12 thoughts on “Top 10 Table Tennis Points in 2016

  1. The year of 2016 is such a special year in table tennis. With many legends retirement (Jan-Ove Waldner, Jean-Michel Saive, Sayaka Hirano, Li Xiaoxia). With Fan Zhendong the youngest ever of Men's World Cup Champion. With Ma Long won his 5th World Tour Grand Finals. With Tomokazu Harimoto the youngest champion in the history. China team continue to dominate with the 20th consecutive championship.

    However, the level gap between China and the rest of the world is now much closer. Let's see what will happen in 2017.

    I made the compilation of the best shots of table tennis 2016. I want to transfer this message to everybody:

    "Table tennis is such a beautiful sport. Table tennis is love & heals the world"

  2. why does Zhang jike use carbon blade and still have very good feeling even though you said that it decreases the feeling of ball

  3. disagree with your top, you missed so much shot which was clearly better i think. I mean Apolonia and Mizutani, Mizutani and Ma Long,Pitchford and Simon or Oshima vs Sam deserved to be in this top

  4. EmRatThich,
    Been a regular watcher of your videos. You are doing a great job for people, who are willing to learn anything for this lovely sport. Amazing compilation! It takes a moment to credit the sources and you did just that. Kudos and keep up the good work in 2017. Eager to watch and learn more!

  5. what do u guys think about DHS PF4 rubber as first chinese rubber? i want something quite cheap and good to train and play with

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