Titleist Vokey SM8 New Technology – Will It Change Golf Forever?

all right it’s a good day
getting out to the PGA Show today and my video for tomorrow is supposed to be
well today when you’re watching it it’s the sm8 launch of the SMAS now my
gamers were supposed to be here I was hoping they’d be here but they weren’t
here these chickens follow me they think I’m gonna feed them anyways
they’re not here so what I’m gonna do is explain to you the technology going into
the SM eights which I did in my preview video sort of I teased it so now in this
video I’m gonna show you what all the hype is about and how it works but I’m
come on I’ll show you okay let’s go got it what that time hot potato almost dropped
in the pool funny enough this is the only club I’m
bringing with me to the PGA show who do who goes do a golf show it doesn’t bring
their golf clubs got one so you saw me at the TPI Titleist Center in Oceanside
hitting the SMAS all right and I was showing you there
sorta showing you the prototype model that they did now here’s the challenge
with the sm7 or all wedges in general right watches with golf clubs you want if you want the ball to go high you move
the weight low and back okay if you want the ball to go low you move the weight
of the club up higher here’s the problem this is a 60-degree lofted wedge notice
that the higher I get the weight one what happens is the top line gets
thicker okay nobody wants you don’t want that
thick top line in your wedge you look at that
nothing think that is it’s like looking down at a dang anvil you don’t want that
when you’re hitting a wedge you want a thin top line least you know most people
do anyways here’s what happens is you need it thick because you’re moving
weight up here to help keep the ball low to flight it down with your wedges is
what you want so that’s good but then you get that thicker top-line does that
make sense of course it does am I not it is my
video all right so you’ve got the weight going up to help flight that ball lower
with your wedges cuz with the wedges you got loft that gets it in the air the
weight is gonna help keep it down cuz you want low wedges high long irons
here’s the problem look at that the more lofted the club as you add weight and it
gets higher it gets fur farm it’s farther away from where you want it you
want the weight really out here okay so if it’s a long iron or a driver
it’s easy to keep that weight forward if you want the way forward also but the
higher you get the weight the farther back it goes that’s not good
so some crazy guy a Titleist made this prototype which I’m going to show you
right now and and what it did was it moved all the weight out from behind the
ball and put it up in front check this out
this is the SM 8 technology top secret if I hit the nub serious Wow probably one shot dude okay sm7 64-degree I couldn’t get
it to the fly I mean good shots but they were just short whatever same exact Club
sm8 technology all past the pin like I’m two yards and spun back I mean those
were dispersion was even tighter it was the same swing same everything
totally different field night and day the only way to get the CG high enough
with this much loft is we put a giant slug of tungsten all up in here and we
buried it underneath the club so we had this huge slug of tungsten we came out
here and Kevin to see stro played in the USA at Pebble Beach is a phenomenal
offer and he and I both came out who started hittin wedges we both felt like
total chops we could not hit the club it was the worst club we’d ever hit though
worse Wow and it triggered something it is why aren’t you guys the best because
Kevin just starts going it like not end like why is this the worst club I’ve
ever hit so he started thinking about he’s like okay what properties changed
he goes oh I wonder if I will have to CG forward if I get something better and so
he went and made this and we’re all just like hey dude what are you doing and we
all hit it and it’s the best thing we’ve ever had and so that’s why the first
innovation the very first sm8 prototype is a 64 is because that was the spark
that was the innovative spark that now led to the SMA 1ok technology here
this was the let’s say the idea and then this has become this this would be the equivalent of the
wedge that I have in my bag in the SMA technology so same grind same bounce
same everything okay so here is what the technology is
what they’ve done with the wedge is pretty unique they’ve taken the weight
off the top out of the top and they put some around the front toe up in this
area then they’ve taken the other and on the sm8 the hosel they’ve lengthened it
so the law the more lofted wedge the longer the hosel okay and then they’ve
custom weighted the hosel in certain areas so that by moving the way up in
the toe and up the hosel they’ve essentially transferred the weight from
back here to right up here in this area in kind of this imaginary space but
that’s what the CG is now the center of gravity so it helps keep that ball
flight low driving spin all that good stuff just by re kind of configuring the
weights and the hosel in the club head specifically so it’s different for every
loft the hosel length the weights the weights in the toe all that good stuff
so the more loft the easier it is to transfer that weight up here through
geometry engineering all the good stuff so anyways you start losing some of
those high right shots that you would get these kind of dead wedge shots we
call them where you kind of miss it high and right you come up way short that is
gone so I’m pretty impressed with the new technology and the performance of
the higher lofted wedges as you get to the lower lofted wedge as pitching wedge
gap wedge you don’t feel the technology as much although it’s still a little bit
different but you really feel it more than 58 60 62 64 degrees that’s what you
really start to notice the difference the more loft you get so that’s the new
SMA wedge it’s pretty exciting technology and I think
moving forward it’s really gonna change and revolutionize the wedge game and
it’s exciting what Voki and sn8 line is doing so hope you liked the video check
them out and get more info about their wedges on their website I’ll link that
in the description below be sure to check it out got videos coming all week
from the PGA show exciting week love you guys see you next video

37 thoughts on “Titleist Vokey SM8 New Technology – Will It Change Golf Forever?

  1. Is it April 1st in California? Also, "unique" is an absolute. Something can't be "pretty unique" It is either unique or not or it may be "almost unique"

  2. Wedge world has come full circle. My old trusty rusty Cleveland RTG DSG CG-12 64 degree has a longer hosel than my newer S18 & T20 Mizuno wedges. The modern idea of moving weight higher in the more lofted wedges was to put mass behind that location so when you hit them out of rough there was mass up there so the ball didn't come up extremely short (and that is a real effect). By removing this mass they will be undoing the benefit and I'm not sure that is a good thing around the green – in fact i'm sure it's not.

  3. Basically like a high jumper’s center of gravity not actually being on their body when they are over the bar. Interesting!

  4. Mr. Short Game, question for you. I have an old 56-11 Vokey wedge that I love and I use it from 80 yards and in. Want to get the new SM8 56, but they don't make an 11. Is it easier to get a 10 and add 1 more or get the 12 and minus 1 degree of bounce? Look forward to your reply and your next vid from PGA show.

  5. I've tried every wedge and for me, nothing is easier to game than the Cleveland CBX2s; those wedges are basically automatic for the recreational player.

  6. Are you saying ball flight is lower but the backspin rate is still so high it will stop the ball quickly on the green? Does it still work when you have a flop shot over a bunker from a short distance but you need it to stop on a sixpence!?

  7. I have the SM6 wedge set, I may upgrade after watching this… but is it actually going to be a game changer after the fresh face and added spin wears away is the real question

  8. The prototype is gnarly. Seems like cool technology though. Anything that can help me get the ball lower would be awesome.

  9. All wedges work if you practice with them long enough. We keep buying new clubs thinking that it well fix our problem, nope, it doesn't, all one has to do is open or close the club face to get the results he or she wants, thats's a fact. Of course I'm talking about people that only golf's once in a while. I still say that clubs from the past are just as good as the ones today, maybe a little difference in distance that's all. Try playing with a hockey stick and who knows you might break par:) or try using the rake to get out of the bunker.

  10. Isn’t this the reason why u don’t need a 64 degree wedge? If u need to flight the ball down use a lower lofted club, play the ball back, play a draw swing or a combination of these. Keep the 60 or 64 for the super tight around the greens shots, unless u have high swing speed and play with significant forward shaft lean at impact. 🤔🤔🙄🙄

  11. Appreciate that there are times you'll need to hit a 64 degree wedge full, to a tight pin over a bunker, downwind for stop or coming from thick rough – but if you can pitch well and strike the ball pure; you'll be hitting low spinners with 52, 54 or 56 and you won't need that so called 'game changing' tech. You'll need clean grooves and a premium golf ball. The 60 or 64 is going to be used in sand, short sided flops and lobs, thick rough explosions or for cute soft landing chips. If this is the only selling point on SM8, I dont see any reason to buy ahead of the now vastly cheaper SM7. Full 64s are rare to see. See Andrew Rice and James ridyard on wedge play.

  12. No. You can only do so much to a hunk of metal without putting in multi materials. Vokey wedges hadn't changed in decades.

  13. This is why I haven’t bought any of the late wedges. They all look like helpers clubs. Have old ass Cleveland wedges lol

  14. Please use a stabilized camera. It's unbearable.
    As you are demanding with golf clubs, you should be as demanding with your own work and videos.

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