Tokyo Athletes | Table Tennis – The Fantastic Teens

World Tour, Leg 7, South Korea The fast-growing Harimoto has been constantly studied by China The FH is being targeted The power and accuracy are lower compared with his BH Then came the WTF moment Harimoto’s point-ending FH was brilliantly hit right back [Dio: Za Warudo!!!] The match ended in a shutout BH is world-class but FH is still far from it Time won’t wait It won’t wait for Tomokazu to grow We have to win now What to do(?) The game is on Back in his room he’s looping over the match video The scene where the point-ending FH was returned without difficulty The course and power were not sufficient I thought I had the point I didn’t think it could be countered More important than anything in a strong FH is… muscle
[WLQ: Wink wink!!] Chinese players have strong bodies For 15-year-old Harimoto he might have trained but still cannot compare Harimoto has started working on his stroke Keep the upper arm close and make a compact swing near the body Hit a strong forehand with a sharp swing rather than power [Fast-forward to 6:13 for next segment] At the same time, Ito also agreed to the tour I think it’s beautiful Isn’t that sunset beautiful? One challenge facing her While displaying strength against strong opponents there were also many occasions where she lost a winnable match The opponent of the day was ranked 147 in the world A player who’s good at backhand Ito was struggling against such a BH(?) Taisuke Matsuzaki instructed her to switch tactics Not listening… However, Ito kept sticking to the BH game Defeat against a lower-ranked player After the match she couldn’t suppress her plain frustration I was doing it, too I couldn’t do it…stop telling me Same thing here for me I couldn’t do it x2 Didn’t you think about trying something different? For the part you couldn’t do, I kept coming up with something(?) I was trying my best I’m saying you didn’t try your best(?) Not trying my best in the match, how?(?) That’s not it x2…The way you tried your best was wrong(?) Ito’s big weapon – strong mentality But if you can’t control it, you can’t go further Sometimes, it’s more important to clear what’s not going well than winning the match I get frustrated with myself I’m not playing against my opponent, I’m fighting myself instead 1 week after the match where his FH’s weakness was targeted Harimoto entered the 8th leg of the tour Today, he proceeded with his FH However, he couldn’t get it to land He won but further issues became clear It’s not good at all Get lower and hit from the top, otherwise it kept going long…your FH (Something about having to hit it low) To do that, you have to lower your stance That awareness is far from enough [Kurashima: BS Nat H3 would’ve patched up your FH within minutes!] Harimoto spends more than 100 days a year competing abroad Studying at the hotel has become his daily routine He spends his day like any other 15-year-old junior high student Still, the fight for the Olympics continues Aiming for a compact swing, a low-stance FH He spent most of his practice time on it A great stage has come to test the results of trial-and-error His opponent is Rio Olympics team gold medalist Here comes a FH Harimoto won’t run from it A series of FHs The rally of the match A compact swing and keeping in mind to lower the stance for the critical FH He got something great out of it despite the defeat For the gold medal 2 years from now keep on walking Table tennis is my life It’s been a year filled with losing and frustrating experiences (Not a bad time for the defeat?) World Tour, Leg 10 Ito also continued to explore The bitter experience of losing due to the way you fight That’s got to change Up against a Chinese player in the 1st round ferocious with power like a boy In face of strong BH shots Ito gave up on the BH game(?) Tried to change the situation with a smash…but went long Final game 2 points away from losing Can you keep your cool? I used to lose it before Let’s try various things now I can become stronger if I win here In the next point change the course flexibly and don’t hit to the BH That’s 1 point Furthermore For shots that’s been hit hard so far a soft return induces a mistake instead And, match point Victory in the battle for growth

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