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Welcome back to another episode of Titan Sports, where we bring you the best coverage of Cal State Fullerton
Athletics. I’m Cory Johnson, and I’m Rita La Vau. Titans baseball hosted UC Irvine
in the Battle of Orange County. That’s right Fullerton dropped the first
two games of the series and we’re trying to avoid the sweep. Good thing for them
though they are dominant when it comes to Sunday games. Let’s head over to Goodwin Field, where Fullerton would look to try and avoid the sweep. We start things out
in the bottom of the first inning, Fullerton getting their first lead of this
series. Daniel Cope drives a ball to right
center gap for a two RBI double in the bottom of the 1st. Way to go, Daniel Cope.
The catcher coming up big. Jake Pavletich would send the ball to the right
field gap for a two-out RBI double Fullerton would extend their lead, 3-0.
Big-time stuff there for the Titans. UCI will answer right back
as Jon Jensen blasts a home run to right field to make it 3-1. What a home run for
the Anteaters. Now in the sixth with the game tied at three, AJ Curtis delivers a big RBI single scoring in Daniel Cope to make this a 4-3 ballgame. But in the top
of the ninth, UCI’s Jake Palmer grounds it to Brett Borgogno who turns
a 6-3 double play to end the ballgame. Titans go on to win, 4-3. They
improve that record to 17-22 overall. Mitchell Berryhill would have another
outstanding performance for the Titans this series, where he had four hits and
now sits atop of the Big West Conference with a .442 batting average. The bullpen
was also great once again this series for the Titans, as they would only give
up three runs all series. Dillon Brown was strong out of the pen and with another
dominant performance improving his E.R.A. to 1.48. The Titan softball team took on
UC Davis this weekend in a three-game series. The games would be split the Titans would win the first game, 9-1and lose the second game, 2-1. Now
let’s see how the Titans did in that decisive game 3. The UC Davis Aggies
hosted the CSUF Titans for a Big West showdown. We pick it up at the bottom on
the first where the runner would steal second, with that high throw Alyse Rojas would come in to score, Davis
would lead 1-0. Now in the bottom of the fourth with the same score, Daisy Munoz
would hit a three-run home run to left field. Her sixth home run of the season
giving the Titans the lead 3-1. In the bottom of the fifth with the Titans
looking for insurance runs, Ari Williams would single to the left-field scoring
two on the play and putting the tines up 5-1 in the bottom of the seventh with
Fullerton looking to close it out Ari Williams bonus makes that great play in center
field to win game three, 5-1 and take the series. With that win in game 3 the Titans
remain in first place in the Big West with a conference record of 12-3 and an
overall record of 32-16. the Titan tennis team headed down to Indian Wells
for the Big West Tournament where they entered as a number 2 seed they beat
CSUN, 4-3 in round 1 and this is what coached Dianne Matias had to say after
their victory. They would advance to their third straight semifinal where
they fell to Long Beach, 4-1. The Titans end their season with a record of
15-6, with their second fewest amount of losses in program history.
So many big things happened this past weekend with our favorite superheros.
However, it was the NFL that certainly gave us a lot to talk about.
That’s true and for more on this we now send it over to Brandy with this week’s
What The Tusk. What The Tusk is up, Titans It’s your girl, B, and I am going solo
artist today because Little Miss Ashling didn’t make it out of bed after this
weekend. she saw Avengers: Endgame on Friday and yesterday Game of Thrones
literally lead her so sick she couldn’t make it in today but that’s ok I can do
this all by myself no problem right well we’ll see so just start off the draft
just happened and of course there are a lot of your obvious picks and your Wow
didn’t see that coming well not for me I need the Giants were gonna pick Daniel
Jones but the craziest things that happen on the draft might have just
flown under your radar to begin let’s start off with Pat McAfee roasting the
Titans in Tennessee as he was announcing the pick for the Indianapolis Colts it
was amazing take a look for yourself I think it was very
tastefully done, and it reminded me that the Colts were still relevant seen in
the NFL it was almost just as good as when David Acres announced the pick for
the Eagles last year in Dallas now I’m not gonna play that clip again but as a
die-hard Cowboy fan I got to give credit where credit’s due you know. Now moving
on to the second best thing that happened in the draft and that was this interview
of the New York Jets newly drafted Quinnen Williams now I can’t tell if
this is wholesome or if it’s cocky because he blessed and thanked himself I
mean look either way I like the confidence he has but it also shows that
he doesn’t trust anyone not even if they bless you to him so gather from that way
you will. oh man I really wish Ashley was here for this segment I think you guys
are gonna what I’m going to talk about Men Are Trash so today we’re looking at
Tyreek Hill in the ongoing investigation where he is being accused of physically
abusing his son now this could possibly cause them to be put on the exempt list
this week an audiotape recently surfaced where he talks about physically abusing
his son even mentioning breaking his arm in that audio he also tells his fiance
that she should be quote terrified of him to bleep end quote
ladies and gentlemen men are trash and we’ll see how this investigation pans
out see what it happens but after that audiotape which aired on the news first
by the way I think he is dunzo to say the least now let’s move on to something
I thought is a little bit lighter and someone who is actually supportive of
his son now what are you’re about to see is the cutest video of all time Dodgers
pitcher Clayton Kershaw’s son and narrated by me, so here we go. Ok so we
look he’s in his stance he’s ready to go but he’s gonna turn around
check his bases to make sure none of those guys are running then he’s gonna
get set with a giant cute smile on his face a little blue shoes stretches over
just like dad and boom alright so the last thing I’m gonna finish with is are
actually a shout out to our very own Cal State Fullerton softball team so
basically it’s a newer trend for softball players that I have personally
seen on Twitter to coordinate dance with each other and then they post
social media in hopes it goes viral two of our very own Titans, Samantha Kennedy and Kiana Parrish decided to do just that and it was awesome, take a look. So I do
have some disappointing news for you guys before Ashley told me she couldn’t
make it in today we actually had a little dance plan for you guys. But I
refused to do by myself so I propose that we make Ashley do the dance next
time by herself as punishment for leaving me, and being fake I mean come on
girl, use your antibodies I know you’re little but come on tiny but mighty. I
don’t know all right well that is all I have for you guys today. Make sure you’re
keeping up with What The Tusk is going on, Titans. Now it’s time to find out
what you’ve been slacking on with In Case You Missed It.
Thanks guys,I’m Alex Lustig and if you missed any action last week I got you
covered right here, on In Case You Missed It. Starting on the diamond where the
baseball team lost to top-ranked UCLA in a midweek game, 8-3. Now
running over to track and field, Fullerton performed well in the Steve Scott
Invitational the men’s team placed second in the 4 by 100 meter relay while
the women placed in 4th. Diego Courbis finished third overall in the 400 meter
hurdles after posting a season-best 52.30 at one point I ran track myself the only
running I currently due is to my car or my bed when I get home. Heading over to the
green the men’s golf team began the Big West Championship in Hawaii as a number
one seed the tournament will conclude tomorrow we’ll have the results on our
social media platforms. Well that’s all we have from this past weeks games let’s
toss over to Mariah with the upcoming games on Titan Timeline, Mariah. Thanks, Alex and welcome everyone to this
week’s edition of Titan Timeline where we give you a rundown on all of the
upcoming Titan Sporting Events I’m Mariah Ross. Starting things off on the
diamond the baseball team is headed to UC Irvine to play in a non-conference
game on the 30th, but these Titans will be gone too long as they head back to
Goodwin Field May 3rd through May 5th to face UC Davis for another conference
series. Pitching it over to softball where they will be taking on Cal Poly
here at home in a doubleheader May 4th and they will close up the series Sunday
May 5th. And finally racing over to Santa Barbara where the Titans track and field
will compete in Big West combined events May 3rd and 4th that’s all we
have for this week on Titan Timeline. Let’s send it back over to Cory and
Rita at the desk. Well folks that’s all the time that we have for today thank
you so much for tuning in to today’s episode. You can watch our past episodes
and game highlight packages on our YouTube Channel make sure to LIKE
comment and subscribe don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at
CSUF Titan Sports and like us on Facebook to stay connected with us. On
behalf of all of us here at Titan Sports I’m Cory Johnson and I’m Rita La Vau
remember to keep those Tusks Up, Titans and we’ll see you next week.

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