Top 10 Toughest Single Game Accomplishments in Sports

Don’t expect to see any of these
remarkable feats achieved very often. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks, for the top 10 individual accomplishments in sports. For this list, will be taking a look at the toughest
accomplishments an athlete can achieve, in a single game or match. That means records that occur over
the course of a season or a career, like winning the Triple Crown or hitting 500 homeruns, don’t count. Scoring a hole in one, otherwise known as an “ace”, is no easy task even for seasoned pros, as it requires an incredible
amount of strength and precision, not to mention, a whole lot of luck. In order to achieve a hole in one, a golfer must hit the ball from the tee, and have it land in the cup with a single stroke. Depending on the size of the course, the difficulty varies. As most holes in one are achieved on par 3 courses; aces on par 4 courses are extremely rare, and Andrew Magee is the only professional golfer, to officially achieve such a feat on the PGA Tour, during the 2001 Phoenix Open. Playing goaltender in hockey, or goalkeeper in football is hard enough, but to score a goal as a goalie or keeper, is on a WHOLE other level. In hockey, goalies tend to score when the
opposing team has an empty net, giving the goalie an opportunity to
sling shot the puck the length of the ice, and into the abandoned net. In NHL history, a goalie has only scored 14 times, in football, it’s even more rare, as a much greater distance separates the nets. In the English Premier League, keepers have only managed to score 4 times, and only once has it happened in the MLS. What’s more, a keeper has never scored
in the history of the World Cup. Many experts believed, that running a mile in four minutes
was beyond what the human body was capable of. Englishmen Roger Bannister disproved that theory, by running a mile in 3:59.4
(3 minutes 59.4 seconds) in 1954. Since then, many male athletes have been
able to run the mile in under four minutes, and it’s now considered the standard for professionals. Currently, Morocco’s Hicham El Guerrouj, who ran the mile in 3:43.13
(3 minutes 43.13 seconds) holds the record. However, no woman has yet been able to run a four-minute mile, with the fastest time ever being 4:12.56
(4 minutes 12.56 seconds), by Russia’s Svetlana Masterkova in 1996. But as was the case for male sprinters, it’s only a matter of time. While scoring three goals
in a hockey game is no easy task, scoring a hat trick in football is even more difficult, and happens much less often. A “hat trick” is the term referring to a
player scoring three goals in one game, a team that manages to
score three goals in football game, is already pretty impressive, so one player netting three goals, is downright incredible. To give you an idea of how rare this is, in the last five Men’s World Cups, there have been 318 matches, but only six hat tricks. Quarterbacks who managed
to throw for 500 yards in a game, deserve high praise, but we decided a running back rushing for 250 yards, is even more impressive. As they have to run, each and every one of those yards themselves, most of the time while fending off giant defenders. Only 12 running backs have achieved this feat, with OJ Simpson holding the record, as the only player to rush for
250 yards twice in his career. He ran for exactly 250 yards in 1973, and then for 273 yards in 1976. A lot of bizarre things can happen in a baseball game, but perhaps no play is
more bizarre than the unassisted triple play. The “unassisted triple play” is when
one player makes all three outs in one play, while most of the other entries on our list, require incredible athleticism and skill, this one is more about being
at the right place at the right time. It’s only happened 15 times
in Major League Baseball history, and every time it’s happened the same way. The fielder catches a line drive, touches second base and then tags
runner heading from first to second. The last player to make an unassisted triple play, was Eric Bruntlett of the
Philadelphia Phillies back in 2009, and it was a sight to see. A “quadruple double” is achieved, when a player accumulates a double-digit number total, in four of five statistical categories: Points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals, basically the player has
to dominate every phase of the game. A quadruple double wasn’t even
achievable in the NBA until 1974, when the league started recording blocks and steals. Since then, only four players in the NBA have
been able to achieve a quadruple double, the most recent, being David Robinson for the
San Antonio Spurs back in 1994. In college basketball, it’s even harder to achieve, as games are eight minutes shorter. The only player in men’s college
basketball history to record a quadruple double, was… Lester Hudson from
Tennessee-Martin back in 2007. A score of 10.00 was the highest score
possible for a gymnastic performance. For years, many fans of the sport
thought the score was unattainable, that all changed during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, when Romanian gymnast Nadia Comăneci, scored the first ever
perfect 10 during the uneven bars event. However, she didn’t just get one perfect 10, over the course of the 1976 Olympic Games, she scored a 10 in seven events, after Comăneci’s amazing run, gymnast receiving 10’s became way more common. In 2006, presumably to keep things interesting, the International Gymnastics Federation, replaced the old scoring system, with the new and more complicated one, where the maximum score varied in each event. No one else embodies an accomplishment, quite like Wilt Chamberlain
embodies the 100-point game. In 1962, while playing for the Philadelphia
Warriors against the New York Knicks, Wilt Chamberlain became the first and only person
in NBA history to score 100 points, in a single game. Even more impressive, he did this without making any
3-pointers, which didn’t exist at the time. The closest anyone’s come to scoring triple digits
in an NBA game since was Kobe Bryant, who scored
81 points in a game back in 2006. A handful of players have been able to achieve
this astounding feat at the collegiate level, but it remains to be seen, if anyone in the NBA, will ever match Chamberlain’s unforgettable game. Before we get to our top pick, here are some honorable mentions. There has been 200,000 games
played in Major League Baseball history, but, only 23 times has a pitcher ever
pitched the elusive perfect game. A “perfect game”, is when a pitcher prevents hitters
from getting on base for the entire game. Not only does the pitcher need
to be having the game of his life, but his teammates also need to be just as sharp, in order to get the 27 consecutive outs needed. There has been a strange
boost in perfect games of late, with six of them having come in the past 7 years, but, that doesn’t take away
from how amazing accomplishment, the perfect game truly is. Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the greatest
individual accomplishment in sports? For more impressive Top 10’s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Toughest Single Game Accomplishments in Sports

  1. yeah where the hell is scoring Hockey's 5 goals in all 5 different ways?
    Also "A perfect game is when the pitcher prevents hitters from getting on base the entire game" It also includes not letting the opposing team hit the ball at all.

  2. Triple XXX's only 1 time has someone scored 5 different times in hockey… go look it up .. it will never be broken…. 12-31-1988.

  3. Hatricks happen all the time they are not rare at all. Stop putting out crap info on sports you know nothing about. Also 12sec is a lot in athletics especially professional athletics. So dont count on women breaking the 4 min mile for years. And the men are much further in front and will never be caught!
    A rare hatrick is a left foot goal a right foot goal and a header.
    A 147 in snooker is rare 9 dart finish is rare in darts.
    The most impressive feat in my opinion is to circumnavigate the globe on your own in a sailing boat! It's rough it's scary it's lonely but above all it's dangerous!
    This site really needs to check its facts before it talks about stuff it obviously knows nothing about!

  4. Fun fact : in Montreal, in '76, the gymnastics points display didn't allow a perfect 10 since it was believed to be impossible. Nadia's score was displayed as "1.00".

  5. How about a 300 game, which is 12 consecutive strikes, in bowling? How about a 900 series in Bowling? That is 3 perfect games in a row (most competitions and competitive leagues use a 3 game format except for televised finals which are single elimination based on ranking at the end of the final round). It is very rare as well.

  6. One person has only scored 100 points in an nba game. So how is a perfect game harder if almost 20 more people have done it

  7. Before I got watching this video, I thought of Darryl Sittler’s 10 point game in February, 1976 — that hasn’t happened since.

  8. where is the Quintuple-double? players have come close but no one has scored a 10+ in all 5 categories in basketball.

  9. I'm thinking that scoring six goals and four assists in one hockey game is worthy of a mention at least.

  10. This list should have had a perfect hat trick rather than just a regular hat trick. A perfect hat trick for the people that don’t know what a perfect hat trick is when a player scores with his left foot right foot and a header

  11. I've got one to add to the list, though its not a game, but rather a race.
    Lead every single lap of a race, my example being a Nascar race at New Hampshire Motorspeedway back in 2000. Jeff Burton managed to lead every single lap of the race, including under caution and after pit stops. Its honestly a perfect storm of events that led to this, but its still really rare and has not happened since.
    It has happened only two other times in the modern era, both by Cale Yarborough in 1973 and 78. What makes it difficult besides having to hold off your competition for the entire race and winning it, is the fact that pit stops are needed and will cost time. And that means every time the field comes in for pit stops, your pit stop has to be faster than literally everyone else's which can be difficult, especially if someone just comes in for two tires or even just fuel. Not to mention the fact that these races are hundreds of laps so there are limitless chances for something to happen and screw you up. And using the example I listed, New Hampshire is only a little over a mile in total length which means that is is a pretty small track. That also means that available space becomes very limited, especially once the at the time 43 car field spreads out across that mile.

    Honestly, short of special circumstances, I doubt it will ever happen again in Nascar.

  12. Care to notice, if you will, that a hat trick was a term used by a Toronto hatmaker when he would give a free hat to any player who scored three goals in a hockey game

  13. I feel like it should have been a perfect hat trick (score with left foot, right foot and head) instead of just a hat trick

  14. This list is a disaster. LeMieux's 5 different goals is by far more impressive since he's the only one ever to do it. And 20 k's in a game & 4 strike outs in an inning is far more rare.

  15. I’d replace the football hat trick, not an uncommon event by scoring five in a game. It has happened in the World Cup, and Lewandowski made it in only nine minutes, but it is incredibly rare in professional games.

  16. Why do you keep comparing hockey with soccer. They are not similar games aside from having to score in a net.

  17. Mario Lemieux, obviously every other hockey fan has explained it. But what about something even simpler, the Gordie Howe hat trick? Not even an honorable mention

  18. The woman will get the 4 min mile very soon. There’s this dude who says he’s a woman and is allowed to compete against woman now. True story

  19. How a perfect game in baseball can be tougher than a 100pts baseketball game? It happened only one time!!! Also, many pitchers came close to a perfect game, but a 50pts baseketball game is an accomplishment.

  20. Not sure if it is a single game accomplishment but Eddie Hall's 500kg deadlift is unmatched. As in no one else has come close. He is the only person on a planet of 7 billion llus people to ever achieve this feat. That is pretty incredible

  21. 5 goals 5 different ways, single game. Super Mario Lemmmmmieux. Achieved only once…….. ONCE!!
    What a Bogus list , WOW.💪😳…….😎🤙

  22. Red Berenson
    6 goals in one NHL GAME.
    Only ONE person has EVER done that.
    Seem like that would be tougher than something SEVERAL players have done!
    Don’t gloss over it just because you don’t have video!

  23. even harder to score a goal as a goalie in floorball than hockey and soccer. its basically the same thing as scoring as a hockey goalie except you have to make the ball bounce once before the halfway line + bounce on an opposing teams player and then into the goal but it still happens sometimes. i realise that floorball is not a very well known sport but still

  24. I’m just saying a hat trick in cricket or a perfect over in cricket is harder than a hat trick in football

  25. Clearly this list sucks, not only is it US biased, which all watchmojo sports videos are, also they mentioned bowler scoring hattrick in cricket, but scoring a double century in limited over cricket is much more difficult and definitely deserved a spot on this list.

  26. Shutouts in hockey is actually harder to accomplish than a perfect game in baseball if you think about it there are a lot more ways to score in hockey then there is ways of getting on a base catching a ball and getting someone out for all 27 outs isn’t easy but it’s easier then stopping every puck shot at you for 60 minutes while dealing with other things like screens tips and nasty rebounds

  27. You should’ve done a lacrosse goalie going coast to coast which is The goalie going from his goal and scoring which is nearly impossible because his stick is not meant for shooting

  28. Two cricket achievements statistically tougher than any of these except maybe the 100 point basketball game…bowler taking all ten wickets in a single innings and batsman hitting six consecutive sixes in a single over. The first has only been done twice in the game's history and the second has only happened thrice.

  29. No way 100 point game is 2nd. The fact thag only one person has ever done it should be enough to make it number 1

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