Three Little Birds and AFC Ajax: How Bob Marley’s Song Became an Anthem in Amsterdam

My father was a big football fan. To hear maybe sixty thousand people sing it all at once at a football game. Not even at a concert, but at a football game And I think that would be very moving and touching for him. ♫ Three little birds ♫ It gives me a lot of goosebumps. ♫ Pitch by my doorstep ♫ ♫ Singin sweet songs ♫ We were always searching for our own anthem, and finally in 2008, we found it. I was the guy who kick-started Ajax using Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ as their anthem. Cardiff City were playing their final pre-season friendly, and ended up nil-nil. But after the game, they decided to keep the Ajax fans in and I was asked to play some music. I started with Bob Marley, ‘Three Little Birds’. ♫ Cause every little thing ♫ ♫ is gonna be alright ♫ They were all dancing, clapping, singing along to the song. ♫ Pitch by my doorstep ♫ ♫ Singin sweet songs ♫ I kind of left that stadium that night thinking, ‘Wow.’ ♫ Saying, this is my message to you ♫ Everybody knows the song, every supporter knows it. It’s a great feeling when you enter the pitch and everybody’s happy with the song. You see everybody can run more. It’s about to fly! Ky-Mani Marley! He heard about the ‘Three Little Birds’ song, he was so enthusiastic when he saw all the supporters singing his father’s song, that he said, ‘Oh wow, man, I’m a supporter for life, and I want to sing it on the pitch’. Yeah, my father was a big football fan, you know, and football and the music kind of goes hand in hand for him. To be able to hear so many people at the Ajax stadium at half-time sing ‘Three Little Birds’ would mean so much to him to know that his hard work has touched so many hearts, that they made it the theme song, you know that’s awesome. Being able to perform the song there, to feel the energy and the vibration in the stadium on that day did something to me that I’ll never forget. It was moving, you know, it was ground-shaking. A truly magical moment. ♫ Cause every little thing ♫ ♫ is gonna be alright ♫ It’s Ajax, that’s my team. From now on, until the day my number is called.

32 thoughts on “Three Little Birds and AFC Ajax: How Bob Marley’s Song Became an Anthem in Amsterdam

  1. Ajax my new favourite really good to see ajax going through playoff against side like RM wanted to see Liverpool vs ajax in final

  2. Ajax. A club from the greatest, legalised weed city in the world, whose anthem is a Bob Marley tune.


  3. As LFC fan I would've loved to sing along Ajax fans b4 the kick off. My heart is broken Ajax lost to Spuds.

  4. Ajax Amsterdam is going to be my second team after Besiktas Istanbul because of owning these Marley's songs as their anthem.

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