TheOdd1sout Chess Boxing Announcement

What I wanted to do since this is the last crowd a big crowd. I thought we could film a little video to send to James. (Audience cheers) I like this kid! I’m gonna win! Right you guys? (Audience cheers some more) You better remember what you just said. And uh, we want to make this good. So I need the adults in on this too. Like, the less you know about what’s going on, the more I need you to care. I’m… …so fricken excited. This is gonna be awesome. Hey, James. I just did a show in Los Angeles. And all my friends here have a message for you. Audience: YOU’RE Audience: YOU’RE GOING Audience: YOU’RE GOING DOWN! (Massive cheers from the audience) James: No, YOU’RE going down! (HOLY CRAP WHERE DID HE COME FROM???) YOU’RE GOING DOWN!!!! James: He’s going down! You’re going down, Alex!

100 thoughts on “TheOdd1sout Chess Boxing Announcement

  1. no nut November has started for Australia good luck boys see you in the endgame day 5 the nuts is tender and about to blow should I realise the thunder

  2. HES GOING DOWN DOWN DOWNNnNnNnz I’m a fan of both so who ever wins I’ll go with them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and James scared that crap of me :[ he lives in Arizona

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