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What’s up Titans welcome back to another
episode of Titan Sports where we bring you the best coverage of Cal State
Fullerton Athletics. I’m Kurtis Redman, owner of the outfield, hitter of dingers,
catcher of baseballs, layer of sac bunts heir to house Redman. and I’m Amanda
Garcia Mother of Dragonbreath pups, lover of Dodgers, interpreter of Espanol, and first
of her name alumni Khaleesi of Cal State Fullerton. the Softball team is starting
the year off strong, but the same cannot be said about the baseball team. Yeah
Amanda, Titan Baseball took an early break from conference play to host San
Diego State over the weekend Fullerton lost the first two games of the series but
would send Michael Knorr to the bump to try and salvage game three let’s go back
to Goodwin Field the Titans are 7-1 on Sunday games this season top of the
2nd Titans up 1-0, Jaden Fein singles up the middle past the diving
infielder two runs would score for SDSU and the add text would take a 2-1
lead on to the bottom of the 3rd with two outs
Fullerton would be fighting back Mitchell Berryhill would get a blooper to drop
into left field two runs would score and the Titans would
take the lead 3-2. The rally would still continue though as Daniel
Cope would come up and deliver a line drive to center field scoring Isaiah
Garcia Titans would now lead 4-2. On to the bottom of the 8th
Titans looking to keep their lead Hank LoForte would step up to the plate and he
would line a single into right field scoring two more runs, the score
would remain there until the 9th inning the Titans would go on to win
7-2. Baseball will be heading to the Aloha State to have a three game
contest against Hawaii and will look to add more games to the winning column.
Titan Softball traveled to Long Beach State for a three-game series against
the 49ers. Fullerton and Long Beach State split the first two games of the
series but the Titans took the rubber match with a 9-6 win on Sunday
the Titans trailed game three by 3 at one point but rallied back in the
6th inning with a six spot. Deshea Hill had a day at the plate for
Fullerton going 3-5 with a home run and three RBIs now the Titans
will get ready to host a hot Hawaii team who has won six straight and leads the
conference with an 8-1 record. For an in-depth analysis about Titan baseball
and softball we send it over to Kyle and Cory for this week’s on the mound thank
you guys what’s up everyone and welcome back to
another edition of on the mound I’m your host Kyle Fulbright and with me
I have Cory Johnson Cory how you doing today? I’m doing good but the same can’t be
said for Cal State Fullerton Baseball. that’s right let’s get right into that
the Titans have been struggling all season long
they have lost six of eight series and they have not been able to put it
together this season what have you been seeing from them lately in their play?
Well what I’ve been seeing is that they just ended that three-game losing
streak against San Diego State picking up the win in the rubber match 7-2 so
they have put up a little bit of momentum going forward but in these past
eight games the stretch has not been good at all they scored 62 runs but
they’ve been given up 48 runs so that tells me if the offense is clicking it’s
working but that also tells me that the pitching is not picking up the slack I
mean you have such a young pitching staff and things just haven’t been able
to click all season long with them and you’ve been seeing it as far as them
trail behind in these games and once they trail early it’s just been so
difficult for them to get back into it against San Diego State and games 1 and
2 they trailed early picked up the loss in both those games against UC Santa
Barbara the Gauchos took the lead every single
time in that series so they got to take the lead early they got to go out there
the lineup has to be clicking on all cylinders getting guys on base
getting runners across the plate and making sure that they jump out right
from the get-go yeah speaking of their pitching this
past series against San Diego State they gave up 21 runs and they lost two of
those games the pitching has struggled all season they have only one starter
with an E.R.A. under 5 if they keep this pitching up do you think they have any
shot at winning the Big West Conference I do not I do not
Kyle because I think this pitching staff like you said they’re just getting
roughed up man I mean you got such a young core of guys who are like
sophomores and freshmen and like you say their E.R.A. is over five right now and
Tanner Bibee, he’s been the lone bright spot for them at the starting rotation
but you look down the lineup you got guys with fives and sixes and
that’s just not gonna get the job done so I think that they need to start
looking for some more bullpen depth and look no further than junior pitcher
Dillon Brown who has only played nine games this season and when you look at
last season he featured heavily for them he’s got an E.R.A. under one I think he
needs to get some more game time I also think that junior pitcher Matthew
Sanchez needs to get more game time as well only played four games so far and his
E.R.A. is 1.5 and I think you get these two guys on the mound you know they can
may be a starting pitcher is getting into a jam maybe they’re giving up one or two
or three runs early you yank them out of there and then you get one of these two
guys out there and kind of you know ride the ship a little bit and smooth things
out so the lineup can get a rhythm and start to get a flow and maybe get a
rally going forward so you’re not trailing behind so quickly in these
games yeah definitely and as you said earlier they’re bats are hot, however their
pitching might not be but their bats are hot Mitchell Berryhill especially he’s
leading the conference with a .443 average and a .590 batting average in
conference play absolutely how great is he been for this Titan lineup
he’s been tremendous man I mean you want to talk about a guy who just got named
Big West baseball field Player of the Week.
for the first time in his career against the Cal Poly Mustangs in that series he
was just absolutely dominated and you just have seen the growth in his
seniority leadership on this team he’s just been really good of a guy to be in
that lineup and kind of like ride the ship a little bit maybe Hank LoForte is
not hitting well maybe Sahid Valenzuela’s not doing well and then you
just have Mitchell Berryhill who’s just out there just raking and he’s not maybe
you know a home run hitter but he’s a guy who can definitely get on base he’s
a guy who can definitely you know hit the ball and track well and definitely
do some stuff out there in the field so Mitchell Berryhill he’s been tremendous.
Yeah definitely lastly they have an upcoming series with
the Hawaii team that they should beat then a huge series with nationally
ranked UC Irvine how do you see them faring in these games? I think they have
to win this series outright against Hawaii I’m hoping for a sweep they haven’t been playing well
at Goodwin field, but have been a really good road team hopefully traveling out
to Hawaii and playing against the Rainbow Warriors they can get a victory
in that series like I said a sweep would be nice but I’m saying that they’re
gonna win that series but I’m not expecting a whole lot against UCI again
a pitching staff like UCI a lot more veterans a lot more guys that have you
know seniors and juniors in their staff and in their you know pitching
rotation I just think that they’re gonna have a lot of trouble with the Anteaters
and I think that they’re gonna end up dropping that series and maybe they pull
out a win but hopefully just try to avoid getting swept to keep yourself
alive in the Big West standings yeah all right so now let’s jump over to Anderson
Family Field where Cal State Fullerton is coming off yet another series win
this time against their rivals Long Beach State they had a big comeback
victory yesterday scoring 6 runs in the sixth inning what did you see from
them overall in this series? I saw a lot of good things especially from Alexa
Neil in the first game she went 2-3 with 2 RBIs in Game 1 and then in the
second game you saw them kind of struggle as far as their lineup wise
which is kind of unusual for them they got shutout 1-0, but then they
bounced back strong I mean you saw Deshea Hill you saw Ari Williams in the second
game going back to Deshea Hill she went 3-5 with three RBIs and game number
3 and then Dani Martinez what a workhorse she played all three games and
was just whenever the coach would call her name she went out there into the
circle and just dominated so I’m really hoping that going forward you continue
to see this sort of play and get more consistent play out of the lineup and
you don’t see those irregularities like getting shut out.
Yeah Dani Marinez is a freshman this year she’s already won freshman Player
of the Week 3 times this season she’s been great for this team now the the
Titans are 7-2 in conference play and 27-15 overall this season
do you see them having any trouble winning the Big West Conference I don’t
want to get it too ahead of myself and I think that they definitely have a shot
of winning Big West Conference I think that the
three teams that they could give them the most trouble and see a threat from
UC Riverside UC Davis and Hawaii but like I mentioned the pitching staff has
been tremendous with Dani Martinez there E.R.A. is combined 2.62
and just a solid all-around team overall solid in the field they don’t make too
many errors solid at the plate they got so many different players who can hit
you left right and center they got power hitters they got players who can get on
base it’s just a really good solid team all around so I think that they have a
really good shot of winning this Big West Title and and looking ahead now
they have a huge of coming series with Hawaii who is tops in their conference
and winners of six straight games what does Fullerton need to do to win
this series and going to win the next series and after that I think that this
is gonna be a big test for them because like you just mentioned they’re on top
of the standings right now and like I mentioned that this is probably gonna be
one of those teams that when you run up against them you have got to beat them
and you’ve got to maybe try to even go for a sweep here but I think it’s gonna
be a close one because when you look at the Rainbow Warriors they’re undefeated
on the road right now 3-0 and so they’re not gonna make it easy for
them go on to Anderson Family Field and so Fullerton all season long they’ve
made Anderson Family Field a fortress 14-5 record and if they just continue
to do the little things that they’ve been doing all season long and try to
limit the home runs especially when it comes to Callee Heen and Nicole Lopez
their two best hitters for the Rainbow Warriors I think they can definitely go
on and win this series and maybe solidify themselves as the top spot of
the Big West Conference yeah definitely we’ll see how they fare to
finish up the season all right that’s all we have time for today we now send
it over to Ivan Duran with In Case You Missed It what’s up Titans I’m Ivan
Duran giving you this past week scores and results for this week’s edition of
In Case You Missed It starting off on the mound the Titan Baseball team had a
midweek game against USC where they came up short with the score of 6-5 after
previously leading 5-1 into the 8th inning heading over to the green
the Women’s Golf Team participated in the Wyoming CowGirl classic on April 8th
and 9th but had a rough couple of days after placing 12th on Monday before
finishing at ninth over putting over to the men’s golf team they
participated in the Wyoming Cowboy Classic also on April 8th and 9th but
fared much better finishing second overall in the tournament with a score
of -16 over the weekend they participated in the ELMO Cerro classic
from April 12th to 14th where they finished third after shooting +7
for the tournament swinging it over to the Women’s Tennis team they started
the weekend off strong with the four-nothing shutout against Cal Poly on
Saturday April 13th which gave them their fifth win of conference and 13th
win of the season however they were unable to replicate their success the
day after against UC Santa Barbara on Sunday April 14th as they fell 5-2
dropping them to a second-place tie with Long Beach State in the Big West
standings last but definitely not the least we sprint over to the track and
field team who participated in the UCSD Triton Invite and the UCLA Rafer
Johnson Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational which was highlighted
by Marcel Espinoza’s school record-breaking performance in the men’s
400-meter sprint where he broke Darion Zimmerman’s previous record of 46.86
with the time of 46.13 Perris Samaniego and Chris
Shiley also posted season best times in the same event that’s all for this
week’s in case you missed it. I’m Ivan Duran sending it over to Jorge Zarate
with this week’s Titan Timeline Thanks, Ivan let’s take a look at this
week’s upcoming games and tournament Putting it over to Women’s
Golf the Titans team will be competing in the Big West Championship Tournament
beginning on April 15th to the 17th at Moorpark College serving it up to tennis
the Women’s Tennis team will attempt to continue their hot conference play when
they host UC Riverside on Saturday April the 20th running at over to
track and field the track and field team will be participating in the Bryan Clay
Invitational from April 17 to April 19th in Asuza they will then sprint over to
the Beach Invitational on April 20th which will be held in Long Beach that’s
going to be it for Titan Timeline back to you guys at the desk. Well folks
that’s all we have time for today thank you for tuning in to today’s episode. You
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remember to keep those Tusks Up Titans and we’ll see you next week.

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