TOP 10 – Die besten Hallenfußballschuhe & Futsal-Schuhe im Test (2020)

Hello and welcome to a new video! We are the freekickerz and you really wished this video! The topic of this video is to test some indoor shoes. So we bought a lot of shoes, we are going to test each of them and in the end tell you, which one is the best! Have fun with the video! Stay tuned, as we are going to giveaway three shoes by the end of the video! The first category is comfort & fit. There you can already see some differences. The Puma Future and the Adidas Mundial Goal are on the last places due to their wide fit. Although the comfort of the two models is fine. On the other hand theses models are perfect for wide feet. In the midfield there is the Adidas X 19.3, which gets minus points due to the tongue. The Nike Premier Sala II could convince us a lot, the only problem is that it has got a smaller proportion. Although you should buy the Mizuno Morelia one size smaller than normal, it then fits absolutely perfect. The Nike Lunar Gato II is one of my favorites. Unfortunately the forefoot is a little too wide. The winners of this category are the Adidas Copa 20.3 Sala, the Nike Mercurial Vapor and the Puma King Hero. All of these shoes could totally convince us in terms of comfort & fit! Generally you can say that the leather shoes give you the best ball control and touch. Therefore the Nike Premier Sala II, the Mizuno Morelia, the Puma King Hero and the Nike Luna Gato II are the winners. The Copa 20.3 has a little bit thicker material and the Copa Mundial Goal is just too wide. Therefore both shoes get a deduction of points. The same thing is with the Puma Future, due to its wide fit it looses ball control and touch. The Phantom Venom still has an acceptable touch but in comparison to other shoes it’s only one of the last places. During the two months of testing the shoes, we’ve found no wear marks. Therefore we have added the price of the shoes here as well. The three most expensive shoes are Mizuno Morelia, the Nike Vapor 13 and the Adidas Copa Mundial Goal with 120 or 130 euros. Although you can find these shoes also in the internet from of 85 euros. The Nike Premier Sala, the Puma Future, the Adidas X 19.3 and the Luna Gato II with about 80 euros. These models have a great price-performance ratio. The cheapest shoes are the Adidas 20.3 and the Puma King Hero with 70 euros. You can even find the Puma King Hero for 45 euros in the internet. Just an awesome price for this shoe! Let’s get to the conclusion. Also non of the tested shoes has failed the test, there are some differences in terms of performance and price. On the last place we got the Adidas Mundial Goal. Especially the wide fit is the key problem of this shoe. Although the ball touch is still relatively good for that. Nevertheless we can only recommend this shoe for players with wide feet. Almost similar is the Puma Future 5.3. Additionally it is even the heaviest shoe in our test. The comfort and the customizable laces can be seen positive. Nevertheless it is not more than the second last position. Position no. 8: Nike Zoom Phantom Venom Pro, which has got a great fit, but is not that good on terms of the touch. And the price of 110 euros in pretty expensive for that. The Adidas X19.3 occupies the seventh position. Only the uncomfortable tongue is a real problem here. Additionally the shoe could never be more than average. Next we’ve the Adidas Copa 20.3, which could convince us with a great comfort and fit! And 70 euros for this shoe is really cheap! The only negative thing is the thick upper material. The Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII DS Pro is on the fifth position. Who is looking for a tight fit and a great touch, is absolutely right here! Negative is only that it is not for wide feet and the price. Nevertheless it was the best speed boot in the test. Next up we’ve got the Nike Premier II Sala. This shoe has made a great impression in almost every category. The only problem is the very thin fit. The suede upper is for sure an impressive USP and was able to convince us for sure! The third position is reserved for the Mizuno Morelia In. It has a great upper, a perfect touch and is really comfortable. Only the cushioning could be better. And you should not forget the price of 120 euros. On the second place we’ve got the Nike Lunar Gato II with its great touch and comfort. Only the wide forefoot and the grip are not perfect. Thus the winner is the Puma King Hero! Although the performance is a little bit weaker then second and third position, the price and the awesome leather upper are unbeatable. Also it is perfect for wide and thin feet. Despite of the weight a well deserved winner! As already said, you’re able to win three shoes now! Leave a like, write a comment with your favorite shoe and you Instagram name. Three of you will be lucky and win one these shoes then! So i hope you liked the video, don’t forget to leave a like, see you next time and goodbye!

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  2. Hey , mal wieder richtig cooles Video 👍🏻 mein Wunsch wäre der” Nike Lunar Gato II IC in der Größe: 40,5 😁 Insta: em1ma

  3. Hi freekickerz geiles video erstmals, ich hab euch beim benefizspiel getroffen 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍ich würde gerne den Future den nike wo 001 steht oder den Adidas X haben aber die anderen sind auch cool ich würde mich sehr freuen mein insta Name ist elias_butzmuehlen meine Größe ist 40

  4. I loved the copa in grey, really good video guys, following you from belgium;), this is my insta @beltran.fg continue like that

  5. Ich fand das Video voll cool vor allem auch die Tricks und Abschlüsse meine Größe ist 40
    und der 3. Platz hat mir sehr gut gefallen,auch wegen der Optik
    Insta: alalex8088

  6. Hi… Mir gefällt der Nike Lunar Gato II. Mein Instagram Name ist michelle_sunshine16 und ich habe die Größe 41 1/3.

  7. Würde gerne den NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR XIII DS PRO haben in der Größe 42…würde mich sehr freuen😅

    INSTA: maxi_der_aller_echte

  8. Wer spielt auch mit seinem Fußball sollen Feld Schuhe in der Halle 😂

    Größe 41/1 – 42


    Liblingsschuhe egal😏

  9. Ich liebe eure YouTube Videos 😍😍😍 #GLOCKEAKTIV #ABO #LIKE #FOOTBALL
    Ich finde den Adidas Copa 20.3 am coolsten Insta:antoniofc_x
    Bleibt weiter so wie ihr seit 😉🤗

  10. Lieblingsschuh: Nike Mercurial Vater XIII DS Pro
    Insta: kafizana

    Cooles Video, leider bisschen zu spät, würde mich aber trotzdem über den Schuh freuen mit dem ich nächstes Jahr spielen kann.

  11. Hab bald ein Hallen Turnier past perfekt best yt kuss😘 43 Schuh Größe die adid as oder Puma weil die am billigsten sind

  12. Das video is sau leiwand,ich hätt gern den adidas x 19.3 in größe 45 wenns geht instagram wegn anschreiben : rafael_.grabner

  13. Finde es irgendwie cool das "Mizuno" also nicht immer nur Nike oder Adidas soweit oben sind!
    Lieblingsschuh: Puma Future 5.3

  14. Ihr macht richtig coole Videos jedes mal wenn ich mir Schuhe kaufe gucke ich erst alle Schuh test Videos😂 Mein Favorit ist der Nike Mercurial Vapor ( größe 39 ). Macht weiter so.

  15. Nike Laune gato || Größe 39. wollte nur mal sagen ihr macht über geilen Kontent und seit mega sympathisch aber bolzt nicht so krass drauf der arme tW. Insta: Louis__Pf

  16. Der schwarze Puma sieht nicht nur schick aus sondern hilft mir beim GSV Düsseldorf Futsal sehr
    Puma King Hero

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