Top 10 Hitting Drills To Develop The Perfect Baseball Swing [Top 10 Thursday Ep.2]

Hey guys, I’m Coach Madden official trainer, and today we got the top 10 baseball hitting drills to develop
the perfect baseball swing. The first hitting drill I call Catch & Crush
and this is a great one, What you want to do in this drill is you’re
going to set up a tee, you’re going to have a partner here at the side doing like a side
toss. All you’re going to do is you’re going to
catch this baseball with your front hand and then swing with your back hand. It’s a one handed hitting drill and all you’re
going to do is try to keep this front arm closed when you hit. This is a great hitting drill for guys who
fly open or who get real long in their swing; this is going to teach them to stay closed
and stay short when they’re hitting. So this is how the drill is performed and
you just want to catch it; stay closed and hit a good line drive up the middle. Put the ball back on the tee, catch it, closed
and now I’m getting around that ball a little bit. So I want to stay inside more; I’m trying
to hit a line drive up the middle or slightly opposite field while keeping this front arm
closed. If I swing and I see this arm go this way
that’s no good; I want to keep this arm over the ball the whole time, finish the swing
through like this. Alright the second drill is the Barry Larkin
Drill reason I call it the Barry Larkin Drill is because I stole it from Barry Larkin. He came into the facility one day he was working
with Rickie Weeks and Dee Gordon a few of his guys that he was helping train at the
time and what they were doing, was they set up a tee on the outside part of the plate. They would have a partner up in front tossing
the ball on the inside part of the plate, they would take swings at the pitch on the
inside part of the plate without trying to hit this ball. Here’s a tricky part; every once in a while
the partner would go to throw it and not throw the ball; from there they only got one load. So when they took their load and their stride
if the coach or the partner didn’t throw it, they had to immediately change their eyes
to this ball and take this ball opposite field. They’re trying to hit the inside pitches to
the pull side and then if the coach or the partner does not throw the ball they’re hitting
the ball on the tee to the opposite field without taking another stride. So it looks a little something like this. The next hitting drill is called Walking Happy
Gillmores: Everyone knows the Happy Gilmore drill where you’re stepping behind; you’re
taking a swing from the partner that soft tosses it, getting your momentum going forward. The Walking Happy Gillmore you’re just going
to continue to walk down the cage or walk down the field with your partner throwing. Be careful you definitely want to have an
experienced coach to help you with this one because if the partner throwing gets too far
out in front and the batter cannot control where he’s hitting the ball this could be
a very dangerous drill. So make sure you have a good hitter doing
this drill as well an experienced coach to perform this drill. So all you’re going to do is the Walking Happy
Gillmore’s but continue walking as you’re doing the drill like this. The next hitting drill is called The New Fence
Drill and I call this The New Fence Drill because I invented it, at least I believe
so and I put it in a video last year sometime I believe. All you’re going to do, you guys know the
old fence drill where you get up close to the fence, put your belly on the bat and then
you’re taking swings without trying to hit the fence. Now we’re doing the same thing in this drill
but now we’re going to add a tee and this is a great drill for guys who cast their hands
or get out and around the ball because it’s going to make them stay in. What we want to focus on however when doing
this drill is hitting a line drive straight down the fence or the batting cage net or
wherever you guys are straight down that line. Maybe even slightly opposite field because
what happens sometimes is when guys try this drill at first is; they really cut off because
they don’t want to hit that fence and they start hitting little dinkers to their pull
side. We don’t want that, we want to be aware of
the fence but we want to be short in the back and long out in front and hit line drives
up the middle slightly opposite field. So it looks a little something like this. The next hitting drill I call Espos and I
call them that because I stole them from Esposito training systems. If you haven’t checked them out on Instagram
go do so. This drill all you’re doing is you’re going
to be opened up in your stance a little bit, you’re going to get a nice big load. We’re really working on getting loaded up
on the upper body, really far nice and slow and then we’re going to really focus on our
bat path or our swing plane. When we’re hitting this baseball, we’re really
not going to think about transferring our energy forward on this one more being super
rotational and trying to get that good swing plane as we swing. Nice open stance, keeping that weight back,
loading up that energy nice and slow feel that torque. The next hitting drill is called Angled Toss:
All you’re going to do is angle the L screen to the opposite field you could also angle
the L screen to the pull side of the field. For now we’re going to go opposite field,
I’ll show you an example of the pull side of the field. What you’re doing as the hitter is you’re
getting set up here in the batter’s box but you want to act like the pitcher is still
pitching from the front. So even though he’s throwing from here I’m
not going to be striding towards him and trying to hit it there. I’m going to act like my pitcher is out in
front, I’m looking that way, I kind of gaze over and see my partner he throws that ball
I’m still striding normal but then I want to take my hands in and extend opposite field. So I’m trying to hit it right back to where
it came from so it looks a little something like this and this is Angled Tossed to the
pull side again you’re looking as if your pitcher was straight ahead. Next hitting drill is called The Knee Knock
Drill or the Ball Between the Legs drill: This is a great drill for guys who don’t get
into a good stance and kind of get those knees stacked over those ankles. We don’t want our knees stacked over our ankles
because hitting is a linear and rotational movement. If we’re stacked over our knees that are great
for jumping but we’re not trying to jump when we swing we’re trying to move our energy this
way and rotate through it. So what we want to do in a good stance is
have our knees inside of our ankles right. So if we’re stocked over them we’re not going
to be able to create good energy but if we have our knees inside of our ankles now we’ve
got good side to side energy and we can begin our rotation when we swing. So the ball between the leg drills helps players
feel how to knock their knees in. All you’re going to do is get set up, put
that ball right underneath and then pinch the knees together so now my knees are inside
of my ankles and I’m in a good hitting stance, then I’m just going to get loaded up stride
and take a swing. It’s okay if the ball falls out, that’s what
you’re trying to do, you’re actually trying to gain some ground going forward. So the ball will fall out but the main thing
here is that you’re knocking those knees in and getting into a good stance, so that you
can create good energy, good ground force and get a good swing. The next hitting drill is Fungo Swing: You
don’t need a Fungo to do this drill, you can use your regular bat but the idea behind this
is that you’re throwing the ball up yourself swinging and hitting the baseball like a coach
would. That’s why they call them Fungo Swings because
coaches use Fungo bat. Now in this drill what I like to do is I set
my bottom hand first then I set my top hand, then I take my bottom hand off and I’m going
to throw the ball with my bottom hand and then I’ve got a perfect place for my bottom
hand to go. What I’m trying to do on this drill is create
energy I’m actually going to step behind with my foot, toss, and swing the bat. It’s great to feel the linear movement and
the energy going forward as well as working on timing with your whole body and feeling
everything fluid, smooth, and taking a good swing. So it looks a little something like this,
you’re trying to hit the ball up the middle or wherever you’re trying to hit the ball
is what you’re trying to accomplish here. It looks a little something like this. The last hitting drill is the Two Ball Drill
from the front toss, now before we get into this hitting drill I hope you guys like this
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drill from the front toss position. Your coach or your partner is going to throw
two baseballs at you and he’s going to call out top or bottom. And then the hitter is trying to hit that
ball, the coach is going to call out top or bottom as he releases the ball so the player
is already going to be striding and starting a swing and then have to react and swing and
hit that top or bottom ball. This is a great reaction drill, great for
working on contact just a really all around great hitting drill. So it looks a little something like this,
top – bottom, top – bottom. Thank you so much for watching this video
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  3. Question is it bad as a softball player to hit like a baseball player because as you where doing the drills I noticed you kinda do a flare hit and I have started to do that a lot lately so I was wondering.

  4. I've watched several of your videos, including your "Top 10 hitting drills to develop the perfect swing," all of which are excellent. However, knowing how to package the drills together for the maximum results can be difficult. Are there 4-8 hitting drills you would recommend I do with my son and daughter regularly to improve their overall hitting? Thanks!

  5. I coach 9-year olds and they struggle to keep their feet apart with knees inside. Love the basketball crush drill and plan to use it tonight. Great video Madden.

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