THROBBIN HOOD. You read that right. – Mini Golf Funny Moments (Golf It Gameplay)

Smii7y: Welcome to Golf It… this ones about… mini troll. We have a guy- Mini: What! Smii7y: -named Mini Ladd. Shut up, we have the gu- the guy who stole the- Mini: What! Smii7y: -shut up… Shut up! Mini: You said my name fucker. Smii7y: You don’t get NE explanation. You just gonna deal with it. Kryoz: It’s a troll level. Smii7t: Yeet! Kryoz: Yote Mini: Fuck Smii7y: Come on! Wait, what is that? Kryoz: Oh too hard. Huh, that’s what women always say when I’m inside them and they’re pilled up Asianboy: Oh, hole in one hell yeah. Mini: (laughing) All the time. Smii7y: John really boosting his ego right now. (Everyone laughs) Panda: Ah you son of a cock sucker! Smii7y: Woooa! Mini: I can’t do it. Smii7y: Just get it in the hole, lol. Mini: I can’t. Smii7y: It’s a big fucking hockey net boys. No wonder I’m the only one who scored that shit. Kryoz: Oh yeah, this isn’t hole in one. I reset after my first stroke. Mini: Oh, I’ve been resetting this entire time. Fuck (laughs) I’m on stroke ten. (Everyone laughs) Fuck Asianboy: That’s a yikes Kryoz: Okay I mean I didn’t suck that- Mini: Fuck! Smii7y: Mini come on you can’t be that bad at hockey, come on. Just get it in, get it in the net. Dude- Kryoz: Canadians are weird. Asianboy: How are you managing that? Mini: Shut the fuck up. Smii7y: Wait Kryoz: Don’t hit that, don’t hit that’s a trap. Mini: Oh, nope too late too late. Kryoz: It’s a spike trap. Smii7y: Yeah I don’t wanna go through there, it looks deadly. Mini: Oh Huh Smii7y: Hold on there’s gotta be something more to thi- (Gasp) There it is, my magnum opus. Kryoz: My precious jewel. Panda: Uh excuse me, why did it kick me off? Mini: Oh I am so fucking far last, can we reset? (laughs) Smii7y: My magnum- Kryoz: Oooh more like your magnum ‘nope’us. Asianboy: My magnum ‘yoot’us Smii7y: Yeeeet! Mini: Nope Smii7y: Come on (Laughing) Mini: There you go. Smii7y and Kryoz: Yeee- Kryoz: Nope (Everyone Laughs) Kryoz: Just a little bit harder. Panda: Getting slapped around. Smii7y: Yeee- Kryoz: Rub it a little bit- Mini: There you go. Kryoz: -get it a little bit harder. Smii7y: Yeah! Mini: Nice Smii7y: Oh thank god I thought I was gonna bounce out, I would’ve been fucking pissed. That was not worth it probably, yep Anthony got five. Kryoz: I see something. Smii7y: I see something to. Kryoz: That doesn’t work. Smii7y: I might go for it. Mini: Fuck Kryoz: I’m curious whats over here. Smii7y: Fuck, wait what is this? What am I about to do? Mini: Nailed that shit. Smii7y: Get in there. Panda: Why? Smii7y: Oh come on man. Mini: What the fuck Smithers? Are you good? Smii7y: Oh oh, what is this? What is this? What am I- Mini: Where are you? I’m just trying to get my, trying to get my credible score back. Panda: Shit on my anus. Smii7y: Thats the winner, that’s the winner. I can feel it, I can feel it, I can feel it Mini: You want me to shit on your shit hole? Smii7y: I’ve lost feeling. Kryoz: Ah dude, I’m nuts. Panda: What the fuck? Mini: What- (laughs) what the fuck. Kryoz: I almost got you in. Asianboy: No- Smii7y: Get in there. Asianboy: -this sucks. Panda: (laughs) I’m back. (Everyone Laughs) Mini: That benefited you. Kryoz: Just helping you out man. (Everyone Laughs) Smii7y: Yes Asianboy: No Smii7y: Yes Mini: Oh that’s good Kryoz: What’s to the left? Mini: Yep! Smii7y and Mini: Yeeee- Mini: Oooh! (Everyone laughs) Panda: God! Smii7y: Yeee- Kryoz: That’s it- not. Smii7y: Bitch! Mini: Nice Smii7y: Fuck! Kryoz: Worst shot of them all. Mini: Alright, I’m not last I can have fun now. Asianboy: Alright Smii7y: John, that is ambitious brother. Let me just say- Panda: Is this the same hole agian? Kryoz: Wait that might actually work! Smii7y: What? Asianboy: I think it does Kryoz: There’s barrels over here. Asianboy: You guys can also just drop down behind. Mini: Oh, this would do it to. Ha ah fuck! Smii7y: John, John, John, John… Mini: Why! Smii7y: Just really soft off the back, just really soft. You see it? Panda: Fuck you do to me? Smii7y: Okay (laughs) no no, not that one. Mini: Thank you. Smii7y: Not that one. You see the other one? Kryoz: Huh? No. Asianboy: Below you, like right under your feet. Smii7y: You’ll have to move Anthony, there you go. Panda: Ha-haaaa Mini: Come on! Aaah! Fuck I fell out. Come on bounce in. Smii7y: Is that the one you went for originally Eli? Asianboy: I just- Panda: Aaah! Smii7y: Sorry can’t hear you over the sound of Anthony’s demise. Asianboy: I no-clipped and looked around. Smii7y: You no-clipped?! Kryoz: You can’t do that! Smii7y: That’s illegal Asianboy: What do you mean you can’t do that? Kryoz: You can’t do that! Panda: That’s only a double-bogey? Kryoz: That’s gonna get you another fucking bomb. Smii7y: Ahhh, yeah you can’t fool me game I’m going over this- Okay nevermind. The game’s like no! No, you go this way. Okay yeah, fuck me then right? Ha ha Get in there. Mini: Now where? Aw Smii7y: I can already tell this is super boring, I’m already super bored. Mini: Oooh! Ya nasty! Panda: Mother bitch Which hole do we have to go in?! Mini: The throbbin’ one, straight ahead! Panda: The throbbing one? Smii7y: I’m pretty sure that’s a- Mini: The frogging hole. Smii7y: Throbbin hood Mini: Throbbin hood (Everyone laughs) Shootin’ arrows right into that puss. Smii7y: There’s no way that doesn’t exist. Kryoz: Ah, definitely would. Asianboy: I’m pretty sure it does. Kryoz: No way it can’t. Panda: Fuck Throbbin hood, he fucks the rich and nuts on the poor. Kryoz: Same Panda: Where am I supposed to go?! Smii7y: Just hit, hit the arrows lol. Mini: Look straight ahead at the arrow with the… Kryoz: The target Mini: …the target. That’s, that’s the word I’m lookin’ for. Throbbin hood hit the target. Smii7y: Did you not know? Panda: No! Asianboy: He’s, uh, legally blind. Please don’t make fun of him. Kryoz: He’s legally retarded. Mini: Jesus Anthony. There you go. Ooh! Kryoz: You got in there real swift. Mini: Real swift. Kryoz and Smii7y: Yeah but it’s your last stroke. (Everyone laughs) Panda: I would’ve ran out of time anyway. Mini: Wrong hole Throbbin hood. Panda and Kryoz: I remember this hole. (Everyone laughing) Smii7y: I can’t Panda: I still can’t get it in! Mini: Fuck Kryoz: Neither can I! Mini: Nope Panda: Why! Mini: Ah! My ears starting ringing from this fucking screaming. Asianboy: Where are we going? Mini: Woah! (Laughing) Okay, you don’t need to go that far. Smii7y: Wait, wait, I’m going for it. Here we go, I’m going for it again. (Gasp) I’m in. Mini: What? Smii7y: Hello Aw, fuck me. Are you- Asianboy: No way Panda: And I’m back. Smii7y: Shit, yeah my ass- Mini: Oh, thank you. Go! (Laughing and disappointment) Smii7y: Fuck you Mini Mini: Yeah I never wanna fuck a- Oh why! Smii7y: Eli came in with the snipe. Oh these are the barrels. Kryoz: Hole in one. Panda: Yes indeed they are. Kryoz: Hole in two. Smii7y: I can’t make it this easy- Kryoz: Hole in three. Smii7y: I gotta, I gotta do something- Panda: I did it. Smii7y: -more exciting. Oh that’s exciting, let me tell ya, that’s exciting. Mini: Fuck Smii7y: That’s doable Kryoz: Nope, I’m going over into the boats. (Gasp) Wait did I do it?! No! Smii7y: Oh I see what you’re doing. I’m just gonna take what you’re doing and do it before you do it. Kryoz: Bet! Mini: Oh, what the f- Panda: Nice Kryoz: Mother fucker! Smii7y: Get in there! Mini: Bounce, bounce! Bounce in. Nope. (Gasp) Boat! Kryoz: Oh Smii-7y Panda: Where you going now? Smii7y: I don’t know dude. I’m just trying to do things. Kryoz: I just wanna be unique! Panda: There’s like twenty fucking holes on this one. And you’re going for one- Asianboy: He’s not lost, he’s just- Kryoz: There’s at least eighteen holes on this whole map. Panda: I meant on this particular- Smii7y: That’s a golf joke. Panda: -hole we’re on right now. Smii7y: I’m gonna get it off the roof- Mini: Or not. Asianboy: Or just- Smii7y: Not good enough, not good enough, not good enough. Off the- Oh, well, I just through my opportunity right there. (Everyone laughs) Mini: Cool Smii7y: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You bitch. Kryoz: Pay back is a pain in the butt. Mini: Woo! Smii7y: How did- Mini: Next! Smii7y: -I manage that? How did I do that to? Mini: Are you good? Kryoz: Hello Smii7y, how do you do? Kryoz and Smii7y: Oooooh Smii7y: Hit me bitch. Aaah! Are you kidding me?! Asianboy: Start at the beginning. Smii7y: Oh I didn’t think of that. (Laughing) Kryoz: Mother fuck Mini: Oh he’s panicking. Oh! Smii7y: I’m gonna go over to that one over there. Actually, I could, hold on- Mini: Wait, yeah. Smii7y: -let me crank my dpi. Mini: Yeah you see it. Panda: Holy fuck Kryoz: Hello I came to join you. Panda: Holy shit, it worked! Smii7y: Woo! Kryoz: Oh did you get it in that one? Asianboy: What did you make it into? What? Mini: The hockey puck. Panda: That’s amazing Asianboy: Oh Smii7y: It’s the hockey net calling me. Mini and Kryoz: Nice Panda: Wacha! Mini: Oh, what? Panda: That didn’t go as expected. Kryoz: Wacha! Boochanka Smii7y: Fuck, wait, how am I up here? Asianboy: Oh no Smii7y: Hey, ya’ll like Jack Black movies? Asianboy: Jack what? Panda: Like School of Rock? Smii7y: School of Cock Panda: Ooh! Smii7y: That’s probably another porn parody. Kryoz: That ones kind of weird, I don’t know. Panda: Throbbin hood Kryoz: That one might be a little bit illegal. Smii7y: That’s the excit- Kryoz: That might of been a Jared Fogle production. (Everyone laughs) Mini: Oh! Smii7y: Wait, what? Hold on. Yay ya Mini: Oh Kryoz: I am hard As a- Smii7y: Oh! Tony Hawk! Kryoz: -something fairly hard. Smii7y: I’m a half pipe, fuck! Kryoz: Dude, first of all my Tony Hawk mode is way cooler. I hit a full halfy pipey. Did a little bit a nine- Mini: (Laughs) halfy pipey. Kryoz: Uh first of all, I bought bearings one time so I know how to skate alright? Back the fuck up. Panda: That didn’t work, so I’m gonna go for this hole again. Smii7y: Go, go, go, go… Asianboy: Yeah this ain’t, this ain’t working. Smii7y: I’m relying on you brother. Panda: Alright, I got you. Kryoz: It’s not a hole in one challenge, you remember that Smii7y right? Smii7y: Aah! Yeah I know. Oooh! Kryoz: Wait, why’d it reset you back? Smii7y: I don’t know. Mini: Did you press R? Asianboy: Oh god, it threw me all the way back. Mini: How did I get up past fourth place? Smii7y: Dpi is going up! Asianboy: Threw me off the map. Smii7y: I don’t know how to hit, how hard to hit it with this dpi. Oh that’s a winner. Oh that’s a loser. Kryoz: You know it’s not a hole in one challenge right? Smii7y: I don’t care. Kryoz: Okay I just wanna be sure. Smii7y: It’s just that- Panda: It is for him. Smii7y: Behind it! Asianboy: Oh! Kryoz: How do you struggle on the simplest of hole in one maps? This is like the easiest course to get a hole in one in. And you can’t. But yet on other ones you trickshot- Smii7y: That’s not what we’re here to talk about. So I’m just going to do this. I’m going to go over here to this hole. Kryoz: Let’s see if it works. Kryoz and Smii7y: Oh Smii7y: Alright. Kyroz: Didn’t even leave time. Mini: Hey, I remember this one! Smii7y: I fucking wanna die. Mini! Mini: Hey, thank you. Panda: Meanie Mini: I’m a big fat wie- Oh it resets you. Panda: Yeah, I guess we’re not suppose to go for this one. Smii7y: Yes we are. Eli… I hope- Asianboy: You pushed me what are you talking about? Mini: Mmm, yes. Smii7y: I hope a brick gets- Kryoz: Ah! Smii7y: -gets thrown at you and you’re able to dodge it. Kryoz: Smii7y! Oh you little! Oh god dude, I’m dodging fucking bullets. Smii7y: Ooh! John! (Gasp) Oh thank you! No! Dude, you spawned the second I did it. Kryoz: Oh! I’m not horny. Panda: Well, I’m glad. Mini: That’s nice to hear John, I’m happy for you. Smii7y: Oh I wanna die! AsianBoy: Oh you’re gonna make it, you’re gonna make it. Smii7y: Get in there! (Everyone laughs) Mini: Anthony (laughs) Asianboy: That was terrible for everybody. Smii7y: Oh my god dude (laughing) Panda: Aaah! Smii7y: I can’t believe you’ve done this, I can’t believe it. Asianboy: Watch John fuck you over. Mini: Oh, there you go, okay. I was waiting for it. Kryoz: That’s it. About time. Panda: Enter they fister. Mini: Mr. Fister Kryoz: This one’s easy. Panda: Get into that little bread basket up there huh? Asianboy: What the, what the f- Smii7y: Oh it’s one of these, I love these. These are great. Mini: Oh, you’re welcome. Aaah! Smii7y! Kryoz: Dude we gotta do it twice, what the fuck. Smii7y: Third shot Forth shot Fifth, fifth shot Kryoz: Dude you’re gonna be drunk stop. Asianboy: I was gonna say you’re going- Mini: There we go, we good. Oh you’re fucking right to. God Kryoz: Hole in one Panda: Why is it going so fucking fast? I’m hardly hitting the ball. Smii7y: (Gasp) Wow that would’ve been professional. I would’ve been like a pool player. Kyroz: I’ll move, I’ll move for you. Smii7y: Fuck Mini: I hate this. I hate everything about this. Come on please! Thank you! Kryoz: Welcome to fight club bitch. Panda: Ooh Asianboy: You kind of helped him there. Panda: Not, no- Mini: Thank you- It doesn’t matter. Why?! Kryoz: Welcome to flight club bit- -or, uh, fight club. We ain’t flying sorry. Panda: You know what fight club- Smii7y: Just skip to the good part where I got a seventeen. Mini: Fucking chri- Smii7y: I’ll spectate other people, I’m over it. Fuck it. Mini: Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. Awww Panda: Fuck you John! Mini: You guys are fucking can city, whop! Nope. Panda: It reset me and now I couldn’t get back. Mini: Great that didn’t work at all. Panda: I stroked out. Panda: I’m just gonna eat some more, whatever. Mini: What? (laughs) Panda: Fuck you, play the god damn game. (Everyone laughs) Let me eat my jerky. Mini: What? Okay Panda: How How are How What do you do? Smii7y: Hmm, that be cool if I could stay here. Kryoz: Yes bounce on my dick dad- Uh? Smii7y: Huh? Oh! huh. Kryoz: Is that a goose or French Montana? Who knows. Smii7y: No, it’s Gucci Mane. Kryoz: Huuuuh Smii7y: B-ar, B-ar (making seal-like sounds) Panda: (laughing) Sounds like a seal. Mini: (mimics Smii7y) A cold seal, B-ar. Asianboy: They’re both mammals. Kyroz: It sounds like, it sounds like when you’re uh- Panda: Holy shit! Kryoz: It sounds like where you’re a hoard and your alliance said lol. Smii7y: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just go over it. Kryoz: Getting over it? Smii7y: I’m not gonna- Kryoz: Golfedit Asianboy: Wait that actually is a thing. Mini: Thats actually a thing. Golfing over it. Smii7y: I’m gonna be realistic. I’m a- Alright, just, I can’t be realistic. There’s just no point. I just have to go for the hole, and I can’t even- play it normally. Mini: We’re good Panda: I got it. Kryoz: Aaah! I didn’t Panda: Yay, I got a par Asianboy: If you would be realistic- Mini: Oh yeah it’s over. Thank fucking god. Panda: Is that the last hole? Mini: That’s the last hole. Thank christ Smii7y: Yea- what? Panda: John’s an asshole He’s an evil asshole. Mini: You’re only finding this out now? Panda: No no, I’ve known. (Everyone laughs) Smii7y: What’s my other option? AsianBoy: Let me go to the other hole. Kryoz: Okay, feel free man. Smii7y: (Gasp) I figured it out. Mini: Oh no He’s waiting. Smii7y: Alright, nevermind (Everyone laughs) Panda: Well that was a little anti-climatic. Smii7y: Fuckers! Mini: Oh, oh Smii7y: Alright, disregard last sentence. Aaah! Kryoz: What you say bitch? Smii7y: Actually reset Mini: Right, right back (laughs) Smii7y: Look where I am John. I’ve fallen apart You cannot hit me with ball. Mini: Oop Smii7y: But John can Fuck it! Oh, there it is. There’s my opening right there. Kryoz: I’m not, I’m not there anymore so you can make it possibly. What the, am I high? Mini: Nice One shot, go. Kryoz: One second! Smii7y: Oh no! (Everyone laughs) That is my hardest victory ever. Or loss rather, it’s a loss. Mini: (laughs) Hardest victory I feel like you got the game wrong. (Outro Song)

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  1. When everyone's debating whether it's laurel or yanni but your a clone trooper and you heard execute order 66

  2. What was the thing Swaggersouls said?….. "Mister Lister The Sister Fister And Lister´s Sister The Fister Resistor"
    Just came to my mind when Mini said "Mister Fister"


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