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What’s up times welcome back to another episode of Titan Sports bringing you the best coverage of Cal State Fullerton Athletics I’m Eduardo Hernandez and I’m Jaclyn Davis. March Madness is finally here and the Titans began their Big West Tournament title defense with the quarterfinal matchup against UC Davis This is the third straight year the Titans and Aggies met in the tournament UC Davis won the matchup in 2017 and Fullerton won in 2018. Let’s check out who would win round three We jump straight into the second half of the game UC Davis’s TJ Shorts was going back and forth with the Titans throughout the game. He scored 28 points Including this one where he connected from long range Jamal Smith would find a cutting Khalil Ahmad who throws down the ferocious dunk. Fullerton would trail 46 to 42 in the second half. Shorts would think he had a mismatch against Fullerton’s Jackson Rowe. but Rowe swats the shot away Jamal Smith’s got a rebound and Took the ball the length of the floor to make the layup the game was tied at 49 apiece. Under five minutes remaining Smith was everywhere in the 27 minutes on the court He forced a crucial turnover with the Titans trailing by one with under a minute left in the second half the next play Ahmad would dial it in from way behind the arc to give the Titans a 65 to 67 lead But Davis’s Joe Mooney would answer back with the Titans layup to tie the game at 67 off with 25 seconds left in the second half one second left Davis misses the potential game-winner So they would go into overtime in overtime Clare finds Allman Junior on the oop and he gets it to go and the foul Titans would lead 70-67 in desperation Aggies would take the three to try to cut the lead but it would go off the mark and the Titans would win the quarterfinal round 75 to 71 On to the semis versus UC Santa Barbara, it was a tight game at the beginning of the first half UC Santa Barbara shows their dominance taking an early lead, but Kyle Allman Jr. Keeps the Titans in the game and takes it to the basket for the reverse layup. Titans trail 11 to 10 in the first half Just before the half ended. Khalil Ahmad would get the floater over the defender to beat the buzzer the Titans trailed the Gauchos, 28 to 25. The Titans showed their persistence in converting defense to offense Allman Junior gets the ball on the fast freak and dunks it to cut the deficit to four points The Titans would climb back down by 10 in the second half Ahmad would put the icing on the cake with this Dunk, and the Titans would go on to win the semi finals match up 64 to 58 UC Irvine was looking for revenge and wanted to prove that they’re the better team in Orange County But the duo of Khalil Ahmad and Kyle Allman, Jr. were looking to defend their title UC Irvine would come out of the gates on fire. Max Hazzard was draining three after three After three to give UC Irvine a 13 – 4 lead early on Collin Welp helped the Anteaters with 23 points off the bench in 23 minutes of action Max Hazzard was giving the Titans defensive problems all night He chipped in 23 points of his own to help grow 80-56 Allman Junior led all Titans with 16 points including a mid-range jump shot Jamal Smith drives to the rack and dunks on the Anteaters defense. But it would not be enough as UC Irvine wins the Big West Tournament 92 to 64. Here’s what Coach Taylor had to say. Well, that’s the beauty of the Big West You know you play back to back to back days and if you get to the third day It’s all about who’s got what left in the tank and tonight we didn’t have it and I said this in a timeout to our group sometimes in life you battle and Sometimes in life you don’t have it. But as long as you give everything that you have there’s nothing to be proud There’s nothing to hang your head about we should be proud about what we’ve accomplished From the adversity that we faced things that will never ever leave our locker room I mean I could I could write a soap opera about some of the things that we’ve had to deal with For the first time in four years the women’s basketball team qualified for the Big West Tournament The first-round opponent would be Long Beach State the last time these two teams met the Titans erased an 18-point deficit in route to a 50-47 win Let’s head over to the Bren Event Center where the winner moves to the next round and the loser goes home Long Beach State would look to get revenge after Raina Perez’s buzzer beater that hurt them in the hearts in their own stadium Let’s go on to the first quarter Fullerton up by one Carolyn Gill finds Amiee Book in the corner and drains it giving the time of Four-point lead moving on to the second quarter Titans up by two Justina King with the bounce pass to Kianna Hamilton-Fisher with the backwards lay up to make it an even game. Late in the second Titans up by three Raina Perez with a floater to make it a five-point lead for the Titans third quarter four minutes left Raina Perez rains this 3-ball and cuts the Titans deficit to one moving on Long Beach on a 10 to 1 run Perez finds Daeja Smith with an easy layup to end Fullerton’s scoring drought 49ers up by 9 13 seconds left in the game Raina Perez with another Assist to Smith to make it a five-point game Smith would end the game with 12 points Unfortunately, the Titans are now eliminated losing to Long Beach 60-54 So that was a fun basketball weekend But the baseball team was busy too. Hosting James Madison for a three-game series at Goodwin field For more on Titans’ baseball. We send it over to Chloe and Kyle with On The Mound guys Thanks guys. Welcome to this week’s episode of On The Mound. I’m your host Chloe Abbott and with me today, I have Kyle Fulbright as my analyst. How are you Kyle? I’m doing great baseball season is going on. It’s going good so far Is it going good so far? The baseball team is four and seven this March they dropped all three series Stanford, New Mexico and JMU Pitching and hitting does not seem to be going together What do you think about that? And how are they gonna come together to to start winning some games? Yeah, I think their pitching either their pitching or their hitting has been great for them They have some games where their pitching is doing good and their bats just can’t wake up and then some games where they score 13 Runs, but they give up just as many This past weekend against JMU they lost two games where they scored 0 runs But their pitching only gave up a total of three earned runs And two of those losses. They also left 18 guys on base. So I think that’s a big thing for them They’re hitting a good average this year, but they’re just not able to execute with runners on and get those RBIs and those big spots definitely that leaving runners on base is Will hurt any team and it just missed opportunities which can’t afford those During the second Stanford game head coach Rick Vanderhook He told our reporter that our pitchers are walking too many guys, they’re walking They’ve walked more than they walked double what Thomas Eshelman walked in his three years at Fullerton. He said they are struggling to throw off speed pitches for strikes what do you think the pitching staff they can overcome this or is hitting just gonna have to take over and take the responsibility of Making this team win No, I think they can definitely overcome this and it’s something that they will need to overcome if they want to win games Walks will usually lead to runs and that’s what’s hurting them a lot Their bats can only do so much Fullerton’s always known for their pitching So they’re able to win those close games by getting the the bunt down stuff like that So they’re pitching needs to help them Keep it close this past series against JMU. They had eight walks, which is a lot for them So I think if they want to stay in contention for the Big West and go on to the NCAA tournament They need to cut those down a lot. Um, you said stay in contention for the Big West? You know Their next series their next big preseason conference series. Is against Long Beach and right now Long Beach is 3 and 15 Second place was Cal Poly and they weren’t even close to Cal State Fullerton. Do you think they’ll have trouble in the Big West? Um, I don’t think so They should be fine They have played a really tough preseason schedule which makes their record eight and nine Which makes that a little better knowing that they’ve played the team such as Stanford, Arizona State those big teams like that So I think that this preseason will help them in the Big West But it UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara are really tough this year. So they are gonna have to get through them and There’s gonna need to cut back on the walks and continue hitting Definitely. Let’s head over to Anderson Family Field where the softball team is Absolutely dominating this month. They have a record of 18 and 10 the girls are doing so well in the Silicon Valley Classic and Eastern Invitational where they won three out of four games both tournaments You know hitting is on fire pitching is on fire. Where where can this team go from here? I think only up from there They are starting Big West Conference play soon, which is a conference that they should win I’m considering they’ve played all these good teams in the preseason and I think they just need to keep it going Ari Williams is hitting .367 this year with five home runs 20 RBIs. She can keep that up They would be fine. I mean also a freshman pitcher Dani Martinez is leading the team with a 2.31 ERA Which is 5th in the Big West and that’s really good for a freshman. Yes 60 strikeouts She is doing great She’s as a freshman leading the team and that’s good for the next 3 years for us So I think like you said the Big West Conference shouldn’t be an issue But what about regionals? Can we get past regionals, you know? Oklahoma has won the College World Series three in the last six years and we lost, Oklahoma We lost we got shut out by Washington twice the season already What are your predictions for regionals? I think definitely they need to figure out how to beat those teams that are in the top 25 This season they’ve already played four teams that are now ranked in the top 11 on Alabama, Oklahoma and Washington twice so I think and they lost all those games if they can figure out a way to Get there pitching their bats live during those games. They will be fine But they just need to get through Big West and then see from there. I think It’ll it’ll be really exciting to see just because they have so much success right now and it’s just those tough Midwest teams and Washington and Midwest but they just are So good and we’re also good but it’s hard to compete so it’ll be exciting to see as the season goes on and players Get better and you know, I’ll be looking forward to watching them And that’s a walk-off for On The Mound. I’m your host. Chloe Abbott, and I’m Kyle Fulbright Let’s move on to the games you missed on In Case You Missed It Thank you, and hello sports fans of Cal State Fullerton I’m Jorge Zarate and I’ve got you covered with this week’s In Case You Missed It Let’s take a look back at the past games from last week Over to the diamond the baseball team defeated USC at home 10 to 4 on Tuesday, March 12th They then hosted James Madison for a three-game series from March 15th through the 17th The Titans lost game one, 1-0, and game two, 2-0, Cal State Fullerton would bounce back on Sunday with a dominant win 12 to 3 Putting things off with men’s golf the team was on the road participating in the Olympic Club Intercollegiate despite starting the day with a 2-shot lead the Titans fell short and finished in second place in the Olympic Club Intercollegiate tournament Tossing it back to the mound on March 12th, the softball team hosted the University of Houston losing 1 to 0 They then hosted the 4-day Eastern Invitational the Titans defeat Boston University 3 to 1 on Thursday, March 14th And lost to Harvard 4 to 3 on Friday, March 15th Cal State Fullerton would win their final two games of the tournament 5 to 1 against DePaul on Saturday and 7 to 1 against the College of Charleston on Sunday serving it up Next is the women’s tennis team the Titans picked up their sixth consecutive win against the University of Pacific The Titans attempted to continue their hot streak against CSUN on Saturday, but came up short four games to three The Titans are no longer undefeated in Big West play and moved their overall record to 8 and 3 Running over to Track and Field where Cal State Fullerton show cased talent at the UCI Spring Break Classic and ASU Baldy Samantha Huerta continued to run well for the Titans as she finished second overall and first among athletes in the women’s 1500 meter race to break her own school record with the time of 4:25 Staying with Track and Field Anthony Alfaro won that men’s 3k steeplechase with a time of 9:22 Want to continue supporting our Titans? Let’s hand things over to Andrea Carvajal with the Titan Timeline for a preview on next week’s activities, Andrea? Thanks Jorge, let’s take a look at this week’s upcoming games and tournaments Baseball begins a four game road trip at San Diego on Tuesday, March 19th They then play a three-game series against their rivals Long Beach State from Friday, March 22nd to Sunday March 24th chipping it on to the green the women’s golf team will play in two all-day tournaments Starting with the Meadow Club Women’s Intercollegiate at Fairfax, California on Monday, March 18th and Tuesday, March 19th They then travel east to Sedona, Arizona to take part in the Red Rocks Invitational on Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday March 24th pitching it towards the mound softball host Dartmouth on March 20th They then go on the road for a three-game series at Loyola Marymount beginning with the doubleheader on Thursday, March 21st They conclude their series on Friday, March 22nd Serving it over to tennis the women’s tennis team will play two matches at home this week on Wednesday, March 20th They will host Sacramento State. They will conclude their homestand against Drake on Friday, March 22nd Finally sprinting to the track the Track and Field team will participate in the three-day UC Riverside Spring Classic from Thursday March 21st to Saturday, March 23rd. Well, that’s all the games for this week Jaclyn and Eduardo back to you Well folks that’s all we have for today. Thank you for tuning in for today’s episode You can watch our past episodes and game highlight packages on our YouTube channel. Make sure to like comment and subscribe Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at CSUF Titan Sports and like us on Facebook to stay connected with us On behalf of all of us here at Titan Sports. I’m Jaclyn Davis and I’m Eduardo Hernandez Remember to keep those Tusks Up Titans!, and we’ll see you next time

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