This or That: David Kisiel (GCU Volleyball)

– What’s up, this is David Kisiel, and this is This or That. (upbeat techno music) – [Interviewer] Bowling or mini gold? – Definitely bowling. – [Interviewer] Downtown or beach? – Beach. – [Interviewer] Puppies or kittens? – Puppies all day. – [Interviewer] Hiking or swimming? – Hiking. – [Interviewer] Fridays or Saturdays? – Saturday nights, for the boys. – [Interviewer] Burrito or burrito bowl? – Burrito. – [Interviewer] Music or podcasts? – Music. – [Interviewer] Set or spike? – Spike. – [Interviewer] Bowling or beach? – Beach. – [Interviewer] Puppies or hiking? – Puppies. – [Interviewer] Saturdays or burritos? – Saturdays. – [Interviewer] Music or spike? – Music. – [Interviewer] Beach or puppies? – That’s a tough one. Probably puppies. – [Interviewer] Saturdays or music? – Saturdays. – [Interviewer] Puppies or Saturdays? – Gotta go with Saturdays,
always for the boys.

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