100 thoughts on “The Warriors (4/8) Movie CLIP – The Warriors vs. The Baseball Furies (1979) HD

  1. I've watched 5 whole minutes of this movie now. It's possibly one of the worst screenplays written, worst fight scenes choreographed, and best mockery of gang movies ever.

  2. ce film est de 79 et il n'a pris aucune ride, la marque des grands réalisateurs, this movie dates 1979 and it took no wrinkle, the mark of the big directors

  3. Cowboy's voice broke and he was about to cry when he said that he couldn't make it, he thought that Ajax was gonna leave him behind.

  4. How many others would take your baseball bat and slide it out into hand after this movie?? Lol I know I did!! Still do and I'm 44 years old!!! Hahahaha

  5. I wonder when they'll make a new one? Hopefully if they do make a new one, which I would like to happen, they don't ruin it. This film is a classic!

  6. This give me flashbacks when I played the video game of it when I was a kid I didn't know it was a movie turned game

  7. A lot needs to be said about Swan's plan to break off, and then bring up the rear after…..genius strategy. Swan is war chief for a reason.

  8. What movie's final scene has a ball park overrun by large Boston area Irish gang and a huge spectator rips up a wooden stadium seat to battle them alongside another gang ? Can't seem to find it … Anybody ?

  9. hardest thing for me to deal with this movie, was the end of Ajax, taken out by a female on a park bench because he was horny!

  10. Loved the movie when it first came out, loved it every of the dozens of times since. Lot of goofy unrealistic stuff but the craziest is how clean shaven EVERYONE is, even after 12 hours minimum since they could possibly have seen a razor.

  11. I named myself Ajax after him because I found him to be the most Badass member of the warriors and I wanna be like him

  12. This Fight Scene Is Heavily Edited like all of them In the Film. Leaving them looking Stunted and Awkward but If You see them In full they flow more. Some have Noticed some were just standing watching. No In the Full Uncut version All were getting In there. That's how None are left Standing In the End of the Scene. There are Many Scenes that were Deleted or just chopped down for time. Watch the 2 minute Trailer and Watch Carefully at this Fight Scene then See If You spot the Bits Missing Here.

  13. Would have loved to see Leon fight on through this movie. For a second there he drops those fuks like their sleepin at the wheel.

  14. Question you guys. Who do you all think were the best fighters of the Warriors, out of all 9 that went to the meeting. Ajax, Cochise, Rembrant, Fox, Swan, Vermin, Snow, Cleon, and Cowboy. Rank from 1-9. 1 being best fighter.

  15. I've been trying to think what to be for Halloween tomorrow. This scene just gave me an idea. I'm gonna borrow my brothers baseball uniform n have my girl do the make-up work on my face and be one of these baseball characters n all l gotta spend money on is a wig😀 DAMN Thank U Warriors👌🤣🤣🤣

  16. The furries would have trouble getting around with there faces painted like that.
    Im guessing they just do it for special occasions.

  17. The director who directed this made a lot of great gang and action movies in the 70's. My favorites from him is this one and Driver.

  18. Out of all the gangs the Warriors encountered, the scariest ones were the Furies. The scene where they just suddenly appeared over the horizon always gave me chills and scared the bejesus out of me. I sure as hell wouldn't want to run into any of those guys.

  19. 1:09 – 1:10 I really wanna be that actor with the red face for some reason…

    11:42 PM

    Still desktop!

  20. The furies in the background: "man they're beating the crap out of our best friends what should we do?"

  21. After reading some of the comments stating that the Baseball Furies were just "standing still and just looking," it was a different time and era. There was more "respect" for lack of a better term. Back then you would fight one on one, none of that five on one crap one sees today. I fought many times not on my turf one on one, where I was inside a circle with onlookers, and no one got involved making it a clean fight. You don't see that today unfortunately.

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