Thursday Night Football? Somebody Has to Do It | Gridiron Heights S4E3

– Eli, I’m scared. – It’s going to be OK. Saquon, I’m scared. – It’s going to be OK. – ♪OOOOOOOOH. THURSDAY NIGHT.♪ – SOMEONE MUST MAKE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. SO, LET’S DECIDE WHO’S PLAYING ON THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! BUT THAT’S ONLY A FOUR-DAY TURNAROUND FOR INJURIES. – ♪Waiting half a week for Thursday night.♪ – This week’s game will be streamed exclusively on Myspace with our worst broadcast team. – So the little guy passes to another guy, and I don’t know, I give up. – WE VOLUNTEER AS PRIME TIME. – SIR, NO! – We can’t handle the spotlight! – QUIET, QUARTERBACKS! – THE FIRST TEAM SELECTED IS… THE DOLPHINS! – Hey, Rog, Coach put our name in like a thousand times. – WAIT, WAIT, WHO’S TRYING TO SABOTAGE THE— HEY, MAN, WHOSE BUCKET IS THIS?!?! – Fine… The Chiefs. – ONLY FOUR DAYS TO GAME-PLAN?!?! – All right, how about the Bears? OK? – Uh, we already doink it. I mean, we already did it. Matt, Parkey can’t hurt you anymore. – NO, NO, NO. WE MUST GIVE THE FOOTBALL GODS AN UNEXCITING MATCHUP. – IT IS WRITTEN. TITANS-JAGS. THE ULTIMATE THURSDAY GAME. – Yeehaw! I’ll dance on a Thursday! – HEY, YOU. YEAH, ALL FREAKIN’ HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YOU Flipping listen to me. I’m P.O.’d about the lurkers watching our B.S. So subscribe to this G.D. channel or G.T. the Fluff O. DADDY SAYS SUBSCRIBE.

100 thoughts on “Thursday Night Football? Somebody Has to Do It | Gridiron Heights S4E3

  1. I just realized this about Cam Newton in every episode… he’s always Captain Obvious “Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass and won MVP”, “It’s like the NFL 4 years ago” lmao how did I not realize this

  2. Typical YouTube approved social engineering propaganda/filth. YT IS CENSORING THE GOOD CHANNELS, FORCING ONLY YouTube approved SJW bull shit. Boycott this YT approved crap!

  3. If it is possible can you have Antonio Gates going to the retired athletes place with Philip Rivers saying goodbye to him. Antonio Gates number is 85. He played for the chargers

  4. Next time on Thursday night Philadelphia Eagles(who boo santa and its my team) vs the green Bay Packers(once a victim of the evil peta and there qb is old)

  5. Minshue shouldn’t have a baby voice even though he is a rookie I mean the guy tried to break his Hand to get red shirted and has a porn offer

  6. NFL done flagged us so much in just a few games that Bleacher Report made it a running gag ??‍♂️???‍♂️⚜⚜⚜⚜

  7. Getting TNF every week would actually help the Dolphins. They get a week’s rest but their opponent always gets 4 days. The Dolphins would never act so foolishly as to hurt their opponent!

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