100 thoughts on “Top 20 Embarrassing Moments In Football ● WTF Moments

  1. Most embarassing moment in 2018 World cup is neymar on ground for a total of 14 mins on ground this 2018 World cup most players in World cup werent even in World cup for 14 mins smh

  2. For thé last one, I juste want to say that it's really hard to fond where's the hole for the head on those shit.

  3. Wtf at 2:45 that girl was being racist and disrespectful to a professional i think she should have been fired after such an act, and people who don't respect others don't deserve to be a part of football at least , this is the beautiful game and we shouldn't let anyone ruin it by being discriminative

  4. I feel bad for Benatia, but as he is a Muslim he deserves it. They act like some kind of special humans when they see hot or half-naked girls

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