but not do this skills

  9. For fuck sakes why is there so much negativity in the comments how about if you practice enough times maybe you could actually use the skill in a game?!? And to those that "actually play" maybe your feet are not fast enough that's why the ball would be taken away ..if you practice enough add a little of your own flair the moves would come out great sure not 100% but come on its football the best part of it is because it gets better whit every decade of new kids trying things in the streets

  10. tru but it wont work in a match if ur that slow u have be quick i know because im in a club and i have 37 goals thx to these tricks i learn for a wille

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