Titleist Golf Ball R&D: Making One Million

Even though a new product comes around periodically, we are in constant communication with
our Research and Development team. So when they really have a product that
they’re ready to introduce, we’re able to launch that product
exactly as they’ve designed it. We run a whole battery of tests
to make sure that we’re confident that we can manufacture the best product in the world. There are over 90 quality checks that go into the Pro V1 and there over 120 that go into the Pro V1x. We own our manufacturing process, we own our technology, and we own our responsibility to the end-user. We have to take care at every step
that the process is in control, the materials are in control, and the technology and the materials
are coming together in a very precise way. There’s a commitment to attention to detail and making sure that every golf ball
that we provide is worth of the Titleist brand. Everyone has pride that over these generations,
we’ve been able to maintain this #1 position and earn that #1 position based on the precision of what we do and the quality of what we provide the golfer.

4 thoughts on “Titleist Golf Ball R&D: Making One Million

  1. so weird how it has to go through all those computers and at the end we touch see for imperfections

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