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What’s up Titans! Welcome back to Titan
Sports bringing you the best coverage of Cal State Fullerton Athletics I’m Rita
La Vau and I’m Nathan McHugh. Nathan are you ready for March Madness? I am I’m
very ready and I think the team is gearing towards them that men’s
basketball team is hopefully they can get back to the NCAA tournament like
they did last year. One can only hope right, let’s take a look with what’s been
going on with Fullerton athletics. With only five games left in the season the
men’s basketball team continued to battle for a higher seed in the Big West
Conference standings. Thursday night they hosted a hot UC Davis team who came in
on a five-game winning streak so let’s get to Titan Gym where Fullerton was
going for their fourth win in a row the Aggies kept it close throughout the game Stefan Gonzalez hits the floater for two of his ten points on the night
but the Titans would respond. Austin Awosika drives inside gets
fouled on the floater, makes the shot and one. 9 of Austin Awosika’s 11 points were in the first half. here in the second half Fullerton down
by two Khalil Ahmad drains the three putting the Titans up 41 to 40 in the
half Ahmad steals the pass goes to the basket and throws down the jam! and the
Titans win the game 62 to 58. Women’s basketball entered their game against UC
Santa Barbara on a six-game losing streak and stood at 3 and 7 in the Big
West Conference play let’s take a look at the highlights. Cal State Fullerton
women’s basketball hosted UC Santa Barbara in search of erasing their
six-game losing streak first quarter Titans down by one Megan Orminston finishes with a layup to give the Gauchos a three-point lead, on
the next play the tines respond with a 3-ball from Madison Freemon to make it
even that would be Freemon’s only points in the game. Final two minutes of the first quarter Titans down by two Raina Perez hits a corner
three to give the Fullerton the lead by two. Second quarter chains down by 6 Cal Sahar gets the offensive rebound and
flicks the ball and it gives the Gauchos an eight-point
lead five seconds left before the half Jade Vega with the assist to Carolyn Gill
who beats the clock cuts Fullerton’s deficit to three points heading into the
locker room. Five minutes into the third quarter Santa Barbara on a 13 to 7 run
Natalia Brüening fights to score and stretches the lead to 11 points. Fullerton on a six to one tries to cut the deficit to four Hannah Thompson hits
both free throws and the Titans are back in the game. Daeja Smith gets a lucky
bounce and scores erasing the tanks 11 point deficit to finish the third
quarter. Fourth quarter turns down by one Thompson hits her only three-pointer to
give the Titans the lead. One minute left in the game no
communication on defense and Carolyn Gill finishes to close out the
game with six points the Titans are back on the winning
column winning by the final score of 74 to 62. Softball took part in the Mary Nutter Classic in Cathedral City, California. The Titans split the games they played the two games they played two Saturday
losing the Washington 1 to 0 and defeating Bethune-Cookman 4 to 0. On
Sunday Cal State Fullerton wasn’t as successful losing to the University of
Oklahoma 9 to 1 in five innings and to the Cal Bears two to one the Titans
went 1 and 3 in the Mary Nutter Classic and have a current record of 9 and 6. The
Titans ranked 25th in the nation by the NCAA took part in the Tony Gwynn
Legacy this past weekend in San Diego Friday they played Missouri State and
came out on top 7 to 0 Tanner Bibee threw a gem in his second
start of the season going 7 innings while giving up only four hits and
striking out eight. On Saturday the Titans took on Fresno State and lost the game
by a score of 5 to 2. The Titans had a prime chance to get the lead in the
ninth trailing by three when they loaded the bases with no outs and the Titans
would go down swinging with at least three batters all striking out to the
end of the game. Sunday the Titans close out the legacy against Oklahoma this was
a close game throughout and at one point the Titans scored seven unanswered runs
but the Sooners wouldn’t go down without a fight
pulling with any run in the 5th to make the score 7 to 6 but that’s as close as
they were going to get as the Titans handed them their first loss of the
season by 8 and 6. The Titans improved to 4 and 5 on the
seasons closing out the Tony Gwynn Legacy with a 2 to 1 record. Now
let’s pitch it over to Brandy and Chloe with the baseball preview with On The
Mound. Thanks guys welcome to the first take of
On The Mound, I’m your new host Chloe Abbott here with
me I have my analyst Brandy Flores how are you doing today Chloe? I’m well
thanks for coming on the show. No standing out here right outside Goodwin
Field is a beautiful day to talk about some baseball and softball. So nice, thank
goodness I’m so tired of the cold the rain super upset the Washington game was
canceled what a bummer was so looking forward to the super rematch. Yeah that
would have been awesome I was real I was gonna cover that so I was really
disappointed that they didn’t put tarps over when they were gone over the
weekend for the MLB tournament apparently right. Let’s dive right into
the 2019 season let’s talk about this year’s squad but I really want to focus
on the loss of our pitching staff in Cole Eastman, Tommy Wilson, Andrew Quezada what do you think about that? Yeah and not to mention also star closer Brett
Conine I think that it is a really heavy hit on the Titans pitching staff this
year and Fullerton’s always been known to have really good pitching staff so I
think that with the new additions of the freshmans’ and Tanner Bibee who’s
killing it right now in this preseason so far I think the Titans are gonna be
alright Fullerton does have a strong pitching staff coaching wise so I think
they’re gonna be ok one thing that the Titans have always struggled with though
is leaving players on base and hitting we did also lose big heavy hitter Ruben
Cardenas he got drafted to the something to the Indian
course organization so I think that with these new freshmen sophomores coming in
they’ve really proven a lot so far. Definitely Tanner Bibee has definitely
shown his worth this season especially beating shutting out number 19 TCU and
shutting out Missouri State who made it to regionals last year, he shutout Missouri with eight strikeouts he is I think we’re really
gonna be able to rely on him as our main ace speaking of our freshman offensively
they are coming out really strong improving themselves let’s talk about
Jackson Lyon and Jason Brandow. Well I mean Jason Brandow hit a grand slam
against number one in the nation Vanderbilt that was a huge wake-up call
to say, “Hey I’m here and I’m ready to play,” I think with the additions like him
and Jackson Lyon and I believe Jackson Lyon is hitting right now .286 which is
really good for a starting freshman I think that we Fullerton finally has
several heavy hitters always been good at small ball they’re still doing that
but now that they can get those hits when we need them it’s gonna make a big
difference in our games and that’s why we’ve been so successful so far with the
new squad. Definitely, after from what we’ve seen so far with the MLB4 Collegiate Tournament and also the Tony Gwynn Classic where do you see us
standing in the Big West? Oh well definitely I they were also projected to
be number one in the Big West and that’s very obvious the biggest thing that the
Fullerton baseball teams can have to tackle is playing against those teams
once we get to regional Super Regionals and getting to Omaha they have I think
their capabilities so far it is a little early I do think they do have a lot of
potential to definitely make it to Omaha but they need to tighten things up a
little bit more. Absolutely I don’t see the Big West being a problem at all Cal
Poly came in second and we swept them so I’m not concerned about the Big West
Conference but I think we will do extremely well in regionals Super
Regionals I think we have a shot at Omaha but yeah you’re right it is early
to tell but I think we show a lot of promise beating TCU, Missouri, Virginia.
Vanderbilt we didn’t do terrible and they’re number one. I think so and it
towards the end when they scored those five runs I I think that shows a lot
like that they have still have that fight Fullerton always have that fight
they never go down without a fight there’s been countless games where
they’ve been tied in the ninth-inning going yeah so they definitely have the
promise but what’s also is gonna that they’re gonna be lacking is definitely
cause they don’t have those veteran players or as many veteran players
that’s why I think Tanner Bibee and guys like Sahid Valenzuela, Jacob Pavletich and Mitchell Berryhill yeah definitely those guys I see I see Jake Pav as a major leader on this team
he’s been Omaha twice this is his fifth year and second off with Hinkle for an
Sahid so he started all 61 games last year so definitely gonna be able to rely
on them yeah and Sahid was also a 2018 Cape Cod All-Star he’s he’s always
been doing very well he kind of speaks with the way he plays that’s how he’s
got on the team but now I think those guys are gonna have to step it up
because the seniors who were would have been seniors are now on to the big
leagues. Let’s move on the south forward they are 94 this season they four
walk-off wins 13 home runs 66 strikeouts overall for the pitching
staff what can we say about this team so far. I mean stats don’t lie the team is
doing very I think they’re gonna do very well this year like they did last year
as well that’s just a really good coaching shot behind coach Kelly Ford
I think the way she motivates the girls to succeed and kind of has the team
together I think they’re gonna do very well also you mentioned 13 home runs and
we’re not even not even close to conference yet honestly so I think that
they are definitely getting better with the bats although they are still only
hitting .243 they have only lost the four the four games but in those four games
you can kind of notice that oh there’s only the few girls that would be hitting
if it wasn’t the whole team Deshea Hill, Ari Williams those are the big
heavy hitters and they really need to come out this year and they’ve proven
that so far I mean Deshea Hill she’s like the epitome of calm cool collected I’m
gonna focus on hitting this ball and that’s it so I think having that tone
it’s gonna be very very helpful for the Titans because I mean it could get very
hectic when you’re down when you’re down by two got runners on. But like I said
four walk-off wins is a lot there are 13 games and they seem to be they seem to
have a fire in them and you know hitting is contagious so once one gets started
the rest get started and it’s just it’s just they know how to fight and it shows
that they’re clutch. I agree I’m one thing that they do definitely to work on
is I seems like as if on the field wise if kind of people are making errors or
more than a couple errors happen the whole team kind of crumbles that’s
natural I think. It’s natural but errors are extremely costly and there you can’t
afford them. Yeah definitely so I think they should do something I’ll just make
sure they’re all still together they are still very young but because they have that year under their belt now a lot of the players that we had last
year now sophomores when they get to that next level after a conference
making it to playoffs and the NCAA tournament I think they’re gonna succeed because there’s no doubt in my mind that they will be taking
first in the Big West Conference. I totally agree second place it was Long
Beach and right now they are 6 and 7 UCR came in third and right now they
have a losing record and I think it’s I think it’s might be 4 and 9 I’m not
totally sure on that but it’s just not looking good for those teams so I don’t
see softball either having a problem in the Big West taking it it’s just
definitely getting past those Midwest teams Oklahoma, Arkansas those are where
the Titans fall fall. And I think coach Kelly Ford said the other day or their
big loss that one thing that a is good to lose really big this early I agree
with that statement because you want to be making the mistakes early yes that’s
true preferably no mistakes but it’s good to see what you’re vulnerable to
and then what you need to kind of adjust as you get into conference and playing
those harder teams. Just shows where you need to patch up the holes it’s not a
big deal that’s why it’s preseason because you’re figuring out where things
need to be fixed what changes need to be made and again its that’s why it’s
pretty season. Yeah and then they’re playing a lot of games softballs always
been heavy with the tournaments they have they’re another trimmer that
they’re gonna be hosting here at their home stadium I think that’s gonna be
very beneficial for them not having to travel as much. Definitely, that’s all we
have for you with On The Mound today I’m your host Chloe Abbott let’s move on to
In Case You Missed It. Thank you guys what’s up Titans! I’m Ashling Antolin and
if you couldn’t keep up with Titan Atletics last week, I got you covered in case you missed it. starting things off with men’s
basketball the boys were on the road Saturday the 23rd they fell to UC Santa
Barbara by the score of 82 to 67 snapping the team’s four-game winning
streak moving over to the ladies they played on Saturday the 23rd away at Cal
Poly they couldn’t continue the momentum from Thursday’s win and lost with a
final score of 69 to 58. The men’s golf team was in Palm Desert this past
weekend taking part in the Wyoming Desert Intercollegiate Tournament the
Titans finished tied for 9th place going 24 over par .888 taking it
outside with women’s tennis the Loyola Marymount match started a bit rough for
the Titans as the Lions were able to break out strong with two set wins the
weather took a wild turn just a bit into the match and the remainder of the match
was postponed the new dates have not been released yet. The indoor track and
field team were at the 2019 mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championship
this weekend and kicked off Friday the 23rd breaking a school record in the
distance medley relay the championships continued on Saturday
and the Titans did not hesitate to continue breaking records Samantha
Huerta and Trinity Ruelas both broke school records in the mile and 3k
respectively. Want the upcoming latest games for the
Titan Athletics? We sent it over to this week’s Titan Timeline. Thanks Ashling I’m
Jasia Morrison and this is Titan Timeline. Now let’s take a look at what’s coming
up for the next week, pitching it onto the diamond baseball season is here the
Titans baseball team will play here at Fullerton’s very own home base against
Stanford from March 1st to the 3rd. Passing it over to men’s basketball the
team will be playing against Cal Poly on Thursday the 28th in Titan Gym you can
catch the game on ESPN3 but I think you’d much rather want to be there
because it’s also Fan Appreciation Day after that the men’s team is on the road
again to play UC Davis Saturday March 2nd. Bouncing over to women’s basketball
who will be playing against UC Irvine on Wednesday at Titan Gym the fans will be
recognized once again for Fan Appreciation Night, then let’s say aloha
as the team travels to Hawaii to play on Saturday March 2nd. Next it’s time to get
fired up for these upcoming tennis matches because the ball is in
Fullerton’s court the women’s tennis team will face off against Azusa Pacific
on Wednesday moving forward the team will serve up some points against Long
Beach State on March 2nd. On to softball you know as Titans are all about the
base about the base no trouble, this weekend is no exception the Titans will
be hosting the Judy garment classic Fullerton will open a tournament with
Oregon on the first day followed by UCONN on day two and then Texas-San
Antonio on day three they will finish the classic with a doubleheader against
Washington and New Mexico Swinging over to men’s golf the team
will compete in the Sacramento State Invitational on March 4th and 5th I’m
sure to be a weekend you won’t FORE! get well it was a race to the finish
but we’re here with our final update for the week Titans are you ready? are you
set? because track season season is
officially here the team will have their first meet at the RCC Invitational on
Friday March 1st. Well that’s the latest on these week’s games and I hope your
calendars are full now, Nathan and Rita back to you at the desk. Well folks
that’s all we have for today thank you for tuning in for today’s episode. You
can watch our past episodes and game packages on our YouTube channel be sure
to LIKE, comment and subscribe and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and
Twitter at CSUF Titan Sports and like us on Facebook to stay connected with us. On
behalf of the Titan Sports I’m Rita La Vau and I’m Nathan McHugh be sure to
keep those Tusks Up Titans! and see you guys next time.

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