This Week in Baseball – July 1985

the Mariners cha-cha chico Tajik and put on a party with a surprising twist jitterbugging into the shuffle of the western walks the hawk soars on center stage demonstrating artistic ballet moves in an ongoing performance that is simply head spinning the Cardinals keep high kicking and strutting their stuff sashing their way to the top so get set for all that jazz as we trip the light fantastic y’all on this week in baseball [Music] this week in baseball is brought to you by raucous birthday has just passed and baseball fans have been celebrating our national pastime by packing big league ballparks to set a new one-week attendance record of almost two and a half million with redhot braces and all four divisions it’s no wonder that the baseball world seems to be walking on sunshine [Music] the pitch to Phil Bradley the fastball [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] and here we go with this week’s show national league scene in st. Louis the card decks amass st. Louis said hello the first place in the east after sweeping three games from the struggling Mets in the opener Tom Nieto wasn’t expected to do much against New York what was the 220 average but he drove in two runs including the game-winner while st. Louis was running his June record 217 and 8 the Mets were losing their 19th game of the month John Tudor did help New York raised its MOLLE batting average by giving up 9 hits but he allowed just two runs and got the win Tudor also won his next outing for number 7 in the road after a one-in-seven start ken dayley picks up the save giving the Cardinals a 36 and to record in games that they led in after the sixth inning [Music] sweet relief for st. Louis but no relief for New York the next day when once again Tom Nieto manhandled the Mets this time four hits and four RBIs for the second-year catcher who usually makes his contribution on defense I’ve put my catching first and my hitting second if I don’t get any hits and we win and I fall a good game and I’d block balls and throw people I’m happy with that so I think that’s what why he wants out of me to be a good catcher and a good handle of the pitching staff and so far things come along real well all is well with Joaquin Andujar who shut up New York to become the first 13 game winner in the majors and our pitching to foster he’ll go anywhere with the ball the pitch swinging a line drive to Ozzie [Applause] themselves next day Redbird Reuters had to wait 11 innings before rookie sensation Vince Coleman put the Mets away that completed the sweep and continued a met losing streak that lasted six games while the cards kept on climbing under San Diego where the Padres faced a Red Menace the Western Division leading cadres got fouled up when Cincinnati struck with hips and runs aplenty in Game one yep start Reds outlasted San Diego 11 9 thanks in part to a still venomous Cobra Dave Parker who hit home run number 14 to keep his batting average above 310 and raised his RBI account to 55 all among the league leaders Wayne crunchy key contributed to hips and three RBIs boosting his career average against the Padres to 465 [Music] Cincinnati’s bullpen made San Diego to rest for good Ted power preserved the wind with his fourth save in as many games as the Reds roll to win number four in row [Music] next day the Padres held on for a win but in Game three Dave an gorta said rockabyebaby with a home run to tie the game it stayed that way until the 9th when player manager Pete Rose stepped up with two on and rose to the occasion peach game-winner put him a mere 39 hits away from Ty Cobb’s all-time Parker on the mound reliever John Franco collected the win as the Reds completed their best June in six years and remained right on San Diego’s tale now let’s open the notebook for this week in baseball’s twig notes from around the National League 36 year-old Rick Russell is staging a remarkable comeback with Pittsburgh after shoulder problems almost ended his career three years ago since being called up from the minors the former cub and Yankee has been a major success a six in one record with an e ra here to Houston pitcher Bob Knepper enters a game against the Giants batting 0.30 that’s thirty folks with no RBIs no matter he blasted a two-run homer drove in four runs including the game-winner once more Knepper through a poor hitter for his first complete game of the season as the Astros beat San Francisco for the eleventh straight time going back to last year teammate Joe Niekro Houston’s all-time winning his pitcher picked up career victory number 200 when he beat San Diego 3-2 also his fourth win on the road getting Joe and brother filled of the Yankees a combined total of 490 one big league victories now it’s time for this week’s quiz brought to you by Nissan builders of high quality cars and trucks for over 50 years on July 1st Chicago’s Comiskey Park celebrated its 75th birthday the oldest ballpark in the majors built by owner Charles Comiskey in 1910 it’s been home to the white sox ever since now for this week’s quiz which is the newest big league ballpark stay tuned for the new home of an old franchise from league travel log in detroit the blue jays motor the focus was on the east and division lead when runner-up detroit hosted the first place Blue Jays in the opener George Bell sounded off of one of his 15 home runs lifting his batting average near 290 improving he practices what he preaches go the home play and do one thing look for the pitch you want to hear them wait for that pitch and swing and you know every time you know you do that you have a you know a little bandage because see they troll a pitch where you know where you want it you kid the boat for you but not against Dave Stieb he’s been downright stingy with an IRA of 1.9 four lowest in the league Dave tossed a three-hit shutout against Detroit for win number eight pushing the Tigers further off the pace we’re like a cat back to the corner I think that there’s nothing either do to come out fighting and that’s the way we were whenever you bag is in the corner we just come out fighting and we’ve seen the gel together as a ball come and play good fun a little baseball Kirk Gibson has put his fundamentals to work with 17 homers and in Game two he hit one out as Detroit blasted the Jays eight to nothing Walt Terrell continued his reign of terror on opposing batters giving up just two hits and raising his record to nine and three in the finale Tiger fans wanted more but domicile Garcia became an early bird who caught the worm a home run on the very first pitch of the game and dama wasn’t done even with the score tied in the 8th he delivered the game-winner and the Jays one six two five to close out June still sporting the best record in the major now let’s key battle with Seattle as the Mariners make mayhem the young Mariners event rock in the West starting in Texas where they won the first of a team record eight straight games by banging out twenty hits the tire club mark [Music] Seattle also celebrated Oprah’s pinching reliever Edwin nuñez has been the saving grace for a starting staff that went almost a month without a complete game Nunez saved five of the eight wins allowing just three hits and no runs in all 11 saves and an ara below three [Music] other big names in Seattle’s who’s who include Jim Presley who hit 370 during the win streak and leads the team with 17 home runs and 43 RBIs Phil Bradley has played in every game and ranks among the league leaders in almost every offensive category a big surprise to many but not to his manager last year affiliate 300 force and he had they only had 300 at-bats but if you hit 300 the major leagues with 300 at-bats you have to have some calories Bradley appears to have plenty and so do other up and coming mirror in the youngsters like switch hitting shortstop spike Owen who hit 474 with 16 total bases in six games from the number nine spot you know Seattle’s kids aren’t kidding around next up Chicago where Minnesota made it a Twins killing a basic change paid off for the twins as new skipper ray Miller saw his team sweep the White Sox no surprise that pitching did the trick cause Miller came aboard with plans to improve a staff e ra that ranked last in the lead I think there’s some interesting statistics with the Minnesota pitching uh first of all the average less than three walks per game is something I’ve never had as a pitching coach his per innings are extremely high and I think perhaps maybe a lot of the problem is what pitches we throw who more so than the quality of pitches run to the play Mike Smithson through quality pitches for win number six striking out seven and allowing just one hit through eight the third innings de Bengal delivered quality at the plate giving the twins a one to nothing win with a home run his first RBI since last July as Minnesota took all three games in Chicago to show signs of a rebound now let’s review this week in baseball’s twig notes from around the American League Oakland’s Jay Howell has been a one-man relief band acquired from the Yankees of the Rickey Henderson deal he’s posted an e ra under two with the league leading 17 saves a major reason why the A’s are challenging for first place in the West the surprise team of the league Milwaukee’s Paul Molitor is well on the mend after missing most of last year and a recent 24 game stretch against the tough Eastern Division Molly hit almost 400 and he’s batting near 320 overall teammate Cecil Cooper’s also back in Forum last year hit below 300 for the first time in eight seasons this year took the still not his usual power-hungry self but he’s again among the league leaders for the 315 average now let’s get a lead on the answer to this week’s Nissan quiz Minnesota’s Hubert H humphrey Metrodome where they’re gonna play this year’s all-star game open three years ago as the newest big league ballpark but the franchise that plays there began in 1901 as the Washington Senators sixty years later the team moved to Minnesota’s the twins playing an old Metropolitan Stadium before the dome was built at nul’s my sonic hey fans put on your dancing shoes and get up on your feet cause it’s time to step lively as we tune up for a major-league chorus line of high steppers out of steppers and tom who seemed to step with two left feet [Music] now that’s what I call steppin to the beat they say it’s all a simple matter of balance timing and rhythm and big leaguers are just like the rest of us you know some of us have it and some of us well well [Music] ah well all right I think it’s time now to bring down the curtain on this chorus line but keep added y’all someday you just might make it through the big time now get ready for some big times love work that’s bound to bring out a chorus of boos in ours first up single is Cardinal Ozzie Smith Cardinal teammate Tommy her New York Yankees Don Mattingly to Bob Shirley off the mound Detroit’s Willie Hernandez [Music] another Tiger pitcher Randy O’Neil Tiger number three Lou Whitaker the New York Mets John Kristensen Houston Astro Terry please a Boston juggling act between Glenn Hoffman and Marty Barrett was Hoffman ending it a seattle duo jack for coffee to Alvin Davis a Yankee on the run Dave Winfield reaching out with a nice touch Cincinnati’s Dave Parker Chicago cub Gary Matthews the Crosstown White Sox Rudy law and Minnesota’s kirby puckett over and out poachers Sparky Anderson I must be traveling a taste of the record 130 but they’re playing for now and baseball is coming up next on NBC Sports after this from NBC News [Applause] [Music] NBC Sports presents a special edition of the major league baseball game of the week tonight from Yankee Stadium it’s the Chicago White Sox versus the New York Yankees brought to by more who invite you to drive the new border sport have you driven a Ford lately by a light beer familiar everything you’ve always wanted in a beer [Music] by the new GI bill now in the US Armed Forces it’s a great place to start and by mr. Goodwrench and General Motors parts on an almost fall evening in New York welcome to Yankee Stadium where the New York Yankees and Marty baseman will play host to the Chicago White Sox and Britt burns hi everybody I’m Vin Scully along with Joe garrison the Yankees in the seventh inning had first and second and nobody out Henderson hit a ball over the center field of Salazar’s head and the Yankees ran into a double play but you have to see it to believe it it’ll be coming up in a minute 1 & 2 ground ball to the right side full turn by Randolph to get wine here is the play believe it or not you see the two runners in the corner Meechum stumbles that’s Dale Berra behind him they’re in tandem it really looks like someone just forgot to pass the baton Meacham rounding third birds gonna stumble again for good measure and he’s going to come right on through a startled third-base coach is where you going Meacham tagged out by Fisk who then gets Berra on a single to center the Yankees have two men thrown out at the plate the scoring 8 6 2 2 2 2 meaning the catcher got to put outs would you believe alright here is Tim Hewlett with Nichols at first Backman at second base for sharukh play right field Hernandez at first part of the catcher foster in left Allen summer sale you can save uninviting diamond was tough though struck out paglia reuleaux looking right here to end the fourth inning and then in a six the Sox got him all the runs you would need Tim Hewitt with a bloop double down into the right field corner Dave Winfield chasing it down Carlton Fisk scored it was one one then Ozzie Guillen hit this liner to right Dave Winfield comes in dives looks like he’s got it in the fall pop out of his glove Oscar gamble scored and the Sox led for good at two to one then with the bases loaded Brian little got one past Mattingly and Randolph into right field Hewlett and Salazar scored the Sox won top of the Yankees by four to one County then Harold Baines hits this line drive single to left good throw home here by left fielder Dan Pasqua Rudy law heads home he slides he is called out at the plate Tony Lewis who came out and argued and he got thrown out of the game but the real excitement came in the ninth inning with two out Don Baylor up he flies to read Nicholls wait sport and as it comes down he squeezes it the Sox won at 4-1 Tom Seaver the 17th pitcher in Major League history to win 300 games I’m Don Shayne for NBC News now rod carew also had a day in the Sun this afternoon Carew made history before the home crowd out in Anaheim his second at-bat Carew singled in the third inning off of Frank vial of the twins that’s hit number 3000 kuru becomes the 16th player to reach that magic plateau of 3000 hits and by the way that was his only hit of the day he went 1 for 5 just only happy that I could do it here so that you friends could enjoy thanks very much ok an American league scoreboard should call Tuesday a couple of players made baseball history today while Rod Carew got a career hit number 3000 Tom Seaver was earning career win number 300 Seaver and the White Sox defeated the Yankees four to one this afternoon Tom terrific became the 17th pitcher to make it to the 300 win mark his lifetime record is now 300 wins against 189 losses 27 of those wins have come in a White Sox uniform Seaver struck out seven he walked one and he also scattered six singles to push his season record to 12 and eight just over 54,000 fans watched the game at Yankee Stadium the 40 year old spent over 11 seasons in that city pitching for the New York Mets meanwhile in Anaheim California this single to left field made Rod Carew the 16th player in Major League history to register 3000 hits as the Angels beat the twins 6 to 5 crew who is 39 years of age reached the milestone in the 3rd inning when he got the hit off Minnesota starter Frank viola Carew is now tied with Roberto Clemente on the all-time major league hit list the hit came on Carew’s second at-bat of the day he was 1 for 5 in the ballgame his teammates ran onto the field he was given first base by the umpiring crew the Angels won the game by a final score of 6 to 5 over Minnesota now let’s go to the major league scoreboard starting off in the American League were

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