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What’s up Titans, welcome back to another episode of Titan Sports where we bring you the best coverage of Cal State Fullerton Athletics. I’m Kyle Fulbright and I’m Cory Johnson The Cal State Fullerton men’s basketball team may have missed out on a chance to return to the Big Dance But their season was not over yet the Titans accepted an invitation to host the first round of the college insider.com tournament. So let’s head over to Titan Gym where Fullerton were taking on Bakersfield in the first half It was all about the Roadrunners.James Suber drives inside gets fouled bucket counts and Bakersfield would lead at half time by 18 The second half will be a totally different story though as the Titans would storm back Khalil Ahmad hits a three his third in a row that was part of a 16 to 2 run to the pull within seven The momentum will continue though as Kyle Allman Junior drives inside and throws on a two-handed ferocious dunk That would give the Titans more momentum and they would be down by 2 Less than 3 minutes to go Allman drives in yet again and this time hits a floater The game will be tied at 53. But the Roadrunners would respond. Taze Moore drives inside feeds Suber yet again at the basket and he gets it to go Bakersfield wins 66-58. The Titans’ season ends with the record of 16-18 overall But the 3rd straight year the Titans would win 10 or more games in Big West Conference play Even though they will lose leading scorers Khalil Ahmad and Kyle Allman Junior, the Titans will look to Devon Clare Jackson Rowe and Jamal Smith to lead next season Titan Baseball had one more non-conference series before Big West play begins Fullerton usually saves this final weekend for Long Beach State. The Titans took the first two games of the series and we’re going for the sweep on Sunday So let’s get to Long Beach where Fullerton was looking for their first sweep at Blair Field since 2013 top of the first Scoreless game Calvin Estrada, hit goes off the pitcher. Sahid Valenzuela’s throw is not in time So the run scores Long Beach up 1 to 0 now Let’s go to the top of the fifth Where Valenzuela would hit a chopper to third and the throw to first would be not in time one run comes in to score game tied 1-1. Now, let’s pick it up in the top of the seventh Valenzuela at bat again this time with the bases loaded he ropes it to right field but a fielding error turns this into an RBI triple Valenzuela would have four RBIs on the day. Titans would lead 4-1. Now later in the same inning a wild pitch would allow Valenzuela to come and dive in at home to score the Titans would complete the sweep with a 5-1 win. Fullerton will have one more midweek game against Pepperdine before turning their full attention to a big conference opening series against UC Santa Barbara Who has the best non-conference record in the Big West at 17 and 3. First pitch for game 1 is Friday at 7 p.m. We’ll have highlights on our Titan Sports YouTube channel the Titan Softball team visited Smith Field for a three-game series against Loyola Marymount LMU would take the first two games of the series for 4-3 and 3-0. But Fullerton would respond in the series finale with a 12-5 win Ari Williams would go 3 for 5 with four RBIs and was just a home run shy of completing the cycle. The Titans improved their record to now 20 and 12, and will look to close out their non-conference schedule, heading to Westwood to face number 1 UCLA. We now send it over to Brandy and Ashling with this week’s What The Tusk. What The Tusk is up Titans. Your girls are back this week to fill you in on all things outside of Titan Athletics as always I’m Queen B and next to me, I got my girl Ashling. Now I’ve been referring to myself as Queen B specifically Titan Sports Queen B, because right now we have a March Madness bracket going on with our cast and crew and your girl’s number one. Oh trust me girl, I understand and I respect your hustle and your picks, but we have some really important stuff to talk about today Including a Gronk retiring with an Instagram post Yeah, I mean, is there a right way to announce retirement these days without social media? I mean these days I’m not sure but this was a little out of nowhere. He went on to think the Patriots for all they did for him in the post saying my life Experiences over the last nine years. Have amazing both on and off the field the people I have met the relationships I have built the championships. I have been a part of I just want to thank the whole New England Patriots Organization for every opportunity. I have been giving and learning the great values of the life that I can apply to mine. Now I mean it was a little out of nowhere because he’s really young he’s only 29 but I mean in an article. I read in ESPN this morning. He said that he was just over football He’s done with it Was this something that was like talked about during the season? Speculated, cuz I like football and I like watching football but I don’t keep up with it actively and I’m I was kind of shocked because I know he’s a really great player. I remember there was some like talks that before last season about how oh if Gronk if they don’t go to the super bowl then Gronk might retire he might try to leave or whatever But they won the Super Bowl so maybe they were kind of saying like oh if they didn’t win then Gronk would kind of keep playing but if they won then maybe Was like kind of the end of the road for him football like you all know It’s really hard on your body and all the tackles. He’s a big dude So he falls harder But they also said that the Patriots organization Also said that he is welcome to come back whenever he wants kind of like pull of Jason Witten now they’re back So that also might be an option for him. Maybe Tom will be like hey, I need you. Please come over Please come back and play football. Yeah Moving on to our next hot topic Robert Kraft finally broke his silence to publicly apologize for his involvement in the prostitution scandal I saw the statement on Twitter from an ESPN reporter and I would like to point out in his apology that he says he’s Truly sorry and he respects women. I am confusion Yeah, honestly I respect women, but I’m gonna go somewhere to exploit women that I know exploits women. He knows this. We should have introduced this as a Men are trash segment. We really did we missed an opportunity. We got to get used to this anything that happens every week or yeah I mean now it’s now okay, and then we get to talk about these things So we’re just gotta get used to it kind of go with the flow. Yeah. No, we’ll get one We’ll get him next time but for real how are you gonna go out here and say I respect women and Go and be involved in a prostitution ring and let me know and literally rent women for Specific amounts of time like there a forgettable blockbuster VHS. I’m confused now Let’s shift back to March Madness. I just want to talk about how well I’ll be doing in the bracket like I’m Totally kidding. We need to talk about Zion. CBS announces They will be debuting a Zion Cam where they will have one camera during the broadcast Focusing solely on Zion during the two kings now This is not a new concept or anything Spectrum does do the same thing for LeBron James But the biggest difference is LeBron gets paid the big bucks and Zion gets paid Zilch, it’s honestly not fair. The cameraman controlling the Zion cam is making more money than he is and this is terrible and I cannot wait until he escapes from the NCAA and signs his first major contract that kid belongs in the NBA. Imagine all like if the Duke vs. North Carolina game all the money that they made paid just to go see him and then he I mean he ended up getting hurt so didn’t even Get to see him, but imagine if like he was able to make money off of that he would play college for a few more years for sure, but I think now he’s Bank Yeah I think it’s so wrong the way and it’s more apparent now as the athletes got better People are not more focusing into college and know That there’s a lot of there’s a lot better athletes now in college then there was back in the day So people are now focusing on college sports more so and they’re not getting paid anything, anything at all the amount of yes he gets a free tuition or whatever but the amount of money he’s making he could have made is Way more than tuition. I do we we wouldn’t wait more I just think it’s not fair how like you said they’re doing it for LeBron and LeBron is making money doing that. Yeah, like just for the LeBron camera alone like you know that he’s getting paid extra from Spectrum Right, and Zion is not getting any of the benefits from this. It’s just it’s so sad. Definitely not Hey just NCAA things. Yeah Now moving on to our new mini segment for this show meme of the week. All right, Ashling what meme do we have this week? Antonio Brown had published this meme on Instagram and it was the hotline bling’ little cameo And they had Photoshopped his face on there and he’s looking away from the Bills And he’s looking and he’s like smiling and laughing towards the Raiders. Yeah, so I Thought it was really funny as somebody who’s a huge Drake fan. but it was just comedy since people know that he’s gonna go to the Raiders, but he’s like fine I thought it was hilarious. I think it was okay whenever when there’s rumors like maybe trade to the Bills, I thought that was hilarious all the bleep he talked about about going to the bills. He’s like, oh, ah so good They need to go to the Raiders. But I think that is an amazing meme great sports meme. I can’t wait for next week. Well, that’s all your girls out for you this week Make sure you’re keeping up with What The Tusk is going on Titans as for now We’re sending it over to Alex with this week’s In Case You Missed It and we’ll see you next time. Hello Titans, I’m Alex Esparza, and this is this week’s edition of In Case You Missed It. Starting off with women’s golf They traveled to Sedona, Arizona to compete in the Red Rocks Invitational where they had a team score of +6 to finish in second place Swinging over to women’s tennis the game against Sacramento State was cancelled due to weather but the Titans played Drake for the first time ever winning 6-1. Running over to track and field the men’s and women’s team placed 7th and 8th over the weekend in the UC Riverside Spring Classic. That is all for this week’s In Case You Missed It, throwing it over to Rita for Titan Timeline Thank you Alex hello sports fans of Cal State Fullerton. I’m Rita La Vau with this week’s Titan Timeline the Titan Softball team will head to UCLA on March 26 for a midweek game with the Bruins before starting a three-game series at Santa Barbara this weekend the Titans will try to hit a grand slam This week and sweep all their games for tennis The Titans will travel to Portland on the 27th and play at 11 in the morning. The Titans have their second match this week at Seattle U at 11 a.m. on the 29th Let’s hope that there’s a lot of love for them Let’s run on over to the Titan Track team. They take part in the Bob Larson Distance Carnival on the 29th, but last and certainly not least the tanks will compete in the tag-team challenge March 30th. The Titans will look to have the odds, forever be in their favor. That’s it for Titan Timeline. I hope you’ll have a lovely week and have a fun and safe spring break. I’ll hand things back on over to Cory and Kyle at the desk. Well folks that’s all we have time for today. Thank you for tuning in for today’s episode You can watch our past episodes and game a highlight packages on our YouTube channel Make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ CSUF Titan Sports and like us on Facebook to stay connected with us. On behalf of all of us here at Titan Sports I’m Kyle Fulbright, and I’m Cory Johnson. Remember to keep those Tusks UP Titans, and we’ll see you next time.

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