Theo Baker tries Blind Cricket – Metro Blind Sport

I’m Thea Baker I’m a footballing YouTuber we’re here at North London Cricket Club to have a go at blind
cricket ahead of the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup I’m gonna be honest I
know little to none about blind cricket I’ve just seen the ball and it’s about
this big and it rattles, so I haven’t yet seen the bat I don’t know
whether they use a normal bat or a slightly bigger bat but I’m here to find out I’m
really excited to have a go! So we’ve got three simulation glasses here, one is our
RP or retinitis pigmentosa which is like tunnel vision, Vijay Who is, has got light
perception, that means that your visual acuity is, basically, you are nearly blind
but all you can see is whether it’s light or dark or if a light is on the
light is off, you still got a little bit of vision, but not a lot more and then
we’ve got, the last one, is to show or simulate, cataracts, which is just like a
spiderweb, kind of effect on your on your eyes I will bet, I do not get a hit, once! [Music] [Cheers ] [Clapping] a Four! you are going to be a totally blind person
Yep, So it’s almost going to force you to concentrate on the sound of the ball
Brilliant, This is gonna go well! Alright Have you got them on? I’ve got them on. Do you want me to help you?, Yes Please Yo have got the stumps behind here err yes here your stumps As someone who is already blind and have lived with Sight loss It took me ten years to get to grips with
the game properly to become a regular batter on a regular bowler and for
him to be thrown straight into it good on him! Play [Music] Play [Music] that was was not bad Play [Music] [Cheers} Howwwzat! [ Clapping] That’s your coaching , that is, your coaching mate! like I knew we’re going into is gonna be
hard but I don’t think I knew how hard and how much skill actually takes that
makes sense like it so much admiration for this guy’s life it’s amazing

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