28 thoughts on “Timo Boll “Sorry! I can play with 2 hands”

  1. Coach can u make a video over the time were you can make the time-out best? Because i not always have a coach witch my

  2. I hate that the oponnent is not appreciating whatsoever even tho Boll is saying sorry after the point
    Not very sportsmanlike tbh

  3. Boll has done that a few times, but his right-hand game is a bit of a one-trick pony: he has a forehand counter-drive that he plays once, in that one established, right-side, mid-court pocket.
    Adam Bobrow has a fun-video where he and Boll actually played a few points or a rally with Boll right-hand only, and it was pretty pathetic, like a very weak weekend club player who would lose 10-1 to any decent club-player.

  4. even if he use his legs too….cannot beat ma or fan or xiang lol….and who is that guy in blue shirt??? never heard of him lol

  5. Two hands video

    I don't remember how I became an ambidextrous table tennis player, but in college the "casual" dorm games became quite competitive! Not to this tournament level, but pretty darn good. The whole forehand/backhand smashes deal etc.
    I would start playing left handed (beating most challengers), but every once in a while I would encounter someone who be capable of playing at a higher level. That's when I'd nonchalantly start using my right hand on the next game. It would freak my opponent out and most of the time prevail. With the less skilled players, we allowed the non tossed serves, but with the good players one had to follow the legal serves etc. It was fun to see the faces of the suck, er I mean opponent as they were destroyed.
    I have a now 20yr old very athletic son (high school: varsity cross-country, varsity downhill ski racing, tennis team, and, of course, a decent table tennis player. He started showing interest around eight so I started to teach him. He wasn't into using basic and skills, rather just hitting any old way. Gradually his skills started to improve and wanted to play games. I should say that both my sister's husbands and one of my sisters plus her three sons were very accomplished also.
    As I my son developed into a better and better player and by the time he started high school it was a challenge to keep winning. The moment of truth arrived. Now he was capable of beating me, so during one game I switched to right hand and blew him away. Now there was a look on his face! Disbelief!
    I'd been playing him lefty all those years! YEAH !
    I just turned 71 yesterday. I had to stop playing right handed a few years ago due to rotator cuff issues, but even though he could win now, it's often 50/50.
    I was stiil winning some up until three years ago. However, my knees, hips, and back are shot!
    And that's my story.

  6. there's a couple players in the amateur scene in Los Angeles that do that… and I think I've never won a point in the half dozen times it's happened, and I'm about a 1900 player. I tell myself attack that side, but there's something about it, you're distracted by the fan part of you wanting to recognize it and you're not completely in the moment…

  7. Ok, I know I cannot ever replicate the standard of these players, but I switch hands all the time playing table tennis. Cant believe the commentators are getting so excited. Serious question…..is it not all that common in the professional game?

  8. a: Timo forehand is weak
    b: wtf are you talking, he is the best
    a: yeah, but I meant his right forehand
    b: …. (puzzled and still figuring)
    a: yeah, I watch is video that repeat x times.
    b: I see, you know I can beat Roger Federrer …. in table tennis.

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