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– [Clintus] Well
good morning ladies. – Good morning. Breakfast is served.
– [Clintus] Breakfast is served. Sierra made pancakes,
Tiffany made bacon. – [Tiffany] Pancakes, huh?
(beep) – [Clintus] Morning ladies. – Good morning.
– Good morning. Breakfast is served. – [Clintus] We got waffles,
Sierra made waffles. Tiffany made pancakes. (Sierra laughs)
(beep) Good morning, ladies. – Good morning.
– [Tiffany] Good morning. – [Clintus] Breakfast is served. Sierra made waffles.
Tiffany made bacon. We have orange juice. What are you putting on yours?
White chocolate chips? – [Sierra] Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] Gross! Did you put pecans in ours?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] We
have pecans in ours. – [Tiffany] Try the bacon.
Try it, try it. – Try it? I got bacon. Coffee bacon?
– [Tiffany] Coffee? – [Sierra] No. – It tastes like coffee.
– [Sierra] No. – Alright, supposedly
it maple bacon. That first bite on that
first piece tasted like coffee. – [Sierra] That’s weird.
Coffee bacon? – Okay, that one tastes
more like maple pancake. Yeah, I get it. The first one taste like coffee like someone
spilled coffee on it. Alrighty then,
done with breakfast. Done with the vlog, done with
showers and the getting dressed. But we’re back in the kitchen. Tiffany’s putting together
her pasta salad her and Sierra made yesterday. If you watched yesterday’s vlog, it’ll be here in the cards
if you wanna watch it. Looks really good. I get excited
watching that like, “Oh, I want some
of that pasta salad.” – [Tiffany] I know we ended up
making double so I was like, “Leftovers.”
– Leftovers for sure. We love pasta salad. But then, next we’re gonna be
making some sub sandwiches. That’s gonna be for our lunch
instead of going to Subway or Quizno’s or something like
that we’re actually going to make our own subs. So, Tiffany
actually bought sub rolls. We’ve got some
really nice leaf lettuce. We’ve got peppercinis. We’ve got deli dressing. Ooh, I like the
three pepper better. That one’s good but
three pepper is better. Mayo, mustard and then this,
she’s really proud about this. – [Tiffany] It’s
like ready to go. – [Clintus] It’s
got the Provolone, the salami and the pepperoni all
layered up and ready to go. So you just like
slap it on the bread. Sierra’s out
back with a friend. Playing some volleyball. I think her friend’s gonna be
joining us for the tournament. Alright, here we go,
sandwich prep. We got the Provolone,
we got the salami, we got the pepperoni. What kind of rolls are those?
Those aren’t regular rolls. – [Tiffany] Multi-grain.
– [Clintus] Multi-grain? I like multiple
grains in my bread. What’s funny is you don’t
get Italian sandwiches when you go out.
– I don’t. – [Clintus] You get turkey. – Yeah, but I, yeah. I want turkey
but it was too much. Sierra likes ham and I
got this for you boys. – [Clintus] Yeah. This is our favorite.
Huh, Bryce? – [Bryce] Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] Italian. What dance is that called? – Wiggle.
– [Clintus] Wiggle? I still get comments
on the pizza video. The pizza challenge video
where we ask what that dance is called from Fortnite. Remember you did that dance? You said name in the comments, I still get comments
today on that video. – What is it called? – [Clintus] It’s the best–
– Best mates? – [Clintus] Best mates, yep. – This one? – [Clintus] Yep,
the best mates dance. You did that and you’re like,
“In the comments down below, “tell me what that
is in the comments.” – Everybody knows it.
– [Clintus] Yeah. – ‘Cause it’s easy. – [Clintus] It’s like the first
one that you get, right? – This is the first
one when you get (mumbles). – [Clintus] Yeah. The L. – And then that one,
then the robot. – [Clintus] Yep.
What’re you goin’ with, Sierra? Ham?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Not a
fan of the Italian? – Nah.
– [Clintus] Nah. (bottle mimics farting noise) Excuse you, geez. (crowd applause) (team clapping
and cheering in unison) (indistinct chatter) (crowd applause) (crowd applause) – [Woman] Come on, Jenna! – [Woman 2] Yes! (crowd applause) – [Woman 3] Nice serve, Ashlynn. Nice, Sierra! (crowd applause) Nice, Sierra, nice! Nice, Abby, nice! – [Gavin] Watch
out, ready, ready? Fail. – [Clintus] Show
’em how you do it Gavin. – What? – [Clintus] Show
’em how you do it. Aw. – Wait, give me this one. – Ready? Oh my God, that hurt. – [Clintus] Oh! Too much, too much. Too much.
– [Gavin] Fail. (indistinct chatter) – [Clintus] Ooh. – [Man] Nice job, Bailey! Yeah, Sierra! Out! (crowd cheers) – [Clintus] Beautiful serve. – [Man] Good job. (crowd cheers) Nice pass, Sierra. – [Woman 3] Come on,
finish it girls! – [Clintus] Aw. Yeah! Oh, no. – [Man] No love! You got it ladies! – [Clintus] Good job, Katie.
Good job, Katie. Ooh, tip. (crowd cheers and applause) (group laughter) – [Clintus] I love watching
the kids do their thing. Watching them in their element. Focusing even if
it is a YouTube video. I can stare at him. Wondering what’s
going on in his brain. The concentration
he has, I love it. Well, the girls
went undefeated today. Won all three of
their matches, 3 and 0, and played some
really awesome games. There was a
couple nail biters there. They lost a couple of games but
in the end won every match and so we’re not sure yet what that
means as far as a ranking and whatnot but they
looked really good. They looked really good. I hope you enjoyed
the volleyball footage. I know it’s
something that doesn’t, don’t always post when we have
games but I enjoy watching ’em. And I know there’s
some fans out there. Shoutout to you girls that come
by and say hi when you see us at the volleyball tournaments. So appreciate you watching. And on that note, guys,
I’m gonna call it a night. Thank you so much for watching. Tomorrow we have a
video to shoot in the morning. We were supposed to do it today and we ended up pushing
it back ’til tomorrow. And then the kids, both kids,
have school projects to work on. Bryce’s state float and
Sierra’s got a book report. So that’s their plans
to work on those tomorrow. So you guys get to
get a sneak peek on that, watch and see how they work on
those and have a chill Sunday. So stay tuned, come
back tomorrow for that. And vlog on. (upbeat music)

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