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Welcome to Today, we present top 3 android cricket games Game 1 – World Cricket Championship If desired, Practice various shots in practive mode Play 5 over match in quick play, play tournament PLay MIssions, compete in Gangs of missions Select your favorite team and opponent team Select the Jersey with customized pattern, clour While batting select striker and non-striker batsman Play the toss. Different swipe will allow to play different cricket shots like helicopter shot, long drive, straight drive etc. To Play shots, enable “LOFT” option To Run, tap on Run and to cancel the Run, tap on cancel the Run To bowl, you can select spinner of fast bowler For spin, set the speed of the ball, amount of the spin and place to bounce If not satisfied with defgault field set up, set field manually For fast bowling, set the speed, select the swing direction and place to bounce World Cricket Championship resembles real cricket Game 2 – Real Cricket 16 Select the level of the play as easy, medium, hard or hadcore While bating, select the direction to play Type of the shot to play from the three options To run between wickets, opt to run To bowl, set the point on the pitch to bounce from the wheel Then speed and click ok Real Cricket 16 is commendable game but requires improvement Game 3 – Stick Cricket : Hit out or Get out To bat off side, tap on right button To bat on off side, use left button Stickman will be more liked by batsman

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