100 thoughts on “Top 15 The Best Women’s Volleyball Spikers In The World

  1. Kimberry Hill? Tom Logan? Jorden Larson? Excuse me? They must be the worst player amongst those spikers.

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  3. for me its zhu ting shes a legend in 2016 rio olympic , the only problem that i can see in chinise team is their floor defense but in terms of blockings and spiking ugh they are all monsters specially Zhu many of her spikes are over the blocker

  4. Ese video no sirve, las cubanas han sido las mejores atacadores de la historia y no las veo ahí. Mireya, Regla Torres, Regla Bell, Magalys Carvajal, Yumilka Ruiz, Ana Ibis Fernández, Zoila Barros, Nancy Carrillo y Rosir Calderon. Después de ellas, todas las demás, era fortaleza combinada con técnica y espectacularidad.

  5. N entendí essa lista… Meio confusa… Não entendi os parâmetros…pq da data Ki o vídeo foi postado muitas dessas jogadoras estavam paradas, não fazem mais parte das melhores da atualidade. Se é um vídeo das melhores do mundo de todos os tempos, faltou muita gnt tbm. Intao, pareceu meio sem critérios.

  6. Stupid list and uploader. Do your research. The Legendary Mireya Luis should be on the top. Look for her videos dumbass

  7. Mireya Luis together with the Cuban national team dominated women's volleyball since 1985-2002 be it Summer Olympics, World Cup, World championship or grand prix and yet they are not included in your list/s.. The only country who WON gold medal 3 consecutive Olympics 92,96 and 2000 and then bronze in 2004. The only country who won 4 consecutive World cup 89,91,95 and 99 not included 85 silver, China won the gold. World championship 90,94 same team.No other country or players which is on the same team can top that. No other players who won so many medals and trophies as much as Mireya Luis and Regla Mckenzie Bell aside from the fact that they are in the hall of fame. Not even the best of the best of CHINA, BRASIL, JAPAN, PERU, USA or RUSSIA or whatever her former name was can beat CUBA. The FACT that they're not even honourable mention is a big joke… Like seriously???!!

  8. i think zhu ting will be having a hard time playing with gamova lol. gamova can reach zhu ting in any way hahaha

  9. Zhu Tíng

    2012 Asian Junior Championship "Most Valuable Player"
    2012 Asian Junior Championship "Best Scorer"
    2012 Asian Junior Championship "Best Spiker"
    2013 FIVB Junior World Championship "Most Valuable Player"
    2013 FIVB Junior World Championship "Best Outside Hitter"
    2013 Montreux Volley Masters "Best Scorer"
    2013 FIVB World Grand Prix "Best Outside Spiker"
    2013 Asian Volleyball Championship "Best Spiker"
    2014 FIVB World Championship "Best Scorer"
    2014 FIVB World Championship "Best Outside Spiker"
    2015 Asian Championship "Most Valuable Player"
    2015 Asian Championship "Best Outside Spiker"
    2015 FIVB World Cup "Most Valuable Player"
    2016 Olympic Games "Best Outside Spiker"
    2016 Olympic Games "Most Valuable Player"
    2016 FIVB Club World Championship "Best Outside Spiker"
    2016–17 Turkish League Regular Season "Best Outside Spiker"
    2016–17 CEV Champions League "Most Valuable Player"
    2017 FIVB Club World Championship "Best Outside Spiker"
    2017 FIVB Club World Championship "Most Valuable Player"
    2017 FIVB World Grand Prix "Best Outside Spiker"
    2017 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup "Best Outside Spiker"
    2017 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup "Most Valuable Player"
    2017–18 Turkish Cup "Most Valuable Player"
    2017–18 Turkish Volleyball League "Most Valuable Player"
    2017–18 CEV Champions League "Best Outside Spikers"
    2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League "Best Outside Spiker"
    2018 FIVB World Championship "Best Outside Spiker"
    2018 FIVB Club World Championship "Best Outside Spiker"
    2018 FIVB Club World Championship "Most Valuable Player"
    2018–19 Turkish Volleyball League "Most Valuable Player"

  10. For me its, Mireya Luis, Zhu Ting, KYK, Egonu and Barros… Luis for her admirable and excellent high jumping that she could drop powerfully the ball vertically in the first row, Zhu for her power to attack, KYK for her talented and rational spike where she would exactly know where to drop the ball (thanks for her hangtime skill when on air), Egonu, well everybody knows how powerfull her attacks are. those muscles are built for it. and lastly, Barros… a not so tall volleyball player but her attacks are deadly and powerfull.like Luis, she can make those feet fly so high.. .. …. i love them all.

  11. 2000-2020

    My Ranking:
    1. China – Zhu Ting
    2. Serbia – Boskovic
    3. Russia – Gamova
    4. USA – Hooker
    5. Italy – Egonu
    6. Korea – Yeon Koung
    7. Brazil – Castro
    8. Netherland – Sloetjes
    9. Poland – Smarzek
    10. Japan – Kimura
    11. Thailand – Nootsara
    12. Dominican – Castillo
    13. Turkey – Neslihan
    14. Azerbaijan – Rahimova
    15. Bulgaria – Vasileva

    My Favorite player:
    Tatiana Kosheleva

  12. Gente… ki vidreo sem lógica. Faltou tanta jogadora melhor do que muitas da lista. Mari, Paula, tandara, Ana Mozer, Márcia tu, sokolova, artamonova, godina, mireya Luís, flier, egonu, piccinini, skowronska, e por ai vai

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